President Han, Cast of Xo Kitty: Meet Actor Hyongchol Lee AKA Lee Hyung-Chul!

President Han, the cast of XO, Kitty is played by actor Hyongchol Lee ( Lee Hyung-Chul). The actor has appeared in TV shows and movies like Flower Story, and Desert Spring. In this series, he is an intriguing and complex character.

XO, Kitty is finally available on Netflix, and we couldn’t be more excited about the new All the Boys spinoff series. The YA dramedy, which was first revealed in October 2021, follows Lara Jean Covey‘s sister Kitty, played by Anna Cathcart, as she leaves Portland, Oregon, for Seoul, South Korea. The official logline for the series is as follows:  Teen matchmaker Kitty Song Covey believes she knows everything there is to know about love. But when she moves halfway around the world to reunite with her long-distant boyfriend, she’ll quickly find that relationships are a lot more complicated when your heart is at stake.

The series pilot was co-written by YA author Siobhan Vivian and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before author Jenny Han — who also served as a co-showrunner and executive producer on XO, Kitty. Kitty is 16 years old when we meet her in the spinoff, and she is still living in Portland with her father and stepmother. She and Dae are now in a long-distance relationship. All of that changes when Kitty is allowed to attend KISS.

We will get to meet more characters throughout the show. We also see a love angle between Kitty Dae, Minho, and Yuri. Furthermore, we meet Yuri’s dad President Han aka Han Sung-jin who is a businessman and now fans wonder about him. So who plays President Han? Lets us get into detail.

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President Han Is One of the Cast of Xo, Kitty Played by Actor Hyongchol Lee ( Lee Hyung-Chul)!

Actor Hyongchol Lee (Lee Hyung-Chul) (@leehyongchol) plays President Han aka aka Han Sung-jin in the Netflix series XO, Kitty. We meet him in episode 2 of WTF. He is a successful businessman who owns and operates a hotel chain. In XO, Kitty is an intriguing and complicated figure. He has some screen time in the show, which causes many people to want to know more about his role and its actor.

President Han is played by actor Hyongchol Lee ( Lee Hyung-Chul). celebsindepth.comPresident Han is played by actor Hyongchol Lee ( Lee Hyung-Chul).
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Both critics and fans have complimented Hyongchol Lee’s performance as President Han. Lee Hyung-Chul is a South Korean actor best known for his performances in television dramas as a supporting character. He is credited with providing the series with much-needed maturity and steadiness. Overall, Hyongchol Lee is exzellente as President Han in XO, Kitty. He is a strict character who gives the series depth and complexity.

Lee Hyung-Chul has appeared in TV shows and movies like such as Flower Story, Desert Spring, Dear Lover, City Hall, On Air, No Mercy, Love Phobia, The Hidden Princess, and more. In 2008, he played Henry Higgins in the Broadway musical My Fair Lady. In 2023, he appears on Netflix’s Xo Kitty as Han Sung-jin, President Han.

President Han is Yuri’s Dad. Yuris, a queen bee, causes problems for her father. She is a character that attracts cameras and is accustomed to putting on a beautiful front, even when her family and romantic relationships are in turmoil. Yuri shares a meme that shows his father being rude to a hotel which created a problem for Han.

President Han is a successful entrepreneur who owns a hotel chain. He is a loving father with high ambitions for his daughter. He wishes her well but is unaware of her sexuality. This leads to many squabbles between father and daughter as they struggle to balance their opposing expectations.

Lee Hyung-Chul has appeared in TV shows and movies. celebsindepth.comLee Hyung-Chul has appeared in TV shows and movies.
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President Han, a prominent businessman, is embroiled in a scandal after a viral video showing him abusing an employee becomes viral, especially after Yuri makes a meme out of it. Yuri’s mother suggests a solution: since Yuri had Dae‘s tuition paid for the entire semester, they make the relationship public by noting how the company grants scholarships to low-income students during a press conference.

In Xo Kitty President Han is an intriguing and complex character. celebsindepth.comIn Xo Kitty President Han is an intriguing and complex character.
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Mr. Han announced an internship, introduced Dae as the company’s first hire, and revealed that he was the chauffeur’s child and his daughter’s lover. President Han and his wife have a strained relationship as a result of his constant travel for work. Dae noticed Kitty and tried to explain; he proceeded to kiss her, but her father arrived because the professor wanted to meet with her.