Bea Priestley

Bea Priestley (full name Beatrice St Clere Priestley) is an English professional wrestler who currently performs in AEW (All Elite Wrestling). Born on 22nd March 1996, she is also signed to a Japanese women’s wrestling promotion named World Wonder Ring Stardom.

Standing at 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) and weighing 150 lb (68 kg), Bea is known by her other ring names Amy St. Clere and Beatrice Priestley.

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During her early years, Priestley was trained by a New Zealand professional wrestler Travis Banks. She made her debut as a 14-year-old for New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling. She subsequently featured in Progress Wrestling (2016-2019), What Culture Pro Wrestling / Defiant Wrestling (2016-2019) and World of Sport (2018-2019).

Priestley is signed to World Wonder Ring Stardom since 2017 while she is associated with AEW since 2019.

Bea Priestley is dating her boyfriend Will Ospreay

AEW star Bea Priestley is dating boyfriend Will Ospreay since 2016.

Bea Priestley is dating boyfriend Will Ospreay since 2016.
Source: Bea Priestley Instagram

Bea Priestley is currently in a relationship with her professional wrestler boyfriend Will Ospreay. The couple began dating in 2016 following their initial meeting during a wrestling event in the UK. The lovebirds wrestled together against Ricochet and Tessa Blanchard in 2017.

Currently plying his trade in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ospreay is well known by his nickname The Aerial Assassin while his finishing move, Springboard Cutter, is pretty popular amongst fans.

Will initially thought he had blown up his shot with Bea

Will Ospreay nearly blew up his shot at dating Bea Priestley during their first meeting.

Will nearly blew up his shot at dating Bea during their first meeting.
Source: Priestley Instagram

After meeting at an independent show in the UK, Will was already head over heels for his future partner, but the same can’t be said for Bea. In fact, it was not even close to love at first sight for her.

Ospreay was pretty certain he had blown his chance of dating Bea after his nervous approach at introducing himself. As he walked up to Bea, he accidentally messed up his line with the infamous, ‘Will, my name is Hi’. Of course, he wanted to say ‘Hi, my name is Will’.

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Will was so nervous he could barely ooze any confidence talking to Priestley during their very first meeting. Following the end of the show, he stayed alone wondering if he’d ever get a second chance to make amends. Luckily, he did.

Bea and Will realized they had so much in common when they met for the second time at a mutual friend’s party. They soon hit it off and began dating.

The couple wanted to shift to Australia

Will Ospreay wanted to move to Australia with his girlfriend Bea Priestley.

Ospreay wanted to move to Australia with his girlfriend Priestley.
Source: Bea’s Insta

Although Will is clearly a family man, he seems really determined to help develop the independent wrestling scene in Australia. For this, he had thought of moving there along with his girlfriend Bea.

There was just one issue, however. It hadn’t been long since Priestley shifted to England from New Zealand, so she would be reluctant to move to a new place so soon. Moreover, the only reason she moved in the first place was, pro wrestling was almost non-existent in the place she resided, and she was desperate to train at Progress Wrestling.

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Speaking on the Chris Jericho podcast, Ospreay talked about how the move would be good for both the duo, since flying to Japan where he spends the majority of the time is quicker from Australia than his native England.

Quite clearly Will is looking forward to a new challenge while his girlfriend’s still got unfinished business in the United Kingdom.

Bea Priestley was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 14; underwent surgery at 18

Bea Priestley was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was 14 and underwent surgery at 18.

Bea Priestley was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was 14 and underwent surgery at 18.
Source: Bea Priestley’s Instagram Post

Back in October 2016, Bea revealed she had undergone a brain surgery two years earlier. The pro wrestler was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was just 14 years old.

Speaking to SPW Insider, Bea revealed she does not remember much about her surgery since she was knocked out at the time. The toughest part, however, was the recovery afterward as she wasn’t allowed to run for two months and not allowed into the gym for six months.

This experience only made her stronger as she got more and more motivated to prove the doubters wrong. Her hard work and persistence paid off as she not just recovered, she fulfilled her life-long dream of making it as a pro wrestler.

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