Barrett Brooks’ Weight Loss: His Transformation Secret!

After struggling a lot with health, Barrett Brooks has realized the importance of weight loss. Since 2011, he has started losing weight, and as of 2023, he seems to be perfectly fit and healthy. He has struggled a for his transformation and he follows a very strict diet and workout routine to maintain his health.

Barrett Brooks is a former American football offensive tackle who has recently played for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League. He was interested in sports from a young age, and when he was in high school, he was a letterman in football and basketball.

Barrett has been in the news after he broke down rookie DT Jalen Carter‘s first career sack in Week 1 for the Eagles against the Patriots. Many people seem to be very happy with his recent game, and he has given himself the nickname the new Slim Shady after the game. He also posted a picture, telling people about Eagles Pre and Post Live, which is available on NBC Sports Philadelphia. He stated that the Eagles are a little rusty, but they come away with a win.

After the games, many people seemed curious about Barrett’s personal life. In this article, we will be talking about his weight loss journey, diet plan, and an update on his health. To know more, read this article.

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Barrett Brooks Started His Weight Loss Transformation After Undergoing Bariatric Surgery!

Many people are inspired by Barrett Brooks‘s (@bbrooks72nbcs) weight loss. He started losing weight in February 2011, and within a month he had lost 50 pounds. As of now, he is estimated to weigh 250 pounds. He follows a strict workout and diet routine to gain today’s looks.

Barrett has faced many ups and downs due to his health. He has claimed to know all about weight gain and weight loss and has been very open about his physical appearance from the beginning. Recently, he has been working as a sports reporter, and he seems to look slim and fit, for which he has been named, Slim Shady.

People are curious about his health and his weight. Well, his recent picture seems to be flooding all over the internet after people witnessed his perfect jawline. If you compare his before and after pictures, you may find it difficult to recognize him. He has been an inspiration to people for a long time, as his weight loss seems to be improving each year.

Barrett Brooks’ Workout Routine and Diet for Maintaining Health!

Barrett Brooks has still been motivating his fans through his daily workout routine. He usually posts about his workout routine through his Instagram and keeps his fans updated. As for his workout routine, he has claimed to love doing afternoon workouts, which make him energetic and productive. He has also advised people to workout regularly for weight loss.

Barrett Brooks has inspired many people through his weight loss. celebsindepth.comBarrett Brooks has inspired many people through his weight loss.
Source: Instagram

Barrett doesn’t only work out to maintain his weight. Another major reason he has been successful in losing weight is that he follows a strict diet, which includes the cabbage diet. His diet included foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Although he has claimed to be an ice cream guy, he has been very strict with his meals and lunches for his weight loss. He also stated:

I listen to what my body is telling me. Before, I was living for what I was going to eat next. Now, I eats to live. I want to live to see my grandkids. I’ve got a lot of living to do.

Before and After Barrett Brooks’s Weight Loss!

Barrett Brooks started his weight-loss journey in 2011 after undergoing bariatric surgery. His health issue was killing him from the inside, and it was the final call to maintain his weight and body. He used to be around 350 pounds at that time, but with regular exercise and a healthy diet, he lost more than 50 pounds in a few months. After the achievement, he started being an inspiration to the people.

Barrett Brooks's weight was 350 pound. celebsindepth.comBarrett Brooks’s weight was 350 pound.
Source: Instagram

As of 2023, Barrett is guessed to be around 250 pounds. In an interview in 2011, when he was asked about his weight loss, he said that he went from being an athlete to a slob, and he feels like an athlete again. He also admitted that before he couldn’t jump high enough to slide a piece of paper under me, but now I can dunk a basketball. He stated;

I was having trouble breathing. I developed sleep apnea. My surgically repaired knee wasn’t as strong as it used to be. I [developed] arthritis in my left knee. I did South Beach, Atkins, prescriptions. I even tried the cabbage diet. It got to the point where I had to do something else.