Sarah Hyland’s Weight Gain: Is Eating Disorder the Cause for Body Fluctuation?

May 11, 2023 @ 7:13 GMT-0500
Sarah Hyland’s Weight Gain: Is Eating Disorder the Cause for Body Fluctuation?

Sarah Hyland is now fit, but her weight gain has frequently been discussed as she frequently experiences body fluctuation. Her weight loss was due to her kidney transplant and she again gained a huge about that made her troll but now, she has managed to shed all the gained amount.

In the 11 years she spent on the hit sitcom, Sarah Hyland established herself as a successful actor and a household celebrity. The 32-year-old actor put on a brave front during many trying days on set, but in reality, she was struggling with a long-term chronic condition. She decided to finally share her tale with the public only after her interview with Seventeen magazines. Since the interview, which took place more than ten years ago, the brunette beauty has become quite outspoken about her ongoing illness, particularly her difficulties with mental health.

When Sarah Hyland was only nine years old and was given the news that she had renal dysplasia, her life was irrevocably altered. She was already 21 years old when she first disclosed to the public that she had a chronic condition, and she was in the middle of filming Season Four of Modern Family.

Sarah Hyland is open about her health issues and every detail of her life. In recent years, her appearance has been the most talked about. Her weight seems to have fluctuated throughout the years, and fans have asked several questions regarding her transformation. So let us talk in detail about her weight gain.

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Sarah Hyland's Weight Gain: Throughout the Years She Has Faced Body Fluctuation Due to Health Issues!

With her most recent public appearance, Sarah Hyland (@sarahhyland) ignited questions about her weight and figure. Fans are curious about how she appeared when she wasn't that tiny and when she had weight gain in her body, even though she has dropped a large amount of weight. As her figure changed throughout the years, she was once teased for both having a large body and for being too small.

Sarah Hyland is now in good shape, but she was once trolled for her weight gain, but not due to an eating disorder. Throughout the years, we have seen her in both small and large frames. She made a statement about her unexpected weight loss in May 2017. The actress said;

This year hasn't been the best for me. I might talk about it someday, but for now, I'd like to keep my silence. I will admit that a lot of changes—including bodily changes—have occurred this year

Sarah Hyland frequently experiences body fluctuation.Sarah Hyland frequently experiences body fluctuation.
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Sarah Hyland remained silent about the specifics of her health situation at the time. She did, however, reassure followers that she wasn't starving herself, contrary to popular belief. "I've been informed I can't exercise. Which is very upsetting for me," she said. Due to her exceedingly small size, fans have already accused the thin singer of promoting anorexia. She has a long list of health problems, including having had two kidney transplants, and her illnesses have caused her to lose a lot of weight.

The Geek Charming star, who was diagnosed with the illness when she was nine years old, was battling it for more than 23 years. Sarah Hyland made an appearance on the now-canceled Ellen DeGeneres Show at the beginning of 2019 and spoke with the host about how her renal ailment contributed to her mental health issues. After her body began to reject the kidney her father had given her, Sarah's brother Ian Hyland, 28, gave his kidney to his older sister in 2017. During her interview with Self in December 2018, she sobbed as she recalled the incident and displayed the scars from her operation.

Sarah Hyland's weight gain before and after.Sarah Hyland's weight gain before and after.
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Again, Season 8 of Modern Family showed Sarah Hyland's face to be noticeably enlarged. Although she later confessed that her health issues were to blame, several people initially believed she had cosmetic surgery on her face. She shared Instagram Story while posting a photo of her puffy face she commented;

A selfie can sometimes be more than just a wonderful angle or a cutesy feeling. This time, in honor of #NationalSelfieDay, I've chosen to be honest. As agonizing as it is,

Sarah Hyland gained the body fat again after her weight gain and she was trolled. She responded to a troll who claimed she might be pregnant after she published a new photo of herself in a bikini. The 28-year-old was enjoying the sun with boyfriend Wells Adams in a recent snap from their trip to Mexico when a cruel admirer sent a weird comment on social media. A man tweeted the actress,

Sarah, uh, that top looks like you are kind of, well, filling it out more than usual. Have you omitted anything from our knowledge? Is Haley the only one or not?

Sarah Hyland is now fit after gaining and losing weight.Sarah Hyland is now fit after gaining and losing weight.
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The most discussed subject to date has been Sarah Hyland's weight gain. However, we are happy to say that she is now in weight good health, and good shape. She looks good and fit in her recent Instagram photos, as she might have shed weight after undergoing weight loss.

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