Calum Hood’s Girlfriend in 2023: Wife, Is He Married?

Calum Hood is silent and has not revealed his girlfriend in 2023. He is not married and doesn’t have a wife. He was recently rumored to be dating Brandy Schwechler. He has been in relationships with Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Phipps, Maddy Harris, and Nia Lovelis.

Calum Hood is an incredibly skilled Australian musician who is best known as the bassist and vocalist for the legendary pop-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer. The band has left an indelible effect on the music business since their climb to popularity in 2014. Their catchy compositions have resonated with people all over the world, with over 10 million records sold globally. With over two million concert tickets sold, their live performances have drawn large crowds, demonstrating their ability to create an electric atmosphere.

Calum Hood, the hunky bassist and vocalist of “5 Seconds of Summer,” is a true Aussie hero and a musical force to be reckoned with. He has a large fan base who has been wondering about his girlfriend and his wife. So let’s get into detail.

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Calum Hood Was Rumored to Be Dating His Girlfriend, Brandy Schwechler, in 2023!

Surprisingly, Calum Hood (@calumhood) doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend as of 2023. He is a bassist, vocalist, and composer from Australia who is best known as a member of the pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer. He’s already accomplished more than most musicians could ever hope for at the age of 27. He has also been in the limelight due to his relationship, so it was difficult to digest the fact that he is single.

Calum Hood with his rumored girlfriend, Brandy Schwechler. celebsindepth.comCalum Hood with his rumored girlfriend, Brandy Schwechler.

Although Calum Hood is single as of August 2023, he has been seen with a girl, and as per some sources, he was even dating a girl. The immensely skilled singer and bassist for “5 Seconds of Summer” is a great musical find. With his smoldering good looks and magnetic personality, it’s no surprise he’s snagged the attention of some of the industry’s most gorgeous ladies.

The singer was photographed getting tight with artist Brandy Schwechler (@almondmilkhunni), better known as Almondmilkhunni, on Instagram in 2023, which sparked rumors. When he posted a photo of the two snuggling on his Instagram story, the internet went crazy, and Brandy quickly followed suit with a photo of them looking like a couple. But, once again, it appears that their romance was brief and nothing more than a flirtation.

However, they are no longer together, and their relationship only lasted for a few months but was able to get fans attention. It’s safe to assume that he is single or may be having a private relationship with someone in order to avoid the spotlight. However, these are all our assumptions as he has not stated whether Calum Hood is single or having someone in his life.

Calum Hood Doesn’t Have a Wife Because He Isn’t Married!

Calum Hood doesn't have a wife. celebsindepth.comCalum Hood doesn’t have a wife.
Source: Instagram

There are several searches on the internet about Calum Hood‘s wife. His musical prowess and 5 Seconds of Summer‘s collective talent continue to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide. He has openly dated several women, but is he married? Well, no, the singer doesn’t have a wife, and we are not sure how the internet searches about his wife came about. He was never married, so he doesn’t have a wife.

Calum Hood’s Rumored Relationship With Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Phipps, Maddy Harris, Nia Lovelis!

There is currently no information available on Calum Hood‘s dating life, leaving his devoted fans curious about his romantic attempts. He was rumored with with famed model Naomi Campbell (@naomi) appeared in early 2021, but their relationship quickly ended, leading to a subsequent separation.

Rumors regarding a possible romantic relationship between Jennifer Phipps and Calum Hood was surfaced, sparking intrigue. Fans and followers are buzzing with excitement as they try to figure out whether the two people have a romantic relationship. While information is limited, rumors of a possible romance have piqued followers’ interest, making them anxious to learn more about this claimed relationship.

However, the nature of their relationship is unknown, leading us to speculate if they are simply close friends or something more. Following their simultaneous appearances in Los Angeles, speculation about Phipps and Hood gained traction. When seen together at the beach and subsequently at a restaurant, their interactions were relaxed and full of real happiness. Both Phipps and Hood have chosen not to confirm or dismiss these rumors as of yet. However, it is clear that they have at least a close friendship.

Calum Hood had a romantic relationship with Maddy Harris in 2014. Details regarding their relationship were scant, prompting people to speculate about the nature of their relationship. Fans’ attention was drawn to Nia Lovelis, the drummer of Hey Violet, and her possible romance with Calum in 2016. Following sightings of the two together at The Nice Guy restaurant in Los Angeles, which sparked enthusiasm among their respective fanbases, the speculation gained traction.

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