Bob Harper Partner: The Biggest Loser Star Is Married to Anton Gutierrez Since 2019!

Bob Harper is openly gay and people wonder if he has a partner. Well, yes. Bob, 56, is married to his long-time boyfriend, Anton Gutierrez. Previously, Bob was married to his first wife, Reza Farahan. We’re unaware of Anton’s age. Bob and Anton got married on June 29, 2019. Anton and Bob were together already when Bob suffered from a heart attack. Follow the article to know more about Bob Harper’s partner.

Robert ‘Bob’ Harper is a 56-year-old personal trainer, television personality, best-selling author, and champion for heart health was born on August 18, 1965. Harper first appeared on The Biggest Loser in 2004, where he worked as a personal trainer for 16 seasons.

Bob Harper took over as host of the show in 2015, succeeding Alison Sweeney. Harper had three New York Times best-selling books at number one, including The Skinny Rules and Jumpstart to Skinny. He boldly admitted to being gay on The Biggest Loser’s seventh episode, when speaking to a competitor who was having problems telling his parents about his sexuality.

The reality star claimed that he came out to his parents when he was 17 years old. Furthermore, he suffered a heart attack in early 2017, leaving him unconscious for a few days. Bob, thankfully, escaped the onslaught. He recuperated at home for months. Harper, in the meantime, struggled with despair.

In addition, the reality star founded My Trainer Bob in early 2010, a website where users may discuss weight reduction and receive assistance. Because of the popularity of his website, he released his first exercise DVD series, Bob Harper: Inside Out Method. Harper has also provided exercises for Shape magazine‘s website.

Lately, people are getting very curious to know about Bob’s personal life. They wonder if he is married or has a boyfriend. Well, here is everything we know about Bob Harper’s partner.

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Bob Harper’s Partner: When Did Bob Harper Get Married With Anton Gutierrez?

Bob Harper (@bobharper) is happily married to his longtime partner Anton Gutierrez. Harper’s relationship with Anton sparked dating speculations in 2014 when Anton posted their first photo on Instagram on August 11th. The pair got engaged in late June 2019. The personal trainer shared the exciting news by uploading a photo of their hands wearing matching gold wedding bands.

Furthermore, Bob Harper’s partner, Anton Gutierrez, posted his own Instagram snapshot with the remark, “I can do this forever.” Many tabloids reported the couple married once the news went viral. The well-known partner became close because they shared an interest in health and fitness.

Despite this, they made their romance public in November 2015 when they posted a selfie of themselves kissing in West Hollywood. Bob and Anton looked so in love while they walked hand in hand down the sidewalk. Similarly, other reports indicate that Bob and Anton met around 2014. Initially, they appeared on an episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now? together. However, there is no specific date when they began dating.

Apart from that, Bob Harper and Anton are open about their love on social media. The long-time partner has a lot of intimate images of each other. Furthermore, the author once stated that Anton would be an excellent sous-chef since he enjoys bossing him around in the kitchen.

Not only that, but Anton was present the whole time his partner was suffering from a serious heart attack that almost killed him. This demonstrates the strength of Bob and Anton’s love. The couple has a beautiful love life.

Prior to his connection with Anton, Bob Harper was previously in a relationship with Reza Farahan, a Shahs of Sunset cast member. On the other hand, Bob and Anton are presently residing in Hollywood Hills. Karl and Vivienne are their two pups. The reality star paid $2.9 million for the home in late 2009. The 2,600-square-foot house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The couple is happily enjoying their love and they often appear on Instagram.

Know More About Bob Harper’s Partner, Anton Gutierrez!

Anton Gutierrez (@antonluke) is mostly renowned as Bob Harper‘s husband on The Biggest Loser. According to several reports, Anton is an actor and set decorator. His primary responsibilities include overseeing the placement of people and objects on TV, film, and commercial sets.

Moreover, he has credits in some productions like Genie in a Bikini, Luna Goes Cruising and Sad Studs. Anton prefers a solitary existence. Though he continues to post photographs on Instagram, he seldom offers anything in depth. Aside from that, we know Anton is a tattoo enthusiast with tattoos on his shoulder, back, and chest.

Similarly, as Bob Harper has stated, he is an excellent chef in the kitchen. The couple has been in a serious relationship and now they prefer being low-key on social media. However, the partner has deleted their wedding post and kissing photographs on Instagram.

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