Caleb Finn Girlfriend – Tik Tok Star Dating GF for Over a Year

Caleb Finn rose to fame in 2018 when under six months’ time he accumulated more than one million followers on the lip-syncing site app Tik Tok. He was 24-year-old at the time and in the last two years he has more than six million followers on Tik Tok and a new girlfriend to show off to the world.

The Tik Tok star was born on 9 December 1994, to his parents in Australia. Before 2018 he was not overly active on social platforms as he graduated with a diploma in teaching. After finishing his education Caleb worked as a primary teacher for a while but his career took him elsewhere.

Soon after his Tik Tok page took off Caleb also saw success on Twitch where he recently crossed the seven million subscribers mark. And with success also came a level of security along with a new face. The social media star started to date his girlfriend and they have been posting together on Tik Tok ever since.

Caleb Finn Girlfriend – Dating a Fellow Tik Tok Star

caleb-finn-girlfriend-2021Caleb Finn is currently dating his girlfriend Lil Soup, they have been dating since November of 2019.
Image Source: Caleb Finn Instagram

If you put in the keyword Caleb Finn girlfriend in Google, you will probably get the name, Lillie. The problem with the result is that it is inaccurate. Lillie is not Caleb’s girlfriend, she is his younger sister and he posted about it in April 2019.

Sibling confusion aside, Caleb Finn however is dating a girlfriend and her name is Lil Soup. That is how she has stylized her name on all of her social media pages. Lil Soup is also from Australia, Melbourne to be more precise and the couple has been dating for over a year now.

Ever since the couple first appeared on Tik Tok together, they have been jumping in each other’s videos. While the duo never claimed they were in a relationship, most of the fans were convinced that Caleb and Lil Soup were dating. On Soup’s Instagram, she posted an anniversary picture, so the couple has been dating since 5 November 2019.

Caleb Finn recently posted a few pictures with his girlfriend on Instagram. He captioned the eight-week-year-old post, “officially a couple of besties.” Fans were quick to jump on the word couple and claimed they knew it all along that Caleb and Lil Soup were dating.

You can find numerous Tik Tok videos of Caleb and his girlfriend on Lil Soup’s page. They recently posted a Christmas video also and appear to be spending the holidays together. There is little doubt in our and most of the fans’ minds that Caleb and Soup are dating.

The tattoed social media celebrity has a good social media following and fans consider the couple cute. Well, they do look cute together, and Caleb and his girlfriend Soup do love each other, or so it appears.

Caleb Finn was Fired as a Teacher After He Blew Up On Tik Tok

The idea of becoming a social media celebrity was never in the mind of Caleb Finn. He had a diploma in teaching and a 9 to 5 job working with kids in a primary school in Australia. So, Caleb was content with where he was and the work he was doing.

But one day one of his friends showed Caleb a Tik Tok video and they challenged each other to make videos and see who gets more likes. Caleb started to get likes and he continued producing content while also working as a teacher. And soon, he got way too famous that his students started to recognize him.

From being a teacher to over 60 students, he started to be known as Caleb Finn, the Tik Tok personality. While the parents were cool with him making Tik Toks, it was still an unwanted distraction for himself when other school’s students were coming to see him.

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Caleb was managing everything as well as he could but the principal found his social page and was not happy. The next day he got a call and was fired soon after. Caleb had the opportunity to teach at other schools but he thought better of it and decided to take up Tik Tok and streaming full time.

From being a teacher to little kids to becoming a celebrity, the transition was not something Caleb expected. But he embraced it and now he has a career he feels passionate about, and a girlfriend he loves. Everything seems to have worked out for Caleb Finn.

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