Charly Jordan’s New Boyfriend in 2023: Detail About Her Current/Now Partner!

According to her Instagram (@charlyjordan), Charly Jordan is in a relationship with her new boyfriend in 2023. The couple is seen as happy and great together. However, the details about her current/now boyfriend, including his name, are still unknown. 

Charly Jordan is a Las Vegas, Nevada-based professional model, YouTuber, social media influencer, and DJ (Disc Jockey). She is famous for her incredible TikTok videos, Instagram photos, and social media presence.

With the help of the Tiktok app, Charly Jordan posted a lot of entertaining videos that later went viral online. Following her initial success, she began posting photos of her modeling and lifestyle on Instagram. As a result, she has a sizable following on Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube.

With her growing popularity, fans have recently expressed an interest in learning more about her personal life, specifically her boyfriend. So who is Jordan dating as of 2023? Let us get into more details regarding her love life.

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Charly Jordan’s New Boyfriend in 2023: The 24-Year-Old Star Has Yet to Share Details, Including His Name, About His Current Partner!

As evidenced by Charly Jordan‘s (@charlyjordan) Instagram post, the 24-year-old social media star seems to be in a relationship with her new boyfriend in 2023. The couple appears to be in good spirits and enjoys spending time together. However, Charly has not yet openly revealed anything regarding their relationship status. Even though she frequently posts his pictures, the information about him, including his name, is also yet to be revealed.

It seems Charly and her new boyfriend are having the best time together. Previously, she posted pictures with her partner together on Valentine’s Day.. In the caption, she wrote, “Around the world with you forever. Mi amor thank you for making me laugh till I cry every day. Adventure budy, best friend, lover Happy Valentines Day!”

Charly Jordan with her new boyfriend.Charly Jordan with her new boyfriend.
Source: Instagram

On the other hand, Charly Jordan has a history as an athlete and is known for her fashion and travel-related vlogs. She previously made a startling claim in a social media video about her ex-boyfriend that went viral. During a game of Truth or Dare Jenga with her friends in the video, the influencer was asked who she regretted dating. Jordan revealed that the person she regretted dating was, Tayler Holder (@taylerholder), after confirming if she was to give a specific name.

Charly Jordan did not explain why she chose Tayler’s name in the brief video. However, the context and circumstances of the couple’s relationship help to explain why she would have said that. In 2020, Jordan began dating TikToker and musician Holder. This occurred a few months after Holder’s breakup with his then-girlfriend Sommer Ray. The two were a fan favorite, with their couple’s material going viral on TikTok and other social media platforms.

The rumors that they were dating spread like wildfire, when Jordan posted some steamy beach photos with Holder on Instagram on Oct. 13, 2020. Jordan then posted a video titled We’re Dating to her YouTube channel on October 27, 2020. Holder appeared in the vlog Q&A, which also served as the couple’s big relationship announcement. It received more than 2 million views.

However, soon after the couple announced their engagement, Jordan’s ex, model Sommer Ray, implied Holder cheated on her with Jordan. Jordan also had to deny rumors that she was pregnant with Holder’s child. Later, Jordan said in an Instagram Story, “I feel like a crazy person sometimes when I’m looking through comments and it’s all relationship drama comments. And it’s all these people talking about and commenting stuff that is completely inaccurate and having full conversations about it.”

Charly Jordan with her ex-boyfriend, Tayler Holder.Charly Jordan with her ex-boyfriend, Tayler Holder.
Source: Taddlr

Sadly, everything good must eventually come to an end. Holder posted a YouTube vlog to his channel on March 29, 2021, revealing that he and Jordan had broken up. Things went from bad to worse when, just a few days after the split video, Holder was shown on a reality show, distraught over the breakup, which Jordan chose. While the couple separated while Holder was on the show, they made a video to announce their decision ahead of time. Their decision to end their relationship was short-lived because the reality show video resurfaced unresolved issues from the couple’s relationship. Charly Jordan chose to leave social media after receiving a lot of abuse from reality show videos that portrayed her negatively.

On the other hand, the defamation compelled Jordan to return and tell her side of the story. Fans never got the full picture because Jordan and Holder told contradictory stories about what happened between them. The 24-year-old social media sensation has had quite the journey. She was a high school athlete who turned down a scholarship to pursue modeling instead.

Thus, it seems Charly Jordan had a rough time dealing with her past relationship. We hope she ends up marrying her current/now boyfriend. We wish the couple nothing but good luck for their upcoming days. We will surely get back to you as soon as we receive any information about her new partner.