Is Anna Cathcart Ugly? Her Current Appearance With Transformation!

May 26, 2023 @ 4:50 GMT-0500
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Is Anna Cathcart Ugly? Her Current Appearance With Transformation!

Anna Cathcart is not ugly. She has undergone a beautiful transformation. She's a fashion icon both on and off the screen. She slayed her role as Kitty on XO Kitty. She was a little messy while starting the episode but went through a makeover. Only the problem is her teeth.

Netflix has exposed viewers to an overwhelming amount of original programming in recent years. To All the Boys I've Loved Before, a 2018 romantic comedy, was one of the most popular Netflix original films. One of the stars of that film, as well as its two sequels, has returned for the spinoff series Xo, Kitty.

It's now Anna Cathcart's time. In XO, Kitty, a brand-new 10-episode Netflix spin-off series that debuted Thursday, Catherine Cart reprises the role she created more than four years ago as Katherine "Kitty" Song Covey, the meddling, matchmaking younger sister of protagonist Lara Jean (Lana Condor) in the To All the Boys film trilogy.

Xo, Kitty, a new To All the Boys' spinoff series, stars Anna Cathcart. Kitty Song Covey is played by Anna Cathcart in episode 102 of 'Xo, Kitty.' Many admirers adored Anna Cathcart's character Kitty when we first met her. Not everyone liked her appearance, and some even called her ugly.

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Anna Cathcart Has a Beautiful Appearance and Is Not Ugly; Check Out Her Transformation!

Although some fans have called Anna Cathcart (@annacathcart) ugly, she seems to be good-looking throughout her appearance. She's a fashion icon both on and off the screen! She rose to prominence in Young Hollywood as Kitty Covey in Netflix's To All the Boys I've Loved Before show trilogy. She is now the lead for her spinoff series.

While it's no denying that at the start of XO Kitty, she was a little messy, going through the show, we have seen her makeover. We have seen many edits on TikTok about how she had a makeover and how Minho was shocked by her transformation.

Anna Cathcart's transformation through time celebsindepth.comAnna Cathcart's transformation through time.
Source: J-14

Anna Cathcart as Kitty was a preteen in middle school when we last saw her in the film trilogy, but she is now a 16-year-old high schooler in XO, Kitty. As a result, her style is evolving as she abandons parts of her childlike aesthetic, such as braided pigtails and space buns. In the clip, we see Kitty getting ready for school by straightening her hair and applying lip lipstick. Though she is more of a lip gloss person, we'll watch her and her on-screen character grow as they approach different phases of their lives.

In the first film, Kitty is merely the younger sister. She's in middle school, she's young, and she's there to be the annoying little sister to Lara Jean, Anna Cathcart described her role to Collider in February 2021. And in the third film, you start to see her go down her path, where she has her little romance and goes through these things. She has so many positive role models in her life, including Margot and Lara Jean, and you can watch Kitty mature. That was a truly unique experience for me, as well as for the fans to witness her transformation.

We have seen Anna Cathcart despite her young age, and we can say that she has undergone a transformation and is beautiful. Her hair is naturally auburn since she is "half Chinese and half Irish," and when she was first cast into All the Boys, production asked her if she would be prepared to color her hair black to match Lana Condor's hair.

Anna Cathcart and her mother decided against it because they both thought it was a deal-breaker, which she later learned was a very Kitty move.  Her mother was concerned that if she colored her hair, it might not grow back in the same way.

Anna Cathcart's recent appearance. celebsindepth.comAnna Cathcart's recent appearance.
Source: Instagram

Aside from the large, wire-framed glasses, their styles are opposed. But it's clear from the start that the character and the actor have a strong attachment to their family. Her current evening skin-care routine is straightforward: if she's wearing makeup, she'll use micellar water, specifically Vichy Purete Thermale Micellar Water for Combination to Oily Skin, before proceeding with the remainder of her routine.

The warmth on her cheeks and the smoky shadows on the outer corners of her eyes were the most noticeable features of her makeup. Because she frequently applies makeup on the fly, travel-friendly items are her best friends. She has a unique beauty kit (not very relatable) that she carries in her backpack so she can do her makeup wherever she goes.

Though she still appears to be a newcomer to the beauty field, we can tell she's an expert in hair styling. You can see her hair flowing in the most exquisite curls if you follow her on Instagram —Yes, she is the beautiful only thing she needs to fix is her teeth.

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