Big Smo’s Weight Loss: Underwent Quadruple Bypass Surgery to Lose 110 Pounds!

Fans of the rapper, Big Smo, are very impressed with his recent weight loss appearance. The 5′ 8” rapper lost around 110 pounds over the course of three years. However, he underwent quadruple bypass surgery to lose weight. Follow the article to know more about Big Smo’s weight loss journey and learn if he has a new wife.

John Lee Smith a.k.a Big Smo (born on February 14, 1976) is an American country rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, and film director. Smo’s big label first studio album, Kuntry Livin’, was published in 2014 and peaked on three Billboard charts after multiple independent and small label albums. In 2014, he was the focus of an eponymous reality television series on A&E.

Big Smo, 46, was born in San Diego, California, to Mary Jane Smith and Carl Avery Smith. His father, a US Navy veteran, died in 2007.  His mother is his business manager. He graduated from Shelbyville Central High School. Moreover, he resides on the Kuntry Ranch, a 32-acre family farm complex in Unionville, Tennessee, which is part of the Shelbyville, Tennessee Micropolitan Statistical Area.

Recently, Big Smo has been in the limelight because of his body. Yes, the rapper has undergone a significant weight loss transformation and fans seek information about his journey. Well, here is everything we know.

Big Smo’s Weight Loss Journey: Did He Undergo Any Surgery?

Big Smo’s weight loss journey was not simple. He had to radically alter his food and lifestyle. However, he worked hard to lose weight and adhere to the regimen. The singer also built a gym in his home and was dedicated to working out as much as he could and getting in shape.

Losing weight, getting in shape, adding a gym to his home, and having a new lease on life have all resulted in new undertakings. “It feels good,” he said to be well again and to be able to do what he enjoys.

However, the songwriter seemed to miss his mother’s cuisine a lot. On A&E‘s Big Smo, a television series, Big Smo admits he can no longer devour Quick Chick. Mary Jane Smith‘s chicken casserole became popular during the two seasons of A&E’s reality show. Likewise, his new music producer, Michael Cruz denied Smo’s macaroni, cheese, creamed corn, jalapeno cornbread, and banana pudding diet.

The Lick Life singer has a fresh outlook on life, which has resulted in some new ventures. His weight loss has aided his health and career. In 2015, he underwent quadruple bypass surgery to lose weight. He weighed approximately 400 pounds at the time.

Big Smo then lost 110 pounds over the course of three years. The operation served as a wake-up call for him to properly take care of his body and health. He has not, however, had any weight loss surgery.

On the other hand, the musician mentioned on YouTube that he needed to undergo weight loss for his health. Smo enlisted the assistance of his bandmate Coach Alex, who devised a unique workout dubbed Kuntry Crossfit.

Big Smo felt quite special while he was in primary school between the ages of seven and eight. Similarly, he learned he was the tallest student in Bedford County School. Smo’s weight, on the other hand, is a result of both genetics and his mother’s diet.

Furthermore, the artist revealed that her mother’s food and meals put meat on his bones every time. Every time Smo was above the obesity numbers. Thus, he tried to change some things about his life.

Weight loss was one of the changes Smo thought he needed to make his life better. As a result, he gathered all the courage and followed a workout routine with his mates. They flipped a tire, ran, crawled over the field, and makeshift dumbbells. And now Big Smo is in the best shape of his life.

Big Smo’s Marriage History: Ended In Distress but Happy Father of 3 Daughters!

John Lee Smith, aka Big Smo (@therealbigsmo), has been married twice, and his relationships with both of his spouses did not end well. When it comes to divulging specifics about his first marriage, He has been quite discreet. He does, however, have three daughters, Lancia Crocker, America Crocker, and Ansley Crocker.

Though Big Smo hasn’t been vocal about his failed marriage, he isn’t afraid to express his affection for his children on social media. Following a disastrous marriage, He fell in love with Whitney Deann Smith, with whom he had a difficult relationship.

Big Smo shared a house with Whitney Deann Smith for around seven years. The couple married in 2013, and their marriage quickly disintegrated. Only two years after they exchanged vows, rumors about their divorce began to circulate on the internet. Big Smo has a great bond with his girls despite being a single father.

Regardless of his previous unsuccessful partnerships, he now has a good relationship with his family. Big Smo may not have had a lengthy relationship with his wife, but he certainly has a good work life and three gorgeous children.

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