Natalie Maines’s Weight Gain: She Now Looks Different Compared With Younger!

As Natalie Maines doesn’t appear the same as she did when she was younger and has put on weight since then, there have been rumors concerning her weight gain. Fans have had their discussion regarding her weight gain, but Natalie Maines hasn’t commented on her transformation.

Fans of the Dixie Chicks admire them to the moon and back, and the country music sector is still thriving. The trio of outstanding singers and songwriters, Martie Maguire, Emily Robison, and Natalie Maines, are well-known for taking a stand on issues that are important to them and singing their hearts out about them. After years away from the music industry, they returned in 2020 with a new single.

Natalie Maines, singer, and a member of the alternative country band The Chicks, returned to the Bonnaroo Music Festival last year with her band. Since the group made a comeback with their well-received new album Gaslighter, fans were eager to see them play live at the major music event.

With her comeback in 2020, Natalie Maines has gained media attention regarding her transformation. Although they have again remained out of the spotlight after their comeback, many of Natalie’s fans believe that she has gained weight in recent years and wonder why. So let us discuss her weight gain in detail.

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Natalie Maine’s Weight Gain Is Not That Significant Compared to Now and the Younger One, as People Change With Age!

Natalie Maines‘ transformation sparked discussions about her weight and body. She can’t remain the same forever because she isn’t young anymore. She has now undergone a significant shift, which is becoming more obvious every day. As a result, if people had praised her beauty, they now comment on how drastically different she now appears. Let’s discuss her gaining weight!

Natalie Maine's before and after weight gain.Natalie Maine’s before and after weight gain.
Source: Celebs In Depth

Natalie Maines has been absent from the media for a long time, and suddenly her weight gain has become the topic of discussion. To discuss her change, followers have contrasted her before and after photos. Because you can’t possibly expect her to still have the same body she did when she was younger, those photographs have given rise to absurd weight gain allegations. She hasn’t put on weight recently and is fit for her age.

Natalie Maines, on the other hand, has not been observed looking significantly different, and her weight has only slightly changed. She also couldn’t have been on a diet; her weight could have changed on its own. Even some of her supporters are worried about her health. She is also not active on social media, making it impossible to confirm or refute any health issues.

Natalie Maines's weight gain has now made her look different.Natalie Maines’s weight gain has now made her look different.
Source: Celebs In Depth

Natalie Maines was never one of those well-known people that the public anticipated embarking on a weight gain journey before examining how they cared for their bodies, to put it another way. Fans are naturally interested in how the singer gained weight and if it was planned or unintentional. She hasn’t commented on her change. If she doesn’t confirm the rumors about her weight gain, we won’t be able to tell.

Natalie Maines and Her Ex-husband, Adrian Pasdar’s Divorce Case!

Natalie Maines was married to her husband Adrian Pasdar in 2000. Adrian is a well-known American actor best recognized for his work on TV shows including Profit, Heroes, Desperate Housewives, and Supergirl, as well as movies like Top Gun and Just Including a Woman.

They first connected during bandmate Emily Strayer‘s wedding in May 1999, a few years after Maines’ divorce from her spouse of two years, Michael Tarabay. The pair got married on June 24th, 2000, a year later. Jackson Slade Pasdar and Beckett Finn Pasdar, their sons, were born in March 2001 and July 2004, respectively. In July 2017, Maines and Pasdar divorced after 17 years of marriage.

After two years, the divorce was finally finalized in December 2019, with her citing irreconcilable differences. The reasons behind Natalie Maines’ divorce after 17 years of marriage were unknown. When Maines initially filed for divorce, a representative referred to the dissolution as a private family matter and declined to say further.

Natalie Maines with her ex-husband, Adrian Pasdar.Natalie Maines with her ex-husband, Adrian Pasdar.
Source: US Weekly

The prenuptial agreement was allegedly signed under duress, according to Pasdar, who reportedly wanted it thrown out. According to reports, he sought US$60,503 (about $86,500) per month in spousal support and US$16,427 in child support. He asserted that Maines was the primary income during their marriage and that he gave up his acting profession to care for their children while she traveled the world as a musician.

Later, he also attempted to exploit a prenuptial agreement’s confidentiality clause to stop Maines and the Chicks from releasing any music that made mention of him. This endeavor was fruitless, as Gaslighter by The Chicks from 2020 will attest. The Blast was able to obtain documents from Pasdar asking the court to grant him copies of all of Maine’s unreleased music to protect his rights under the confidentiality clause in their prenuptial agreement. On December 19, 2019, the couple officially filed for divorce and decided to divide all of their assets equally.