Natasha Lyonne’s Boyfriend in 2022: Is She Dating Anybody After Splitting up With Her Ex-boyfriend, Fred Armisen!

Natasha Lyonne is reported to have a new boyfriend in 2022. According to The Daily Mail, Natasha was seen holding her hands with a mystery man back in 2021 after she spilt up with her long-time ex-boyfriend, Fred Armisen. Follow the article to know if the 43-year-old has a boyfriend in 2022.

Natasha Bianca Lyonne is an actress, director, writer, and producer from the United States. She received a Primetime Emmy nomination for her performance as Nicky Nicholas in the Netflix comedy-drama series Orange Is the New Black (2013–2019). This is the part that has gotten the most attention for her.

Moreover, the actress is also known for her role in the original Russian Doll, which premiered on Netflix in 2019 and is currently in production. On May 21, Lyonne hosted her first episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, and she was joined onstage by none other than her ex-boyfriend, Fred Armisen.

Similarly, fans of Natasha Lyonne are now concerned about her relationship status in 2022. They wonder if the 43-year-old star has a boyfriend. Let’s find it out right below.

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Who Is Natasha Lyonne’s Boyfriend in 2022?

Natasha Lyonne’s (@nylonne) most recent relationship news said that she was seeing an unknown man in September 2021. The Daily Mail reports that Lyonne and the unnamed guy were witnessed making public displays of affection during the Malibu Chili Cook-Off, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Natasha and her mystery boyfriend were holding hands and enjoying one other’s company as they walked about. It’s unknown whether they were or are still dating. Lyonne appears to want to make her private life as secret as possible.

Meanwhile, Natasha Lyonne’s rumored boyfriend wore a black button-up with short sleeves that revealed toned and tattooed arms. He kept the skater-chic style going with black trousers that were cuffed at the bottom and Vans sneakers that were worn without socks. He had a bristly beard and a wavy mop of hair that tickled the back of his brow.

Throughout the day, the couple held hands securely. Furthermore, Natasha appeared to be having fun, smiling as they strolled. Though it was instantly evident who Natasha’s mystery boyfriend was, they appeared to be having a good time together.

Until now, the actress has managed to keep the facts of her current relationship private, and there is no proof that she is exactly dating the mysterious man. There is also no sign of anything while browsing through her social media pages, such as Instagram. However, her current dating status has peaked her admirers’ attention.

It’s been months after Natasha Lyonne was last seen with her rumored boyfriend. As a result, we’re compelled to believe that Natasha does not have any boyfriend as of 2022. We shall inform you as soon as we get any information from our sources.

Natasha Lyonne and Fred Armisen’s Relationship History: From Long-Term Love to Post-breakup Friendship!

Natasha Lyonne’s dating life has been the subject of several internet speculations. Lyonne is an unmarried woman. She previously had a relationship with Fred Armisen (@sordociego). They are no longer together.

The ex-couple began dating in 2014 after being connected by a common acquaintance (Maya Rudolph). Their relationship was unknown to the general world until they were seen kissing at Netflix’s post-Emmys party in 2014.

Natasha openly revealed their split while promoting Russian Doll season 2 in April 2022. She discussed her prior relationship with Fred and the reasons behind their breakup with The Hollywood Reporter.

Natasha Lyonne invited ex-boyfriend Fred Armisen to the season 47 finale of Saturday Night Live, only one month after they announced their split. Natasha Lyonne revealed that she and her eight-year partner Fred Armisen had split up because she wanted a water feature put in their house. Despite the breakup, they remain friends.

The lighthearted humor comes only weeks after she confirmed reports that the couple had separated. She was living in Los Angeles with Fred throughout COVID. However, Natasha Lyonne honestly believes that they split up because she desired a swimming pool. The two called it quits in September 2021.

Natasha Lyonne Does Not Mind Sleeping With Women!

Natasha Lyonne played the role of Megan, a lesbian high school cheerleader whose parents send her to a conversion therapy camp to cure her homosexuality, in the 1999 indie cult film But I’m a Cheerleader.

To be sure, Lyonne felt the need to defend her straightness to The New York Times in 2016, stating,

“When I say I’m not gay, it doesn’t mean that I’ve never tried sleeping with women. Of course, I have. I’m not a dumb-dumb.”

The actress also discussed her emotions about playing lesbian characters, telling the site that she never wants to feel like she’s taking ownership of an experience she didn’t have. However, it appears that most of the female experience is in response to men.

Natasha Lyonne mentioned that when she portrays a character who isn’t interested in romantic connections with men, it signifies she’s on her own. Lyonne went on to say that she adores males and wishes to sleep with as many as possible. But she doesn’t want her entire existence, and especially her artistic experience, to be based on being the girl who needs it.

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