Brenock O’Connor from Alex Rider – Why does the Actor Look So Familiar?

Brenock O’Connor went to a Catholic School as he was growing up, and from a young age, he started performing on stage. He was only six years old when the stage came calling; he also won a scholarship to attend a theatre school, all while Brenock was developing his skills as a singer and guitar player. The multi-talented actor had all the skills to make it in show business, and he tested the acting waters with small appearances in TV shows.

He was born on 9 April 2000, to his mother Teresa O’Connor in Worthing, England. He attended Chatsmore Catholic High School in Goring and also got the chance to go to The Theatre Workshop Stage School located in Brighton. The potential was there, and casting directors also saw the skill and determination of Brenock, which helped him land a major role at the age of 14.

Brenock O’Connor is only 20 years old, and already he has seen the highest of highs the show business has to offer. The actor forged a path for himself, which led him to the Alex Rider series currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. But before he was Tom Harries in the spy series Alex Rider, he was famous for playing the character of Olly in the beloved HBO series Game of Thrones.

You Probably Know Brenock O’Connor as Olly from Game of Thrones

Brenock O’Connor was 13 years old when he was hired to play an unspecified role in Game of Thrones season 4. The character was later revealed to be Olly, an orphaned child at the hands of the wildlings. Olly was only supposed to appear in a single episode of the HBO series, but they ended up making him a recurring character who had a part to play in the fate of the Night’s Watch and its Lord Commander.

Olly appeared in 17 episodes, and he formed a mentee/mentor relationship with Jon Snow. Jon trained the small boy to fight and took him in as his own brother. Olly was kept around to contrast the budding relationship between Jon Snow and Ygritte. As Jon Snow started showing leniency towards the wildlings, Olly and Jon grew apart. He was unwilling to allow the race of people who killed his parents to go without a fight.

Brenock O'Connor is famous for playing Olly in the HBO series Game of Thrones.Brenock O’Connor is famous for playing Olly in the HBO series Game of Thrones.
Source: Brenock O’Connor Instagram

All the tension came to a head in the fifth season finale when fragmented Night’s Watch members came for the Night Commander in the night and stabbed him. Olly also took the knife and helped kill Jon, which really pained Jon to see. The relationship they forged was nothing compared to the hate Olly had for his parents’ killers, and when Jon Snow came back from the dead, he was hurt to kill the young boy.

Olly’s last appearance came in the Oathbreaker episode where he and other conspirators were hanged by the Jon Snow. Olly turned from an empathetic character from the fourth season to a villainous brat in the finale of the fifth season, in the eyes of the fans. Brenock had to take a lot of abuse for his role in the HBO series Game of Thrones.

Brenock O’Connor Received Hate Mails for His Betrayal of Jon Snow

Game of Thrones has passionate fans; it was probably one of the reasons why the final season was unable to satisfy all of them. But the HBO series’ fans are not only passionate, but some of them are also vitriolic. We are all familiar with the treatment of Jack Gleeson, who played Joffrey, the hate he received even after the character’s death in the show.

The same was the case for Brenock O’Connor, for his portrayal of Olly and the infamous events of the season five finale, the actor received numerous hate mails from fans of the show. The actor had to apologize for hurting the fans through his fictional character in a fictional world. Subjecting a 15-year-old boy to organized online vitriol was not a precisely nice thing to do in any case.

Brenock also mentioned the praising comments and messages he received for his portrayal of Olly from many fans. The actor was content with how his character turned out, and he was proud of how he was able to evoke so much emotion from fans all over the world. He considers Olly to be a job well done, and even though all the vitriol at the time, he rolled with the punches and left it all behind.

Brenock O’Connor Stole the Show as Tom Harris in the Amazon Series Alex Rider

Alex Rider is based on the book of the same name written by the award-winning writer Anthony Horowitz. There was a previous attempt to turn the books into a movie franchise, but the movie adaptation faltered after the first installment. Alex Rider on Prime Video is the second attempt at adapting the beloved book series, and considering the reviews, it seems the second time was the charm for Alex Rider.

Brenock O’Connor plays Tom Harris in the Amazon Prime Video series. He is the best friend of Alex Rider and also an aspiring movie maker. Tom is a nerdy kid who loves Akira Kurosawa movies and does not understand the logic behind Spider-Man. Tom is also has a hard time talking to ladies, but he keeps pushing Alex to ask out the popular girl in high school.

Brenock O'Connor plays Tom Harris in the Amazon Prime Video series Alex Rider.Brenock O’Connor plays Tom Harris in the Amazon Prime Video series Alex Rider.
Source: Brenock O’Connor Instagram

Tom and Alex’s relationship played a big role in the story of the show as the teenage spy drama was positioned as a coming of age story. Tom also realizes Alex is a spy pretty soon and tries to help him in his task to save the world. There is also a funny moment involving the two in the final episode of the action-packed show, and it felt like there was genuine chemistry between the two friends.

Prime Video released the new series on 4 June 2020. Alex Rider cast includes Otto Farrant as Alex Rider, Brenock O’Connor as Tom Harris, Ronkẹ Adékoluẹjo as Jack Starbright, Mari Siu as Kyra, George Sear as Parker Roscoe, Salisha James-Davis as Ayisha, Ana Ularu as Eva Stellenbosch, Stephen Dillane as Alan Blunt, and Vicky McClure as Mrs. Jones.

Singing His Way into Sing Street Broadway Production

Brenock’s passion for acting is only matched by his love for playing guitar and singing. After Game of Thrones put eyeballs on him, the young actor’s singing voice also took center stage. He frequently posted cover songs on his YouTube channel. Brenock also started posting original songs on his Instagram and other social media platforms.

There are numerous videos of the actor shredding his guitar and showing off his voice. Brenock’s singing voice also helped him land the leading role in the Broadway production of Sing Street. The movie by John Carney was a massive success, and the stage play was set to start about six weeks ago, but it was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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