Was Paul Peden From Love Is Blind Arrested? Where Is He Now?

Paul Peden from Love is Blind has been arrested. But the actual reason behind his arrest and whether it was true is not known yet. Although fans wonder about his current situation, as of now he might be in custody as he was arrested, we are not sure.

Netflix‘s ‘Love Is Blind,’ is a reality dating show in which a group of singles dates each other for several days in different purpose-built pods where they can only communicate with each other without seeing what their spouse looks like. They meet in person and go on dates after they are engaged to see if they want to take the next big step.

In season 4, a similar structure is used as fresh singles enter the pod and build a strong bond before meeting in person. The fourth version of the show, hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, features singles from Seattle hoping to find love by the end of the season. With indoor scenes including pods at the start, as well as overhead images of Seattle’s futuristic cityscape and coastal locations featured throughout.

The fourth season of the show was recently released on the streaming site. The contenders, as usual, do not hold back in their efforts to capture the attention of the audience. Paul Peden, one of the show’s cast members, is perhaps the most popular contender in the season. Paul has lately made headlines after posting a video of himself being arrested on Instagram. So, why was he arrested? Where is he now?

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The Actual Reason Behind Paul Peden’s Arrest for Love Is Blind Is Unknown Yet; As of Now, He Might Be In Custody!

Paul Peden (@paulpeden) from Love Is Blind posted a video of himself being arrested. While on his way to breakfast, the reality star was handcuffed by a police officer. With the release of the footage on social media, it didn’t take long to get it viral. And fans were immediately worried, and now fans want to know the reason behind his arrest.

Paul Peden's arrested video might just be content.Paul Peden’s arrested video might just be content.
Image Source: Instagram

Being a celebrity is a double-edged sword because anything you do can make headlines. Paul had the same sensation when the officers arrested him. He works as an environmental scientist. He rose to prominence in the media after appearing as a competitor on the fourth season of Love Is Blind. Unfortunately, there is no indication of an argument between the cops and Paul in the video, making determining the reason for his detention difficult. When he was being handcuffed, his friend Zack Goytowski stepped up to defend him, saying,

What’s the matter, Paul? Don’t say anything; don’t talk.

Because there hasn’t been much information on Paul’s arrest, we’re trying to find out everything we can about him being handcuffed. While the Love Is Blind star has not revealed why or where he was detained, we believe it was for a minor offense. Since he shared the video with a sarcastic comment, there’s a potential that he asked the cop to arrest him for the sake of creating a video.

Me when falling in love becomes illegal. #loveisblind

Where Is Paul Peden Now?

On Love Is Blind Season 4, Paul Peden had no doubts about his feelings for Micah Lussier (@micah.lussier). Still, there were some other considerations to take into account, such as his dissatisfaction with his fiancée’s plan for them to split their time between Arizona and Seattle. Micah’s friend Shelby also disapproved of their connection. So, when Micah gave him the option of revealing his response first on the altar, he felt they weren’t ready to marry. He said;

I love you, but I’m not sure we can choose each other right now. I believe we’re not there.

Paul Peden has now ended his relationship with Micah Lussier.Paul Peden has now ended his relationship with Micah Lussier.
Image Source: Today

Paul attempted to explain his thought process to the cameras after breaking up with his would-be bride on their wedding day, arguing that Micah may have “held back her love at times. He also finds it difficult to imagine Micah as a mother. he told;

I learned less about myself and more about the nature of love, You may love a lot of people, and I believe you can love them quite easily if your heart is open. But there is sometimes more to the image than that.

Even though they did not marry, they have remained in the spotlight since Love Is Blind ended. So it’s unclear whether they’re still together or have broken up. According to reports, his arrest is becoming viral, and now he may be in police custody.