Bennie Upshaw’s Mother’s Age: His Family Daughter, Marsha Warfield, Details!

Glodine Upshaw is Bennie Upshaw’s mother. The character is played by actress Marsha Warfield. Talking about his family, he has a wife named Regina Upshaw, two daughters, and a son. His mother’s real age is unknown, but the actress is 69 years old in real life.

The Upshaws is a television series created by Regina Y. Hicks and Wanda Sykes that follows the story of an eccentric family. Bennie and Regina Upshaw are played by Mike Epps and Kim Fields, a married couple with three children of their own and one other who is Bennie’s son by another woman. With Sykes also acting as Regina’s sister in the Netflix series, the family must cope with a variety of personal and professional issues while attempting to make their family work.

The titular The Upshaws are the type of family you’d want to be a part of, if only for the drama. There’s a lot of love between the ups and downs of this Indiana tribe, led by Bennie Upshaw. With different plot twists in the Netflix show, fans have shown interest in learning about his mother’s name and family details. So let’s get into detail.

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Bennie Upshaw’s Mother’s Name Is Glodine Upshaw, but Her Age Is Unknown; Family, Dayghter!

You have come to the right place if you are looking for Bennie Upshaw‘s mother. Here, we will reveal all your curiousities regarding his family details.

Benny’s mother’s name is Glodine Upshaw. The character is played by actress Marsha Warfield (@marshawarfield), whose age is 69 in real life. Glodine Upshaw pays a visit to her son, Bennie Upshaw, weeks after Regina returns home since she received his messages after Regina departed and was concerned about him and his family.

Bennie Upshaw's mother's name is Glodine Upshaw. celebsindepth.comBennie Upshaw’s mother’s name is Glodine Upshaw.
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Talking about Bennie Upshaw’s family, he has a wife named Regina Upshaw, played by Kim Fields, the matriarch of the Upshaw family and mother to Bernard Jr., his daughter Aaliyah, and Maya. Diamond Lyons plays Kelvin Upshaw, Bennie and Tasha’s son, who is the same age as Aaliyah, who calls Kelvin her “Ghetto Twin”. He was conceived when Bennie thought he and Regina were on a break. Tasha Lewis is Gabrielle Dennis‘s character in The Upshaws, Part 4. Tasha is the mother of Kelvin, Bennie’s kid, which means he had an extramarital affair with Tasha.

Glodine Upshaw pays a visit to her son weeks after Regina returns home since she received his messages after Regina departed and was concerned about him and his family. Regina and Bennie Upshaw were about to leave, so she invited Glodine, and they ended up going to a skating rink with the entire family. He asks Glodine what she’s really up to once they sit down, because she never arrives without an angle. Glodine acknowledges that she is leaving the scamming game and, as a token of good faith, returns Regina’s diamond earrings, which she had stolen a few years before.

While BennieUpshaw is working in his garage, two thugs approach him and threaten to injure him unless he pays them the $5,000 that his mother owes them. Glodine arrives and buys some time, but she also adds that they have Benny’s address.

Actress Marsha Warfield Plays Upshaw’s Mother, Glodine Upshaw!

The Upshaws have captured Netflix users attention with their fascinating tale since its premiere in 2021! This Netflix original series‘ fourth season, which was recently released, adds additional aspects to its ensemble cast. Marsha Warfield has joined the cast as Glodine Upshaw, Bennie Upshaw‘s mother. Her persona enriches the viewing experience by injecting an intriguing blend of humor and complication into the familial dynamic.

Glodine Upshaw is played by actress Marsha Warfield. celebsindepth.comGlodine Upshaw is played by actress Marsha Warfield.
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Furthermore, IMDb suggests that she is working on a new project. This project, titled A Holiday I Do, is set to be released later this year, adding to her tremendous collection of work. Marsha Warfield began her acting career in 1977 and has established herself as an enduring presence in the entertainment world. Her career is a tapestry of remarkable performances, with a varied selection of roles throughout television shows and films! Perhaps most notably, she is best known for her portrayal of Roz Russell, the steadfast and pragmatic bailiff, in the critically acclaimed NBC sitcom Night Court.

Staying in touch with your favorite celebrities has become easier thanks to social media. Instagram proves to be an important medium for staying up-to-date with Marsha Warfield’s current initiatives. She is active on Instagram under the handle (@marshawarfield).