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Iceland is a quiet country, a place with a small number of people but also a play with big hearts, and for the past few years, Björn Thors has been one of the leading actors in the country, winning the big hearts of the Icelandic people. Though the actor only started in show business in the 21st century, he’s managed to become one of the respected and box office gold actors in Iceland.

Björn Thors was born on 12 January 1978 in Reykjavik, Iceland, where he lived all his life and still currently resides with his small and happy family. Completing his education in Iceland, Björn only set his eyes on a career in show business later on in his life. The actor made his debut in 1995, but he formally started his career in front of the camera in 2005.

Björn Thors plays Arnar in the Netflix series The Valhalla Murders.Björn Thors plays Arnar in the Netflix series The Valhalla Murders.
Source: IMDb

Just because of the projects he’s been able to be part of over the years, Björn Thors was able to develop a fan following in his home country of Iceland. But it seems the actor will be seeing some new fan following, outside of the country this time, due to the fact Netflix is bringing his new show The Valhalla Murders to the word through the streaming service.

Björn Thors Plays Arnar in the Netflix Series The Valhalla Murders

The Valhalla Murders came from the mind of Þórður Pálsson who created the show and also directed it. The show is about a murder in Iceland where the single murder connects to a serial killer, which is the first such instance in the history of Iceland. The murders are beyond the handles of the people in the police department, which results in someone from the outside coming in to help them.

Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir’s character, Kata, is the police officer in charge, and to help her out with the investigation, a detective from Oslo is brought in. Arnar, played by Björn Thors, is from Iceland who was living in Oslo, he is the detective tasked with bringing the murderer in, and the cat and mouse game making up for the first season of the series.

The Valhalla Murders is a joint production with Netflix contributing to the $5 million-plus budget of the project. The show already premiered during Christmas time, but Netflix will be releasing the entire eight-episode first season on 13 March 2020. The show was critically acclaimed, so you better bring your detective hats along because this is one hell of a mind-bender.

Björn Thors Tried Directing Before Acting – The Career of the Actor

Björn Thors started his acting career in 1995 and found fame in the 2010s.Björn Thors started his acting career in 1995 and found fame in the 2010s.
Source: IMDb

Though Björn Thors appeared in a movie in 1995, he first tried his hand in directing before deciding to formally start getting in front of the camera than behind the lens. The actor made a movie called Reykjavik Guesthouse: Rent a Bike with his wife, Björn also wrote and produced the film along with his wife.

Following the directing experience, the actor decided to start acting on camera again, and he appeared in various movies and TV shows, according to his IMDb page. The actor’s main movies were Frost and Come to Harm with appearances in Transporter series and as well as appearing in numerous other TV shows and movies.

The actor also made a career on stage; he is known for his portrayal of the character Kenneth Mana on stage. Björn Thors’ career on stage also allowed the actor to transition from screen to the stage and carried his fans along with him. But if The Valhalla Murders catches on in the international market, then there is no telling what will happen to the budding fame of Björn Thors.

Björn Thors is a Married to His Wife – The Couple Share Four Kids

Björn Thors is married to his wife Unnur Ösp Stefánsdóttir and the couple share four kids together.Björn Thors is married to his wife Unnur Ösp Stefánsdóttir and the couple shares four kids together.
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Björn Thors is a handsome man, someone who is loved by thousands of fans, but the people Björn loves the most are his wife and four kids he shares with his wife. Like we mentioned above, the actor directed a movie with his wife in 2002 and they have been married for a long time now.

Björn Thors’ wife Unnur Ösp Stefánsdóttir is also an actress, and they welcomed their first child, Dagur, almost 12 years ago. Five years later, their second child, Bryndis, was born, and around March of 2017, their twin kids, Björn and Stefán, were born, bringing the total of their family to six. Though both are busy with their work in show business, they make time to take care of their four kids. The family lives in Reykjavik, and for Björn Thors, his career is only going up, and his family is healthy and happy, couldn’t get better than this.

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