Cast Yuri’s Dad, Han Sung From Xo Kitty: Meet Actor Lee Hyung-Chul!

Yuri’s dad is played by actor Lee Hyung-Chul as cast, Han Sung-jin. Hyongchol Lee is a South Korean actor best known for his supporting roles in television series such as City Hall. Yuris’ Dad is a successful businessman who runs a hotel chain. He is a caring father, but he also has high expectations for his daughter.

The romance genre has regularly used a wide range of perspectives in the entertainment business- from star-crossed lovers to scorching encounters, the genre of romance has explored every part of this intriguing feeling. The genre of romance has something for every heart to see, whether it’s the sweeping grandeur of epic romance, the playful flirtation of romantic comedy, or the dark fascination of forbidden love.

It’s a great combination that makes us want the characters to end up together while also enjoying the trip to get there. The clever conversation, humorous misunderstandings, and unique characters keep us engaged and delighted throughout, and Jenny Han’s bestselling novel To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before movie adaption did just that, becoming a fan favorite for these reasons.

Following the franchise’s popularity, and much to the surprise of many, 2023 sees the release of a new spin-off series, XO, Kitty, centered on one of Netflix‘s most beloved characters, the youngest Coy sister- Kitty (Anna Cathcart) . The trilogy concluded with Lara Jean (Lana Condor) and Peter (Noah Centineo) deciding to stay together despite the hardships of long-distance relationships, and this subject will be the primary storyline line for Kitty’s story in the series in a much similar rom-com form.

While we get to see Kitty’s boyfriend Dae was dating a girl named Yuri. And fans have shown more interest in her personal life. Dae and her relationship is likewise not what it appears to be, her character has an important role as many personal therapies have been revealed and fans wonder about her Dad.

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Actor Lee Hyung-Chul Plays Yuri’s Dad Han Sung- Jin as Cast, in Xo Kitty!

Yuri’s dad is played by an actor or cast member Lee Hyung-Chul (@leehyongchol) in Xo Kitty. Hyongchol Lee has some screen time in the show as President Han, which leads many to get more information about his character and its actor.

Actor Lee Hyung-Chul stars as Yuri’sdad. celebsindepth.comActor Lee Hyung-Chul stars as Yuri’sdad.
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Lee Hyung-Chul is a South Korean actor best known for his work as a supporting character in television dramas such as Scent of Man (2003), Sisters of the Sea (2005), City Hall (2009), and War of the Roses (2011). He performed Henry Higgins in the theatrical musical My Fair Lady in 2008. And in 2023, he appears as Han Sung-jin in Netflix’s Xo Kitty.

Yuris’ dad is a successful businessman who runs a hotel chain. He is a fascinating and conflicted character in XO, Kitty. He is a caring father, but he also has high expectations for his daughter. He wishes for her success, but he also wishes for her happiness. This causes a lot of squabbles between father and daughter as they try to strike a balance between their opposing expectations.

He is a strict and demanding father who frequently puts Yuri under duress to achieve. Her mother, Jina, is the principal of Kiss. Dae’s relationship with her is a Sham, as shown in episode 2 of XO, Kitty. Dae can’t even afford to go to kiss. His father works as a chauffeur for her father. She pays Dae to keep her sexuality hidden from her parents.

Lee a South Korean actor is known for his supporting roles. celebsindepth.comLee is a South Korean actor best known for his supporting roles.
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Yuri’s parents often fight because he always travels for work. In episode 2 her dad, a prominent businessman, is embroiled in a scandal after a viral video showing him abusing an employee becomes viral, especially after Yuri makes a meme out of it. It went viral and was picked up by the media. Her father lost her cool as a result, but her mother saw an opportunity. Her husband, she added, might accept Dae and present a narrative to rebuild his image.

Dae saw Kitty and attempted to explain; he moved to kiss her, but his father arrived because Mr. Han wanted to meet him. The Hans drove a correspondence Dae away, and Yuri teased Kitty about her impending departure.

Mr. Han announced an internship, introduced Dae as the first hire, and revealed that he was the chauffeur’s child and the lover of his daughter. Following this statement, Dae took the mic, and Kitty noticed a sign. Dae hesitated to take her hand in hers, almost swatting it away when she attempted to make contact.

Lee Hyung-Chul appears as cast Han Sung- Jin in XO Kitty. celebsindepth.comLee Hyung-Chul appears as cast Han Sung-Jin in XO Kitty.
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And what about Alex‘s biological father? Professor Lee ( Michael K. Lee) is the one. Finally, Principal Lim makes amends by informing Professor Lee that Alex is his son. She also decides to court Alex by inviting him to spend time with her and Yuri over the holidays. Alex was born to Principal Lim and Professor Lee, and Yuri is his half-sister.