Who Plays Minho’s Mom in Xo Kitty? Meet Actress Han Chae Young!

Actress Han Chae Young plays Minho’s mom in Xo Kitty. Min Ho’s mom and dad went through a contentious divorce, which had an impact on Minho. You may recognize her from the hit drama Boys Over Flowers.

Fans of rom-coms, take note: it’s time to enter the adorably heartwarming world of the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series once more! The brand-new spinoff series XO Kitty, which follows everyone’s favorite matchmaker, the youngest Song Covey sister, Kitty, (Anna Cathcart) has been revived by Netflix. The entertaining series offers an international perspective on high school love and is all you would expect from the offspring of one of the most popular rom-com of the recent decade.

The fourth novel in Jenny Han‘s new series picks up four years after To All the Boys: Always and Forever, in which Kitty, then 12, and Dae, a guy she met while on a family trip to Seoul, Korea, start a sweet long-distance relationship. Kitty is allowed to enroll in the prestigious Korean Independent School of Seoul, where she will join Dae and bring their relationship offline for their junior year. Naturally, there will be a ton of love intrigue, and drama as Kitty gets used to her new experience on a completely different continent.

The show follows her as she travels to South Korea to be closer to her long-distance partner and to study at an exciting new school, but her new life rapidly strikes a snag. Along with Cathcart, the cast of XO, Kitty includes several rising stars, including Anthony Keyvan from Love, Victory, and South Korean actor Choi Min-young (The Promise).

In the program, Sang Heon Lee plays Minho. Affluent and well-off On the outside, Minho appears cold and brash, yet his lifelong friend Dae can count on his fierce loyalty. Fans have been curious about his on-screen mom Dami, since the show’s recent outing. Let’s get into further depth to see about his mom.

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In Xo Kitty, Actress Han Chae Young Plays Minho’s Mom; Learn More About the Character and Its Star!

In the Netflix series, Xo Kitty, the mom of Minho (played by Sang Heon Lee) is portrayed by the Korean actress Han Chae Young (@han_chae_young). Dami is a seasoned actress well-known in the universe, just like her real-life persona. The character only makes an appearance during video call moments with her son when she’s making a movie in Los Angeles because of her hectic schedule.

Min Ho’s mom and dad went through a contentious divorce, which had an impact on Minho. Minho is the type of person you have to get to know before you can like them. He appears to be too affluent, cold, and even harsh at first, but it is clear that he cares deeply for his friends, which is why he is immediately suspicious of Kitty.

Actress Han Chae Young appears as Minho's mom in Xo Kitty. celebsindepth.comActress Han Chae Young appears as Minho’s mom in Xo Kitty.
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He leads an exceedingly wealthy lifestyle and, after a painful divorce, he lives by his own rules. He treasures his buddies, and Dae is one of his closest companions. Only when Minho facetime her in the series do we get to meet Dami, his mom. Dami finds the time to speak with Min Ho even though she is constantly busy at work.

Dami is played by actress Kim Ji-young, who is a South Korean actress who goes by the stage name Han Chae-young. She rose to attention as the antagonist in the television series Autumn in My Heart (2000) before taking on a larger role as the eponymous character in Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang (2005).

Han Chae Young, however, has a sizable filmography of her own. The actress, known as the “Korean Barbie Doll,” made her TV debut in the 2000 film Autumn in My Heart as the antagonist Shin-ae, who schemed against Song Hye Kyo’s Eun-suh. She transitioned to the major protagonist role in rom-com dramas including Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang, Only You, and Fireworks in 2005 and 2006. She additionally made a cameo in the well-liked film My Girl, which also starred Lee Dong Wook.

Actress Han Chae Young has appeared in Boys Over Flowers. celebsindepth.comActress Han Chae Young has appeared in Boys Over Flowers.
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The actress appeared in the drama Boys Over Flowers and co-starred in the films Good Morning President. She subsequently remarked that her character in Girlfriend was the most like her true self and that she had the most fun playing. Soul Mates, a co-production between Korea and New Zealand, was scheduled to be Han’s English-language worldwide debut; however, the project was eventually canceled.

In 2015, Han debuted her first variety show, Take Care of My Dressing Table, in which beauty industry specialists such as makeup artists and hairdressers provide styling advice. Her career, however, remained mostly in China. And now, appearing in Xo Kitty as Miho Mom Dami, she has gained more popularity.

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