Paul Love Is Blind Mom: Reddit Discussion About Liz, Aka Elizabeth!

Paul Peden’s mom, Liz, also known as Elizabeth, seems to be fond of Micah from Love Is Blind. Reddit users criticized her for being more close to her son’s ex-girlfriend, Micah. Paul’s parents seem to have divorced.

There is no doubting that every relationship has its share of ups and downs, but when there is an unintentional added strain to make things last, things unquestionably grow a lot more difficult. Well, this seems to be the case for the majority of couples that come from reality dating shows all over the world, including Netflix‘s own “Love is Blind,” which has been airing since its inception in 2020. At the beginning, there are indoor sequences with pods, and throughout, there are aerial shots of Seattle’s futuristic cityscape and seaside locales.

Paul Peden, arguably the most well-liked contestant this season, was with Micah Lussier. Liz, Paul’s mother, was seen several times on the show, which has made fans wonder in detail about his mother and also made some Reddit users have criticized her.

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Meet Paul Peden’s Parents and Mom, Liz, Also Known as Elizabeth From Love Is Blind!

In Netflix’s Love Is Blind, Liz, also known as Elizabeth Brownsberger, Paul‘s (@paulpeden)mother, is initially seen in the video catching up with Micah (@micah.lussier) for a nice talk. It’s obvious that Liz is keen to see her son resume his romance with Micah. She loved Micah a lot. She gushed over Micah from the first moment they met, even calling the two of them twins.

Paul Peden is a relatively new celebrity, so there isn’t much information available about his family life, parents. His mother, Elizabeth, a Louisianan, describes herself on Instagram as a foodie. She seems to particularly enjoy Creole, Cajun, and Vietnamese cuisine. The mother of the reality star describes herself as a seafood enthusiast and an organic gardener. There is no information known concerning his father’s identity. His father’s name is likewise Paul Peden, according to his LinkedIn profile, which lists him as Peden II.

Paul Peden's mom, Liz, aka Elizabeth, is a foodie. celebsindepth.comPaul Peden’s mom, Liz, aka Elizabeth, is a foodie.
Source: Instagram

Elizabeth appears to have broken up with her husband, at some point because she uses her maiden name on social media. This proves that their parents are not together. Further details about his mother, Elizabeth, are unknown at the time of writing.

His mother seems to be fond of her son’s ex-partner, Micah. With the publication of After the Altar, it is now known that Liz and Micah kept in touch after their breakup and that Liz was still hoping for Paul and Micah to reconcile despite the fact that her son ad since found a new partner.

Paul Peden’s Mom, Liz, Was Criticized by a Reddit User for Being More Close to Micah!

Paul Peden‘s ex-relationship with Micah Lussier is now more hazy than ever. In the new After the Altar special of Love Is Blind, the on-and-off couple are still working things out a year after Peden rejected Micah at the altar on season four of Love Is Blind. Liz, Peden’s mother, is initially seen in the video catching up with Micah for a nice talk. It’s obvious that Liz is keen to see her son resume his romance with Micah. This led to a Reddit user showing their anger at his mom’s behavior.

Micah informed me that Liz and she speak every day. She communicates with her frequently, which is extremely appreciated. The last thing she wants is for Paul to feel awkward, yet she feels incredibly validated in their relationship because of her friendship with Liz. She continued by saying how much it meant to be able to maintain that friendship. Liz seemed unconcerned about humiliating her son, jokingly stating;

Whatever he thinks, you are my friend and I love you, and we’re always going to have. Paul is responsible for any problem he may or may not have.

Paul Peden's mom seems to be fond of Micah. celebsindepth.comPaul Peden’s mom seems to be fond of Micah.
Source: Instagram

Liz still appears to be on Team Micah, wondering if this mystery woman is “pretty” because she thinks her son and Micah are such a cute couple. However, there was a Reddit discussion saying, What is wrong with Paul’s mom? One user wrote:

If my mother had treated me this way, we would not get along. In actuality, my mom was victimized by my grandparents, and I haven’t spoken to them in 15 years.

Another user added;

Whatever non-Micah woman Paul eventually marries, his mother is going to be a nightmare of a mother-in-law. She seemed to be strangely fixated on Micah.

However, after all this drama after the After the Altar special in April was completed, Paul made his relationship with his current girlfriend, Geneva Dunham (@genevadunham), public on Instagram a month later. Since then, the pair seems to be still together.