Taylor’s Plastic Surgery or Makeup Appearance? Love Is Blind: Reddit Update!

After the reunion episode of Love Is Blind aired, fans only discussed Taylor Rue’s plastic surgery. As per a Reddit user, she has reportedly undergone a nose job, fillers, and Botox, and some revealed it as a makeup appearance.

With the Netflix dating experiment Love Is Blind, there is a lot to monitor. The last episode and reunion of the most-awaited season 5 were released. The season of the binge-worthy show Love Is Blind tracked 15 men and 15 women as they spent 10 days speed dating in the pods. These men and women, who couldn’t see each other but could only hear them, used notebooks and warm blankets to find partners they would either marry or ditch at the altar four weeks later. The contestants first go on speed-dating rounds with their possible mates before going on longer dates with the partner they click with the most.

The viewers of Netflix’s dating reality series Love is Blind have a lot to say about the most recent season’s cast member, Taylor Rue. She has a lot of drama surrounding her, including her relationship with JP and her appearance, which has been called an appearance of plastic surgery.

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Love Is Blind’s Fans Have Called Taylor Rue’s Appearance Plastic Surgery!

If you are watching Love Is Blind season 5, you must have been attracted to Taylor Rue‘s (@taylormrue) beauty, but many viewers have called her appearance the result of having plastic surgery, and not natural at all. After the reunion episode of Love Is Blind aired, fans could not stop themselves from discussing the cosmetic procedures that she had undergone.

As per some viewers, Taylor reportedly underwent a nose job, fillers, and Botox. While some viewers contend that altered lighting, angles, and cosmetics can explain the apparent changes, others are certain she underwent surgery because of how flawless and bright her skin is, and viewers believe only makeup couldn’t give you such beautiful appearance.

Taylor Rue is thought to have had a nose job, fillers, and Botox. celebsindepth.comTaylor Rue is thought to have had a nose job, fillers, and Botox.
Source: Instagram

The notion concerning a potential nose job has persisted the longest among the many rumors. It is obvious that every small aspect of a celebrity’s appearance is emphasized in the age of high-definition television and social media scrutiny. Some claim that her elegant features, symmetrical face, and flawless skin texture are proof of expert surgical procedures. According to one user, the reason she appeared so frozen and rigid and could hardly move her face was probably because she had Botox. They mentioned her plastic surgery in a chat about admiring her appearance.

We are not sure whether the rumors about Taylor’s plastic surgery are true or not, as we don’t have many pictures from her old days before plastic surgery to compare. It’s interesting to note that she has opted to avoid getting involved in this swirl of rumors. She has preferred her privacy over directly responding to the accusations, neither confirming nor disputing the allegations. Some people might find her decision to remain silent frustrating, but it also emphasizes a crucial idea: everyone has the right to their own story.

Reddit Discussion Over Taylor Rue’s Plastic Surgery and Makeup Appearance!

One thing is for sure in this season of Love Is Blind other than Taylor Rue‘s plastic surgery appearance: fans and even her partner have discussed a lot about her makeup. And there have been a lot of searches regarding her make-up-free appearance, and rather than plastic surgery, some viewers have credited her appearance as the full makeup appearance, and even a Reddit discussion has been made regarding it.

Taylor Rue's partner has talked about her fake makeup appearance. celebsindepth.comTaylor Rue’s partner has talked about her fake makeup appearance.
Source: Instagram

JP asserted that Taylor’s appearance prevented him from getting into her. He was sincere when he mentioned that he didn’t like how she came across during their initial encounter since she appeared too made-up and artificial to him. He was serious when he said he preferred her to wear no makeup or less. Due to this one user on Reddit wrote;

I am just watching season five when JP points out her “caked up face” and I was flabbergasted. She’d been makeup free for days and he still hadn’t made any effort so what the heck was he thinking? Are we team JP or team Taylor on this?

While some reddit users have supported Taylor Rue, others support JP’s statement about her appearance, saying that she has undoubtedly had plastic surgery and is full of makeup, and called her even fake.