Is Dave Bautista Gay? Is He Married? Is He Related to LGBTQ?

No, Dave Bautista is not gay. His support for the LQBTQ community and being the son of a lesbian mother made fans believe that, like his mother, he might come out as gay. Also, his tattoo controversy made fans question his sexuality. However, the actor is straight, as he has also been married three times.

The third and final Guardians of the Galaxy series is currently in theaters, and it features some of the principal cast members’ last public appearances. This includes Dave Bautista, who has expressed openly that he intends for this to be his last outing as Drax. After Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was released, Bautista sent a video and message of thanks on Twitter, thanking everyone for the experience.

James Gunn, the film’s director, previously shared a photo of the final instance in which the complete Guardians of the Galaxy cast and crew were present together on site. Gunn pointed out that the photo was taken immediately following the completion of the final group image because it is highly improbable that the Guardians of the Galaxy cast will ever again be in this configuration.

With his focus on starring in more dramatic roles, Dave Bautista is on the right track. Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, recently praised him highly and even referred to him as one of the MCU‘s greatest actors. He has recently received accolades from sources besides the superhero community, with M. Night Shyamalan praising his work in Knock at the Cabin as one of the year’s best performances.

Throughout the character’s journey, Drax the Destroyer has undoubtedly been a pleasure for Bautista to portray. Without a doubt, he is a fan favorite, and many of them wonder if he is gay. So what’s his sexuality?

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No, Dave Bautista Is Not Gay; His Support for the Lqbtq Community and Being the Son of a Lesbian Mother Made Fans Question His Sexuality, However, the Actor Has Been Married Three Times!

The Guardians of the Galaxy is where Dave Bautista (@davebautista) shines, and his character there is hilarious. We have been quite impressed by him in his Drax role. However, some of his admirers are curious about his sexual orientation and believe he might be gay. The actor’s alleged homosexuality has come out on the internet, leading fans to mistrust him.

Dave Bautista is not gay.Dave Bautista is not gay.
Source: Instagram

But there is also a reason behind fans calling Dave Bautista gay and related to the LQBTQ community. His tattoo controversy is the main thing. The tattoo was removed by actor Dave Bautista because it was associated with a former buddy who had made anti-gay statements. The Guardians of the Galaxy actor revealed in a video interview with GQ about his tattoos that a tattoo of a woman with a sugar skull face painting on her left forearm was once the team insignia of a friend who was someone he looked up to.

The Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery star, Dave Bautista, claimed in the video that his friend later came out publicly with some anti-gay statements and turned out to be an extreme homophobe. Despite not mentioning the buddy by name, Bautista had previously published a comparison photo of the tattoo before and after the cover-up in October 2016. As the team logo of Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao, who also has a meteor tattoo on his left forearm, the previous tattoo was a burning meteor.

Dave Bautista supports LQBTQ and is the son of a lesbian mother.Dave Bautista supports LQBTQ and is the son of a lesbian mother.
Source: Instagram

Dave Bautista’s mother is also a lesbian, and fans think he might as well come out as gay. He concluded the tweet with the hashtags #ProudSonofaLesbian and several Pride-related ones. Because his mother was always proud of who she was, he stated,

I was always proud of who my mom was. Fuck you if you don’t like it, loud and proud without apology. Her son was attentive as well. BE YOU, BE PROUD OF YOU, BE LOUD.

Over the years, Dave Bautista has already developed a reputation as a decent, likable guy, especially after his wildly successful excursion into acting helped him draw in a wider following. But it meant a lot to people that he showed his support for his mother and the LGBTQ+ community in general by taking the time to hide a tattoo, and they considered him gay. But he is not gay, as he is also married.

You might be surprised to learn that Dave Bautista has previously been married three times. He has children from his first two marriages. As you would have predicted, he has divorced or separated from all of his wives. Dave claimed that he first encountered Glenda in the latter half of 1989 in his book, Batista Unleashed, published in 2007.

Dave Bautista with his ex-wife, Sarah Jade.Dave Bautista with his ex-wife, Sarah Jade.
Source: GH Gossip

They had a turbulent relationship, but once Glenda fell pregnant with their first daughter, they decided to get married. She gave birth to their second child two years later. They finally got divorced in 1998 after their marriage deteriorated. Dave married Angie, his second wife, later that year. Dave and Angie were married for eight years, just like his first marriage, before getting divorced in 2006.

Dave Bautista married competitive pole dancer Sarah Jade in October 2015. The two kept up their strong relationship for a while. In 2019, they got divorced. Although he is single now, he had three marriages, so we must consider him heterosexual and not gay.