Jermelle Simon’s Wife (Partner): How Many Kids Does He Have?

Jermelle Simon is rumored to have been married to his wife, Akia Simo, despite the fact that he hasn’t disclosed anything about it. According to reports, he shares 3 children with his alleged partner.

Netflix‘s multi-camera comedy series The Upshaws, created by Regina Hicks and Wanda Sykes, recounts the life of a working-class family in Indiana. Bennie and Regina Upshaw, who have been married for decades yet still have ups and downs, are the major protagonists.

Their children are also included in the story: Bernard, Aaliyah, Maya, and Kelvin, Bennie‘s son with Tasha. Another significant character in the plot is Lucretia, Regina’s sister, who dislikes Bennie.

Recently, Season 4 of the show was launched on Netflix on August 17, 2023. It is made up of six half-hour episodes that were released at the same time. This season, like the previous ones, gained critical acclaim, with critics complimenting the series for being topical while without sacrificing the humor.

Since the show’s release, Jermelle Simon who plays Bernard Upshaw Jr., eldest son of the Upshaw clan, has been appreciated by many viewers. As a result, people have been curious to know more about his personal love affairs and wonder if he currently has a wife. Well, here is what we’ve discovered.

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Jermelle Simon Is Married to His Wife, Akia Simon!

Jermelle Simon (@jermellesimon) is a family man in addition to being an actor and fitness expert. Our research reveals that the actor is genuinely married to his wife named, Akia Simo.

However, little is known about the actor’s marriage and much less about the woman he married. Likely, it’s unclear what Akia does for a profession right now, although according to some stories, she used to be a flight attendant.

Jermelle Simon and his wife, Akia Simo. celebsindepth.comJermelle Simon and his wife, Akia Simo.
Image Source: Celebsweek

Because there is so little information about the couple, specifics about how and when they initially met and began dating are unknown to the public. In fact, the date of their marriage is unknown as well. However, they are thought to have been a couple as early as 2013.

According to some stories, Jermelle and Akia were together long before he started performing. However, this claim has not been independently validated. What we do know is that their relationship resulted in a happy marriage with 3 children.

However, there have been rumors that Jermelle Simon’s marriage to Akia is on the rocks and that they are having problems in paradise. Some even claim they have split up and are no longer together. This is primarily due to Jermelle’s recent silence on the subject. In fact, a diligent scan of his Instagram feed reveals that he hasn’t shared any images of them together since 2017.

Even while he talks about his children and other family members, there is no mention of his wife on his social media profiles, prompting some to wonder if they are still together. We cannot confirm whether they have divorced or not, but there is no mention of them divorcing anywhere.

We’ll soon find out whether Jermelle is still with Akia over time. We still recognize them as a married couple for the time being because there are no documents to prove otherwise.

Jermelle Simon and His Wife Have Three Children Together!

Jermelle Simon and Akia Simon‘s marriage produced three children: a boy named Jacob Simon and two daughters named Jade Simon and Jordyn Simon. It is unclear when they were born or what their current ages are because their father has carefully kept details about their life hidden from the public.

Jermelle Simon and his partner share 3 children together. celebsindepth.comJermelle Simon and his partner share 3 children together. 
Image Source: Stars Offline

However, it is obvious that the actor loves his children and has proven to be a devoted father. A brief glance at his Instagram profile reveals that the actor is extremely smitten with his children and loves to show them off proudly at every opportunity.

Unlike his wife, Akia, whom he rarely posts images of, the actor is known to routinely post photos and videos of his children online, demonstrating his profound love and affection for them.

He occasionally addresses them as his cubs and is often seen playing with them within the home. Many of his fans consider Jermelle Simon to be one of the best fathers out there.