Captainsparklez’s Girlfriend (GF): Is He Dating Kara Corvus? Reddit Update!

Aug 20, 2023 @ 9:49 GMT-0500
Captainsparklez’s Girlfriend (GF): Is He Dating Kara Corvus? Reddit Update!

According to Reddit users, CaptainSparklez's girlfriend (GF) is Kara Corvus, a Cosplayer, Scientist, YouTuber, actress & Twitch streamer. However, none of them have confirmed the rumor yet. 

Jordan Maron, better known online as CaptainSparklez, is an American Twitch streamer and YouTuber who was only eighteen years old when he started his first YouTube account in 2010 to publish Call of Duty gaming footage.

Later, he joined in 2011, where he live-streamed a number of games; once the two platforms merged, he continued to broadcast on Twitch. His Minecraft-themed music videos and then-daily playtime on YouTube helped him build a fanbase.

With all that gain in popularity, CaptainSparklez's personal life, especially his love life, has been the subject of interest throughout the year. As a result, many Reddit users have recently been curious to know about his relationship status and wonder if he currently has a girlfriend. Well, here is what we've discovered.

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Kara Corvus Is Rumoured to Be Captainsparklez’s Girlfriend (GF)!

Online rumors and speculation are commonplace, as a result, CaptainSparklez's (@jordanmaron) relationship with Kara Corvus has not been an exception. However, it's vital to note that these rumors are unsubstantiated and should be treated with caution, because, there is no definite confirmation that Kare is his real girlfriend (GF) or that they have been romantically linked.

KaraCorvus (@karacorvus) is also a diverse personality with interests in cosplay, science, YouTube, acting, & Twitch streaming. She met Captain Sparklez through mutual interests and joint endeavors. Their first meetings took place in the gaming world, where they played Apex Legends and then cooperated on projects such as SMP Live and SMP Earth.

CaptainSparklez is reportedly dating his girlfriend, Kara Corvus. celebsindepth.comCaptainSparklez is reportedly dating his girlfriend, Kara Corvus. 
Image Source: Celebs-In-Depth

Their friendship was evident in their entertaining voice chats and playful pranks, which contributed to a deep bond that stretched into their Minecraft adventures, which frequently included fellow player X33N. However, despite their obvious bond and similar online activities, speculations of a love relationship between CaptainSparklez and his rumored girlfriend remain speculative.

Talking about CaptainSparklez's past affairs, he has a fascinating love history that frequently blurs the limits between virtual and real-life relationships. The well-known YouTube personality previously teased his fans with a tweet about getting a girlfriend and going on an intense date, only to reveal that it was a simulated experience in The Sims game.

This smart movement provided his followers with a fun reality check, demonstrating his ability to engage his audience. Some female admirers even responded enthusiastically to his article, offering themselves humorously as potential real-life spouses. However, Captain Sparklez did not reply to these proposals, preferring to keep his personal life secret.

Despite having a sizable social media fan base on Instagram, Captain Sparklez appears to still be unmarried today. Surprisingly, there have been no rumors or stories about his romantic relationships. The YouTube sensation has kept his real-life connections private, never openly addressing his love life or significant partner.

However, CaptainSparklez piqued interest in February 2021 with a YouTube video titled Girlfriend Reveal on his second channel, Captain Sparklez 2. Nonetheless, this announcement, like his earlier humorous teases, introduced a fictional figure named Abigal as his girlfriend.

As fans continue to interact with his content and speculate about his personal life, one thing is certain: Captain Sparklez's actual relationship status is still unknown. While his virtual adventures and wit have delighted millions, his true romantic journey has mostly remained hidden. As time passes, fans can only hope that he finds genuine love outside of games and fiction and shares that aspect of his life with them.

The Internet Career of Captainsparklez!

CaptainSparklez asked his mother for a PC capture card for his 18th birthday after watching gaming YouTubers. That month, in February 2010, he launched his first YouTube channel, ProsDONTtalkSHIT, to post Call of Duty videos and show off his scores. The channel was small, with only a few thousand views per video, so decided to choose a less vulgar username in case it grew larger, although he still thought this was unlikely.

CaptainSparklez started his YouTube channel by publishing Call of Duty gaming footage in 2010. celebsindepth.comCaptainSparklez started his YouTube channel by publishing Call of Duty gaming footage in 2010. 
Image Source: Instagram

On July 20, 2010, CaptainSparklez started a new channel, CaptainSparklez on a dare. Before Minecraft became popular on the Internet the next year, he was exposed to it by another YouTuber named SeaNanners. Despite his reservations, he decided to start filming Minecraft videos, and in August he produced his first gameplay video (Let's Play) of the game.

Despite CaptainSparklez's parents' warnings, he became increasingly active in making YouTube videos after starting university. In 2011, he began live-streaming his gameplay on The game material on the platform was then relocated to Twitch, where he continued to stream. Later, he began working full-time on YouTube in December, when it became possible to monetize his videos.

Moreover, CaptainSparklez developed a fanbase partly from his then-daily Let's Plays. He then signed with the talent agency William Morris Endeavor (WME) in 2015. Later, he and four other YouTubers voiced their Minecraft avatars in the sixth episode of the spin-off game Minecraft: Story Mode in 2016.

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