Does Kitty End up With Minho in Xo Kitty? Ending Details!

May 22, 2023 @ 5:37 GMT-0500
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Does Kitty End up With Minho in Xo Kitty? Ending Details!

Kitty and Minho didn't end up together, although Minho confessed his feelings. In the end, they were seen together on the plane. They don't end up being together in the first season, but things could change in the second.

Kitty (Anna Cathcart) was a fan favorite in the To All The Boys I've Loved Before series because her matchmaking skills assisted in the introduction of her sister Lara-Jean (Lana Condor) and Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo)'s still-ongoing romance. In the new spin-off series, XO Kitty follows the adolescent as she travels to Korea to reconcile with her long-distance partner Dae (Minyeong Choi), who attends the Korean International School of Seoul, or KISS for short. Kitty also goes to KISS.

In the Netflix's show, we meet Dae, his friend Yuri, and Minho, and we also see a love triangle. We see some cute fighting between Minho and Kitty. As we know, Dae had already made a new girlfriend. So who does she end up with? Is it Minho?

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No, This Season Kitty Didn’t End With Minho; In the End, They Were Seen Together on the Plane We May Hope for Them to End Together!

Fans are rooting for Kitty and Minho to end up in Xo Kitty. So do they? What happened with Dae when she and Dae were dating? Let us get a lot more detail and find out who she ends up with.

Kitty does not notify Dae that she is coming to Korea, so it comes as a surprise to both him and her when she learns that Dae is in a relationship with a girl named Yuri. She was over Dae's betrayal and considers leaving Korea and returning home, but she remembers that this is about more than Dae. This is about reconnecting with her mother, who seemed to have had her share of KISS friends and secrets.

Kitty and Minho didn't end up together this season. celebsindepth.comKitty and Minho didn't end up together this season.
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Dae is, of course, Kitty's initial love interest, but there are numerous other love interests throughout the story. She develops a love for Yuri, the girl who took her boyfriend in the first place. She also has disagreements with Min Ho.

Kitty also notices that Dae and Yuri's relationship isn't what it appears to be. She believes they are faking it, but with Dae withholding information, she has no choice but to proceed. Things become problematic when she develops affection for Yuri. Meanwhile, Dae's roommate, Min Ho, who initially disliked her, falls in love with her as well.

So many of you wonder how will she end up with Minho as they were always seen fighting with each other. Our leading lady has had a feud with fellow student Min Ho throughout the first season. They run into each other at the airport on their way to Seoul, and their rivalry intensifies from there. After the initial bullying and animosity dissipate, she eventually sees a kinder side to Min Ho. During Chuseok, Min Ho assists her in preparing a meal for students and staff members. He also saves her when her costume during the talent event catches fire.

Minho did confess his feelings for Kitto. celebsindepth.comMinho did confess his feelings for Kitto.
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They gradually begin to get to know each other, and both realize they've misread each other. Min Ho's softer side, one that truly cares about other people, is revealed to Kitty, and Min Ho falls in love with her enthusiasm. It's a traditional enemies-to-lovers arc that goes unexplored in the first season of the show.

Finally, when Kitty boards the plane to America, she discovers Min Ho seated next to her. He reveals that he is traveling to Los Angeles to spend the holiday with her actress mother. He would have traveled first class, but knowing she was on the same aircraft, he chose to coach. She admits that she reconciled with Dae but also ended their relationship since they both felt that it had run its course.

This is when Min Ho seizes the opportunity to profess his affection for Kitty. He confesses to her that he is in love with her. She is taken aback because she assumed Min Ho disliked her. She is also happy, which signals that she is willing to investigate it more. Min Ho will be in the United States, and while Portland and Los Angeles aren't precisely close, they are closer than Portland and Seoul.

Kitty and Minho were seen together on the plane at the end. celebsindepth.comKitty and Minho were seen together on the plane at the end.
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Minho confesses his feeling and she is taken aback by this news and is at a loss for words. Even if they don't pursue the relationship, they could do so through phone conversations and texts, as she and Dae did for four years before meeting. They don't end up being together in the first season, but things could change in the second.

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