Carson Daly’s Weight Gain in 2022: Struggling With Mental Health Issues, His Weight Gain Is Sequel of His Recovery!

In 2022, Carson Daly discussed his apparent weight gain as a consequence of his mental issues. As per the 40-year-old star, as immediately as the anti-anxiety medication began to take effect, he began gaining weight and he has no proper idea how. This was accompanied by increases in appetite and weight as a result of his improved mood and sense of peace. Here’s a little look at Carson Daly’s weight gain fiasco’s truth.

A recurring face in television, Carson Daly is a man of many talents. A television host, radio personality, producer, and television personality, Carson is also the man that hosts The Voice.

Taking a brief look at his career, Daly worked as a DJ for the Southern California-based radio station 106.7 KROQ-FM before 2003 and served as a VJ on MTV‘s Total Request Live. In 2002, he joined NBC, where he started hosting and producing the late-night talk show Last Call with Carson Daly.

Daly also occasionally hosted special event programming for NBC, such as the Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Show, and he started executive producing New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly from Times Square in 2003.

Recently, Carson Daly’s changing appearance is creating quite the buzz in 2022. Gaining weight, many are wondering about the reason behind his sudden changes. So, here’s all we know about Carson Daly’s weight gain.

2022: Carson Daly’s Weight Gain; What’s Going On With Carson Daly That’s Causing Him to Gain Weight?

Looking at Carson Daly now, it’s quite apparent that he is gaining some weight. Many have their own theory on what could be going on with the star, but here’s the actual reason behind this unintentional transformation.

Carson Daly affirmed his apparent weight gain and opened up about it as the consequence of his mental health issues. Since starting to use anti-anxiety drugs, Carson noticed that he had gained weight and he couldn’t actually control it.

Daly also revealed that his weight was only one area where his anxiety issues had been greatly damaging his life. He stated in a since-deleted tweet that he believed his recent weight gain was a result of an anti-anxiety medication he started.

Adding more to his story, when Carson started gaining weight, he questioned his doctor if it had anything to do with the drugs he had been prescribed. The doctor pointed out that weight gain was not a side effect, but rather was just a result of Carson Daly being content and happy.

Actually, it was evident that the drug had helped him become a different, calmer, less anxious variant of himself. His mood and appetite both improve as he becomes more content and relaxed, which results in a gain in weight.

Carson Daly (@carsondaly) stated that he was happy and focused on being the best version of himself and that his goals went beyond just his weight or diet. He wasn’t worried about his weight and planned to work out in the gym to lose some weight for his health rather than following a wild fad diet.

He started a conversation on mental problems while hosting The Voice, one of NBC‘s most-watched reality shows, which contributed to its increased prevalence.

Carson Daly never considered revealing his battles with mental illness in public at any point. He likely believed that it was only his business, no one needed to know and that the proper course of action was to suffer in silence until he got over it.

These days, discussions about mental health issues are getting closer to being acceptable. Almost gone are the days when there used to be reticence to discuss suffering various mental health-related problems in fear of backlash and gazed upon. However, men’s mental health talk has its holes and gaps in places. Men don’t really open up soon and in all that process let their bodies face all the trouble.

Carson Daly revealed that he had endured crippling anxiety and terror for more than twenty years without ever understanding what it was. He could never describe his situation in words. And now that he knows and is trying to treat it, it’s backfiring his physical health, manifesting itself as weight gain.

The Voice host undertook a 14-week cognitive therapy program after being diagnosed, where he learned how to manage his anxiety. He then started learning more about his mental disorder and eventually developed coping mechanisms for it. This at times included stress eating, binge eating, comfort eating, or overeating, causing all the weight gain fiasco.

Carson Daly is currently recovering from his crippling mental health issues, all while trying to do something about his weight gain that’s making the audience create a lot of buzz than necessary.

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