Black Cake’s Wikipedia on Hulu: Cast, Release Date, Plot, Episodes!

Black Cake has finally been released on Hulu, and fans are really excited to learn about its cast, plot, total episodes, and release date. So here we will discuss all about Black Cake, a murder mystery and suspicious series beginning in the late 1960s and focusing on a runaway bride named Covey.

Black Cake is a family drama wrapped in a murder mystery, and its origins can be traced back decades to 1960s Jamaica. With a diverse cast and characters, the show seems to be full of mysteries. Releasing on Hulu on Wednesday, Nov. 1. It has been able to grab the audience’s attention in a short period of time. Here we will provide full Wikipedia details about the show, including the plot, reviews, cast, release date, and more.

A Detail About Black Cake’s Wikipedia on Hulu: Plot, Reviews, and Release Date!

You will undoubtedly enjoy Black Cake if you love to see murder mysteries and suspicious series and movies. The series spans several decades, beginning in the late 1960s and focusing on a runaway bride named Covey. She flees to Jamaica, leaving her destiny a mystery. Her recently killed husband has left a slew of unanswered questions. Was Covey a victim as well, or was she to blame for her husband’s death and so had to flee?

Black Cake's plot revolves around a runaway bride named Covey. celebsindepth.comBlack Cake’s plot revolves around a runaway bride named Covey.
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Black Cake, based on an acclaimed novel that won accolades from Barack Obama, is a substantial piece of period drama that is somewhat deflated by the principal character’s less-interesting offspring. The combination of soap opera tropes and mystery keeps this Hulu production appealing, but not as strongly as it could or should be. Oprah was an executive producer on the show, which showrunner and creator Marissa Jo Cerar adapted from Charmaine Wilkerson‘s New York Times bestseller novel. The trailer is available which is getting good reviews, and you can watch some episodes on Hulu.

The program spans various generations and nations, including Jamaica, England, and Scotland, and is filled with breathtaking moments. The confection in the series’ name signifies both the optimism and horror that will unfold as the story progresses. Black cake evolved from the British plum pudding that colonizers brought to the West Indies, Bennett explains in episode one. It reflects the union of two cultures—mine and yours.

When the groom-to-be mysteriously dies on their wedding day, Covey flees to Scotland, then England, facing numerous ordeals and sorrows as a foreigner in a new nation during the 1960s’ even more overt racism and sexism. Covey, now Eleanor, shares all of this with her attorney (Glynn Turman) as part of presenting her will to her estranged daughter Benny (Adrienne Warren) and son Byron (Ashley Thomas), who understandably resented his sister’s absence, which included missing their father’s funeral. There is a lot of hidden plot and twist.

Meet All the Cast Members of Black Cake!

These are the cast members of Black Cake. celebsindepth.comThese are the cast members of Black Cake.
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Black Cake was released on Wednesday on Hulu, and the show has been liked by many viewers. Although till now, we have not been introduced to all the cast members as not all the episodes have been aired. Here are the details about the cast members and their roles in the show:

  1. Mia Isaac as Covey
  2. Chipo Chung as older Covey/Eleanor
  3. Ashley Thomas as Covey’s son, Byron
  4. Adrienne Warren as Covey’s daughter, Benny
  5. Faith Alabi as Pearl
  6. Anthony Mark Barrow as Covey’s murdered husband
  7. Simon Wan as Lin
  8. Ahmed Elhaj as Gibbs
  9. Karise Yansen as Elly
  10. Glynn Turman as Mr. Mitch
  11. Jade Eshete as Mathilda
  12. Lashay Anderson as Bunny

What Are the Total Episodes of Black Cake and Its Release Date?

Black Cake premiered on November 1, 2023, and fans are eagerly awaiting fresh episodes. So, how many episodes are there in total? beginning with the first three episodes. Following that, each Wednesday will see the release of a single episode of Black Cake. Here are the details about the total episodes and their release dates.

  • Episode 1, “Covey” – November 1
    Episode 2, “Coventina” – November 1
    Episode 3, “Eleanor” – November 1
    Episode 4, “Mrs. Bennett”: November 8
    Episode 5, “Mother”: November 15
    Episode 6: November 22
    Episode 7: November 29
    Episode 8: December 6

Charmaine Wilkerson got inspiration for her novel Black Cake, a story that merges food and family history, from her own family recipes. Her mother hand-wrote the recipe for black cake, a classic Caribbean rum-soaked fruitcake, on notebook paper so it could be passed down through generations.

Black Cake's final episode will be on December 6. cel;ebsindepth.comBlack Cake’s final episode will be on December 6.
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The outcome is a drama centered on estranged brother and sister Byron and Benny, who discover an unusual inheritance after their mother’s death: a black cake (to be shared when the time is right) and a voice memo. In the latter, she reveals the mysteries of her enigmatic background as well as the origins of their family. Well, you will have to wait for other plots and twists to come their way.