Paul Peden and Micah’s Bridesmaid From Love Is Blind? Reddit and TikTok Slap Update!

Apr 17, 2023 @ 14:57 GMT-0500
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Paul Peden and Micah’s Bridesmaid From Love Is Blind? Reddit and TikTok Slap Update!

Paul Peden from "Love Is Blind" has been accused of cheating on Micah Lussier with one of Micah's bridesmaids, Ruby. A Tiktok video of Paul slapping Ruby's buttocks is going viral. Reddit users believe Micah's bridesmaid Shelby was happy that they didn't end up together.

Whether you believe in love being blind or not, this take on The Dating Game is impossible to ignore. There's a reason why we enjoy shows like Love Is Blind, which recently completed its fourth season on Netflix. For the uninitiated, single men and women communicate via isolation pods without ever seeing each other until they agree to become engaged, at which point they can begin dating and meet each other's families. But anyone who has experienced the stress of wedding planning can predict what occurs next: bickering, tears, and breakups.

While some Love is Blind season 4 relationships ended at the altar, Paul Peden and Micah Lussier were engaged. They did, however, split up on the big day. Micah asked him to say "I do" (or "I don't") first, and he declined because the timing was inconvenient. After the couple attempted to resolve the post-wedding scene disaster, Micah's bridesmaid was beaming, giving him an odd look, and the groom was awkwardly brushing towards her. So what happened?

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Paul Peden From Love Is Blind Has Been Linked With Micah Lussier’s Bridesmaid by Reddit Users After a TikTok Video of Him Slapping Ruby’s Buttocks Went Viral!

Paul Peden (@paulpeden) and Micah Lussier's (@micah.lussier) bridesmaid from Love Is Blind has been the center of attention on social media. If you were anywhere near the Love Is Blind TikTok over the weekend, you may have seen a video or two in which supporters especially Reddit users claimed Peden cheated on his ex-fiancée Micah Lussier with one of her bridesmaids.

Fans of Love Is Blind took to social media after the wedding episode aired on April 14 to respond to a blind-and-miss-it scene on Micah and Paul's wedding day. Micah was seen heading out of a room. His hand appears to hit Ruby Mensing's (@ruby_mensing) butt as she smiles at him as he squeezes past the bridesmaids. The viral footage was taken after he and Micah's wedding in episode 12. During the episode, Paul declined to marry Micah because, while he said he loved Micah, he believed the moment wasn't right for them to commit to each other.

Micah Lussier's bridesmaids, Shelby and Ruby, were happy after Paul Peden broke up the wedding.Micah Lussier's bridesmaids, Shelby and Ruby, were happy after Paul Peden broke up the wedding.
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Micah exited the wedding ceremony, shortly followed by Paul. He attempted to hug Micah during their brief talk. Micah, on the other hand, requested to be left alone, and it was at this point that her mother and bridesmaids entered the room. he consented to depart and appeared to run into one of the bridesmaids, Shelby and Ruby on his way out.

Many TikTok users zoomed in and claimed Paul slapped one of Micah's bridesmaids on the buttocks. However, because Micah's mother was in front of the group, a clear view of the occurrence was obstructed.  However, it was unclear what happened because Micah's mother was in front of the group, blocking a clear view of the event. During the live Love Is Blind reunion, host Vanessa Lachey asked him about the scene. He dismissed the rumors as "absurd" and claimed that he was gesticulating to the woman he was attempting to avoid.

The incriminating scene of Paul allegedly slapping Micah's bridesmaid buttocks sparked outrage online. Some dismissed it as meaningless. Much other Love Is Blind followers believe there is some truth to the claim that they were in a relationship. Paul, who follows Ruby on Instagram, responded to claims that his TikTok video had a highly inappropriate butt grab. He commented in the comments saying;

Stretching. Y'all want it so badly to be true. You're insane if you think I'd slap a random girl's [butt] (whom I don't even know) during the most traumatic moment of my relationship.

Shelby, Micah's best friend, who had earlier expressed her discontent with Paul, was seen beaming and said she was relieved by the change of events as Micah left the ceremony in tears. During the wedding, she admitted she wished she was 'much drunker' before joking with her friends while Micah grieved. However, this was not the first time she had expressed her dissatisfaction with it. Shelby had earlier told Micah, after a drunken night out, that she and Paul's relationship wasn't it.

Micah Lussier with her bridesmaids.Micah Lussier with her bridesmaids.
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Many fans are skeptical that nothing transpired. They point to his apparent long eye contact with bridesmaid Ruby as he moves towards her, his taking his hand out of his pocket and motioning it towards her derriere, and her immediately smiling and brushing her rear.

Meanwhile, Micah has yet to comment on the purported feud between Paul and her one bridesmaid. She has also not responded to fans who have called for her to sever her friendship with best friends Shelby and Ruby since they are smiling and cheerful after she appeared sad when he said no at the altar.

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