Matt Lucas’ Weight Gain: How Does He Look Now?

Matt Lucas is once again said to have had weight gain, but that’s not true. After shedding his weight over the years, he has not gained any weight; it’s all rumors. He was at his heaviest and also talked about having difficulty adjusting his frame, but now he has managed to stay fit.

Matt Lucas is a London-based English comedian, screenwriter, actor, and singer. His big break came in 1995 when he was hired as scorekeeper George Dawes in Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer‘s comic panel show Shooting Stars. He is most recognized for his collaboration with David Walliams, with whom he first appeared in the film in Little Britain, which aired from 2003 to 2006.

Following the death of Barry Humphries, tributes from throughout the entertainment business have poured in. The Australian comic great died at the age of 89 in a Sydney hospital, surrounded by his loved ones. Matt Lucas was also among the celebs who sent their condolences to Barry Humphries’ family and friends. He shared a photo of him and Barry Humphries, which sparked discussion regarding his appearance as he was seen overweight. Fans have wondered about his weight gain. So did he gain weight again in 2023?

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Matt Lucas’s Weight Gain Rumors Are Not True, and Now He Is in Better Condition After Weight Loss!

Once again, Matt Lucas‘s (@realmattlucas) weight gain has been discussed online. He has always been trending, either through his work or his appearance. This time, fans have made their queries about his transformation and wonder if he once again gained weight like before. So did he gain his weight back, or is it just a rumor? Let us find out.

Matt Lucas' posts with Barry Humphries spread rumors about his weight gain.Matt Lucas’ posts with Barry Humphries spread rumors about his weight gain.
Source: Instagram

Matt Lucas recently published a photo of himself with the late Barry Humphries, which revealed his weight increase. Since then, fans have expressed concerns about his appearance. Barry, an Australian comic legend, died at the age of 89 in a Sydney hospital, surrounded by his loved ones. Fans are wondering if Matt has gained weight again after seeing a picture of him in a larger shape on Instagram.

No, Matt Lucas didn’t gain weight in 2023. The photo that has grabbed fans’ attention regarding his transformation is from the time when he was in a big frame. But he did undergo weight loss in the past, which has already been discussed by many fans. As he is the same as he was after weight loss, let us discuss his weight gain during his career.

Matt Lucas has experienced a spectacular makeover in which he has lost several pounds, which has astonished The Great British Bake Off fans. Even though the 48-year-old initially blamed his weight gain on consuming too many of the sweet goodies available in the white tent, there appears to be a lot more sad explanation at work.

Kevin McGee, Matt Lucas’ ex-husband, tragically committed suicide in 2009, just 10 months after divorcing Matt in High Court. In discussing his loss, the Little Britain star said that he began eating lots to help him cope. “Once you get a little bigger and your metabolism changes, it’s different from the person who never got big,” he explained on Birmingham City footballer Troy Deeney‘s new podcast, Deeney Talks.

Matt Lucas had a massive weight gain a few years ago.Matt Lucas had a massive weight gain a few years ago.
Source: The Sun

He once claimed that he couldn’t fit on the screen. He was in the Bake Off tent and was eating so much that he said, ‘At some point, he was going to walk out and be wearing this tent’. It was excessive. Most people who are overweight do not desire to be that way. With their weight, he worries about what happens if they prefer sweets in their food. It’s good to have some chocolate. He was obsessed with chocolate of all colors.”

Doctors then informed the comedian that same year that he was at risk of acquiring diabetes and that he needed to cut his daily calorie consumption. Matt Lucas heeded the warning after his father died of a heart attack in 1996, but gained weight again later in lockdown. His father was 52 years old and not overweight, but he died of a heart attack. He wanted to do something about it, and then COVID came along, and he noticed that a big proportion of those dying from COVID were guys, and they were large, and he thought, “He has to do something.” He tried everything [to reduce weight].

Matt Lucas is in proper condition after the transformation.Matt Lucas is in proper condition after the transformation.
Source: Instagram

And, even though it was merely food for him (he doesn’t do drugs, smoke, or drink frequently), he no longer eats as much. The comic appeared to be in excellent health. When asked how shedding the body fat he accumulated during lockdown affected him daily, the presenter stated that he felt relieved. He remarked that, while he still has a stomach, he is far from skinny. He just lost weight and is now a size medium.