Samantha Harris’ Weight Gain: Has She Put on Any Pounds?

May 23, 2023 @ 8:08 GMT-0500
Samantha Harris’ Weight Gain: Has She Put on Any Pounds?

Samantha Harris' weight gain has worried many of her fans because the fitness instructor looks a little heavier than before. While she has not stated anything about her transformation, we believe her age is the main reason behind her weight gain. Also, her exact gain is unclear.

Samantha Harris, 49, just celebrated nine years cancer-free in a recent Instagram post, complete with a slew of photos of her smiling and being active. The TV Personality uses her social media platforms to inspire others to live healthier lifestyles after overcoming breast cancer. Her recent Instagram photo has alarmed many of her followers because the fitness instructor appears to have gained weight. As a result, many people have been interested in learning more about her weight gain. So don't worry, we've got you covered.

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Samantha Harris Weight Gain: She Hasn’t Gained a Lot of Weight, but She Does Appear a Little Heavier Than Before!

Samantha Harris (@samanthaharristv) has recently gained weight, according to various reports and speculations. Her recent appearance, however, has made headlines because she appears to have gained weight. However, Harris hasn't gained a lot of weight, but she appears to be a little heavier than before, and fans are wondering what caused her to gain weight. Some fans have even concocted a theory that this transformation is caused by her cancer diagnosis.

Samantha Harris back in 2019. celebsindepth.comSamantha Harris back in 2019.
Source: Instagram

Looking at her before and after photos, the TV personality appears to have kept her physique up until now and looks to be the same. She still works out like she used to do and shares it on Instagram with her followers for motivation. Harris, on the other hand, has not made any public statements about her weight gain. If you compare her before and after photos, it's difficult to believe the fitness guru, whose abs are visible and whose body is in perfect condition, has gained weight. But she has not revealed the exact pound that she gained.

Based on her recent appearance, the American model appears a little heavier than before due to aging because aging never backs up. As we know, she is currently 49 years old but looks like she is in her fresh 30s. Women experience hormonal changes as they age, particularly during perimenopause and menopause. These changes may cause a decrease in estrogen levels, which may impact metabolism and cause weight gain, especially around the abdomen. Her age is possibly the reason behind her current weight gain.

Samantha Harris' recent appearance. celebsindepth.comSamantha Harris' recent appearance.
Source: Instagram

In addition, when Samantha became a new mom in 2004 with the birth of her daughter Josselyn Sydney, she added some pounds. She kept up her workouts, cardio sculpting, and power yoga at a lower intensity while expecting a baby. Though, she gained approximately 21 pounds during the pregnancy and lost 17 pounds so far. The fitness freak works religiously to stay in shape by doing exercises that she is fond of. Her fitness workout includes repetition routines with 3-5 pound weights and flat pull-downs and flies. She exercises using free weights and is even a certified fitness trainer taking fitness and weight loss, classes.

The television presenter admits to having a sweet tooth and her everyday indulgence in desserts which she simply cannot resist. So, she says, the key to a healthy diet is finding the right balance, which she achieves by eating healthier foods. Her staple diet consists of egg whites, nonfat yogurt, lean chicken breasts, brown rice, and salads with low-calorie dressing, and she has eliminated red meat and cheese from her diet to aid in her weight loss program.

Samantha Harris Believes Yoga Is Awesome for Strength and Confidence!

Samantha Harris recently celebrated 9 years of being cancer free. After receiving a shocking breast cancer diagnosis in 2014, she was forced to regain her confidence and rebuild a strained relationship with exercise. But, she is now fighting fit and has made her life's mission to study the effects of being active and to identify ways to be healthy, inspiring cancer sufferers through her inspirational health coaching, and Instagram posts.

The actress says she's never felt healthier because she re-evaluated her relationship with fitness, and she's excited to collaborate on a new Yoga program that will get you moving again, just like she did. Yoga has long been shown to provide numerous benefits to cancer survivors. Yoga was found to reduce fatigue in breast cancer survivors in one study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, with participants reporting a significant improvement in their quality of life after a 12-week yoga program.

Furthermore, increasing physical activity is likely to improve sleep quality, cardiovascular fitness, and overall well-being in cancer survivors. Yoga is generally regarded as a safe and effective complementary therapy for cancer survivors, and it can be easily adapted to individual needs and abilities; however, if you are unsure about your specific circumstances, seek the advice of a health professional. As a result, Samantha Harris believes that yoga is awesome for building strength and confidence.

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