Love Is Blind’s Monica Rodriguez’s Instagram Post: Reddit Update!

Sep 4, 2023 @ 1:07 GMT-0500
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Love Is Blind’s Monica Rodriguez’s Instagram Post: Reddit Update!

Monica Rodriguez shared an Instagram post revealing that she was engaged in Love Is Blind, which was not shown on screen. Reddit users believe she was engaged to her boyfriend, Josh, but it soon came to an end as he met Jackie.

Netflix's popular social experiment turned dating reality series Love Is Blind recently wrapped up its fourth season, bringing viewers another delicious round of awkward pod chat, partner-swapping, relationship drama, and, for a small number of couples, a happily-ever-after conclusion. While Tiffany and Brett continue to be the season's ideal couple, Chelsea and Kwame were able to get past the initial conflict in their marriage.

Monica Rodriguez from season 4 undoubtedly fits the criteria because she entered the spotlight in a way that not many people could have anticipated. She published a picture of her engagement ring with a comment about wanting to be able to share her tale on her now-private Instagram account in an April 2023 post. Nevertheless, the public has been intrigued by her tale both within and outside of the dating reality program, and they are quite interested in her then-shared post. So let's get into detail.

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In an Instagram Post, Monica Rodriguez Revealed That She Was Engaged on Love Is Blind!

One of the three couples who got engaged in the pods of Netflix's Love Is Blind was Josh and Monica (@monica_not_lewinsky), although the relationship wasn't included in the show's final cut. Even worse, despite producing an article about the "lost couples" of Love Is Blind season 4, Netflix's own website, TUDUM, failed to report on their engagement. Therefore, when she later posted about getting engaged on Instagram, her followers were confused about what she was talking about and doubted the accuracy of her claims. The fourth season of Love Is Blind: After the Altar supports her Instagram post.

Monica Rodriguez revealed that she was engaged in Love Is Blind. celebsindepth.comMonica Rodriguez revealed that she was engaged in Love Is Blind.
Source: Instagram

In fact, Monica Rodriguez participated in the group of people who looked for a partner on the program. Fans were initially unaware of the events surrounding her throughout her time in production because her tale was not discussed at great length in the show. She threw a surprise by revealing through a post that she had actually been one of the people who had gotten engaged, but her engagement was never depicted on the show after the marriage episodes in season 4 of the Netflix series aired.

While Monica herself chose not to reveal the name of her partner, show fans were eager to find out as much as they could. Many of her friends commented on Joshua "Josh" Demas' (@jdemas) posts and some of Marshall Glaze's claims during the reunion episode, which led the public to believe that Josh was her engaged partner. However, their engagement appears to have ended before Josh met Jackelina "Jackie" Bonds in the second half of season 4.

During the season four one-year anniversary episodes ("After the Altar"), Monica and Josh's relationship was established. Josh and Jackie were not happy about Monica being one of the guests at the get-together gathering. However, she made the decision to speak with the latter, expressing her disappointment that sharing her tale had resulted in Jackie and her friendship growing distant.

She mentioned that she has never expressed any disapproval of the connection between Jackie and Josh throughout her talk with Jackie, adding that she doesn't believe she did anything wrong by offering her side of the story.

As per Reddit Users, Monica Rodriguez and Josh Are No Longer Friends!

At the conclusion of season four of Love Is Blind: After the Altar, Jackie and Monica's friendship comes to an odd end. After a contentious exchange between the two over their meal, Jackie leaves the group, wanting to go early. Jackie maintains that the two were best friends, but as per Reddit users, their friendship is no longer present. Jackie has reaffirmed time and time again that she will always support her man, even if he is at fault. So it's unlikely Jackie and she would remain friends if Josh no longer wants anything to do with her.

Monica and Josh are no longer friends. celebsindepth.comMonica and Josh are no longer friends.
Source: Decider

It is not as though Jackie and Monica broke off their connection because of a man, as she appeared to be okay with Jackie and Josh dating. However, Jackie's objection to Monica disclosing her engagement through an Instagram post sparked events. As of this writing, Rodriguez appears to be content living a quiet life. Although the reality TV star's Instagram is currently secret, her fame has grown as a result of her involvement in the most recent episodes of "Love is Blind" season 4.

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