Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs (real name Sarah Grace McLaughlin), born on 18th July 1992, is a British singer and songwriter. She gained much of her spotlight following her single River (2016) which landed on number three in the US Alternative Chart.

Born to Scottish parents who hail from a town called Bishopbriggs (the inspiration for her stage name), she moved to Tokyo when she was merely four years old. After performing her first song at a Karaoke bar, Briggs knew what she wanted to become in her life. She then decided to pursue a career in music.

Bishop Briggs is a British musician, singer, and songwriter.

Bishop Briggs is a British musician, singer, and songwriter.
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The singer began writing her own songs and performing in front of her family at the age of 7. Three years later, she moved to Hong Kong and lived there for ten years until the age of 18.

During her school days, Briggs participated in several talent shows. She later shifted to Los Angeles and enrolled in Musicians Institute following her graduation from Hong Kong International School.

On 20th April 2018, Briggs released her debut album Church of Scars.

Bishop Briggs’ Rise to Fame

Bishop Briggs is rapidly growing in stardom since 2018.

Bishop Briggs is rapidly growing in stardom in the last few years.
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During her stay in Los Angeles, the singer was spotted by a talent scout in 2015 during one of her local performances. She subsequently released her debut single titled Wild Horses (2015) with her new stage name Bishop Briggs in honor of her parents’ hometown. Initially, however, her name was just Bishop, but she added Briggs to avoid confusion with a heavy metal band carrying the same name.

Following her first release, several fans discovered the artist with the aid of Shazam, after Acura used her song during one of their commercials. Clearly, it managed to captivate the audience who became curious to know who the performer was.

Watch: Bishop Briggs – Wild Horses

Towards late 2016, Briggs’ first single soon started making waves in the US in the Billboards as well as the Emerging Artists chart. This was just a beginning for this talented artist as her next single River became an even bigger sensation making it to the top 10 of numerous charts.

Following her success, the singer released a couple of EPs. The first was called Bishop Briggs that released in November 2016. This was followed by Bishop Briggs – EP in April 2017.

Bishop Briggs' debut single was titled 'Wild Horses.'

Bishop Briggs’ debut single was titled ‘Wild Horses.’
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The singer performed in the Coachella Festival and Panorama Festival back in 2017, both of which were held in New York City. The following year Briggs featured on American Idol amongst the top 24 celeb duets.

The budding star released her first studio album Church of Scars on 20th April 2018.

Bishop Briggs as part of the American Idol

Briggs featured on the American Idol on 9th April 2018 as a mentor for Trevor McBane and Cade Foehner. In addition, she performed her hit song ‘River’ in a duet with Trevor McBane. Likewise, she sang the INXS song Never Tear Us Apart along with the other contestant Cade Foehner. The crowd hugely appreciated both of her performances.

The singer showered praises for both her apprentices whose talent was admirable. On a final note, she delivered a piece of excellent advice. “If you’re being true to yourself, you really can’t lose. With something like this where you’re on a TV show, I think it’s really important to speak your truth and stand up for what you believe in and not hide.”

The singer got her heart broken by a past boyfriend

Bishop Briggs did not own much luck with her former boyfriend she was dating for a while.

Bishop Briggs did not own much luck with her former boyfriend.
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During an interview with W Magazine back in 2017, Briggs came across as someone who is consciously aware of her own feelings. As the conversation went on, she then showed her sensitive and melodramatic side when talking about her past relationship with a boyfriend.

As far as Bishop’s dating endeavors go, she apparently did not carry much luck.

He kind of broke my heart.

Although she refused to reveal who the guy was, Briggs claimed she phrased it differently in a face to face encounter with him. She recalled, “I said, ‘I realized you broke my fragile heart,’ which is, of course, so dramatic.”

Watch: Bishop Briggs – Mercy [Lyric Video]

Fans seem eager to know if this delightful music artist will welcome a new man in her life and whether it will be her husband. For now, however, it seems she’s away from the dating zone.

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