Love Is Blind: Aaliyah’s New Boyfriend Name; Reddit Update!

Aaliyah Cosby seems to have found a new boyfriend after Love is Blind. She had shared several pictures with him on her Instagram, which have now been achieved, but she has not revealed his name. As Reddit users wonder about her relationship with Uche, they are no longer interested.

With the Netflix dating “experiment,” Love Is Blind, there’s a lot to monitor. The eagerly anticipated season 5 debuted with a reunion and the last episode. Tragically, just one couple succeeded in being married (more on that later). Once more, as they explore the boundaries and possibilities of a purely emotional relationship, co-hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey will mentor a new group of eligible men and women into the pods and out of dating purgatory.

The adventure has only just begun for the engaged couples who survive the pods and the drama (believe us, this season delivers like no other). They will need to decide if their relationship is meant to endure once they become used to the real world and move past the honeymoon phase. In a few weeks, the couples will stand at the altar and be able to respond to the one and only question that really counts: Is love really blind?

One of the contestants on Netflix’s Love is Blind is Aaliyah. Aaliyah and Uche appeared to be the season five power pair right away. The two Houstonians immediately bonded over their love of poetry and aspirations after meeting in the pods. So after that, is all well between the couple, and are they still together? or has she found a new boyfriend?

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Aaliyah Cosby Has Yet to Reveal Her New Boyfriend’s Name!

It looks like Aaliya (@aalove4) is no longer single, revealing that she has a boyfriend in the episode of Love Is Blind. As per Elite Daily, Shortly after Netflix released the episode in which her almost-fiance Uche ended their relationship, the Houston-based nurse made a significant boyfriend revelation on social media.

Aaliyah Cosby has revealed that she has a new boyfriend. celebsindepth.comAaliyah Cosby has revealed that she has a new boyfriend.
Source: Instagram

Aaliyah disclosed that she is in a wonderful relationship with an amazing man who treats her like a queen during the Love is Blind season 5 reunion. She gushed about his charm and chivalry, mentioning that they had first met on an R&B cruise some time ago. Fans of Love is Blind are very relieved that she seems to be really happy, as she deserves much better than what Uche gave her, and it appears that this new guy is now giving her the affection she deserves. It appears that she has discovered love, even though it wasn’t depicted in the episode.

If you are wondering more details about her now, boyfriend, sorry to say she has not revealed much detail about him and their relationship. Although she withheld his name, it is clear from all the pictures and videos that they have been dating for a while. In a now deleted picture of her boyfriend on her Instagram posts, she wrote, “My King,” as the caption for the image, along with the potentially disparaging hashtag, “#whatreallovelookslike.” It is possible that this enigmatic man is not just a boyfriend. Her hand is shown in closeup in one of the video’s images, holding what looks to be an engagement ring.

Reddit Update on Aaliyah Cosby and Uche’s Relationship!

Reddit users have a great interest in Aaliyah and her partner Uche’s relationship status. When Aaliyah Cosby and Uche Okoroha first stepped into the Love Is Blind pods, they instantly clicked. The lawyer and the ICU travel nurse, who both joined the cast of Love Is Blind season 5, bonded fast, but they also encountered what may have been the worst obstacle in the three years that the show has been following singles as they date and fall in love: a wall. Although they were initially rather confident in one another, their first disagreement arose when Cosby revealed to Uche that she had cheated on her partner in a past relationship.

Aaliyah Cosby and Uche didn't end up together in Love Is Blind. celebsindepth.comAaliyah Cosby and Uche didn’t end up together in Love Is Blind.
Source: US Weekly

Aaliyah told Lydia she was in love with Uche when they both got back on the right path. Then, at the conclusion of the third episode, Uche confides in Aaliyah that he hasn’t been entirely truthful with her. He ran into someone he had dated before on his first day in the pods, Lydia.

However, they solve things and give it a chance, but Uche doesn’t hear back from Aaliyah when he comes in his pod prepared to pop the question until a producer informs him that she has made the decision to quit the show. When the two later got together again for lunch, she was eager to give things another go, but Uche turned him down, stating that he was frustrated with Aaliyah’s inconsistent and erratic conduct following the trial, ending their relationships.