Is Zach (Zack) Goytowski From Love Is Blind Autistic in Real Life?

Apr 16, 2023 @ 9:14 GMT-0500
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Is Zach (Zack) Goytowski From Love Is Blind Autistic in Real Life?

Zach Goytowski (Zack) from Love Is Blind is autistic. Some called him weird for his behavior in real life, but those who understand neurodiversity showed their support for Zach on Reddit. Despite being autistic, he found his love in Bliss on the show.

Netflix's 'Love is Blind' is a popular reality show that people all over the world enjoy. The dating series has won many hearts with its unusual concept, engaging storylines, and tragic situations. Needless to say, fans are always anxious to learn as much as they can about the various participants, especially if the featured couples' on-screen relationships could continue in the real world.

Zach Goytowski is one of the participants in season 4 of the popular Netflix series, whose strict standards have hampered his search for true love. Fans of the show have noticed his unusual behavior and speculated that he is autistic. So is he autistic?

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Yes, Zach Goytowski (Zack) From Love Is Blind Is Autistic in Real Life!

Yes, Zach Goytowski (Zack) (@zackgoytowski) from "Love is Blind" is autistic. Zack, a Love Is Blind season 4 competitor, enjoys working out. He's a 31-year-old criminal defense lawyer who enjoys Jiu-Jitsu and exercises. As a lawyer, he has worked on high-profile cases as well as pro bono matters for those in need.

Yes, Zach Goytowski (Zack) from Love Is Blind is autistic.Yes, Zach Goytowski (Zack) from Love Is Blind is autistic.
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Many fans called Zach weird due to his different personality on the show Love is Blind. Users on Reddit have even discussed becoming neurodiverse or autistic. While everyone's brain develops in the same way, no two brains operate the same. Being neurodivergent means having a brain that functions differently than the brain of the average or "neurotypical" individual. This could be related to differences in social preferences, learning styles, communication styles, and/or environmental perceptions.

Fans who are unfamiliar with Zach being autistic describe him as weird. It's refreshing to see someone with neurodivergent characteristics. At the same time, it's a little sad to see how some people portray him as odd or anything. Some fans have shown their support, as one of the users wrote:

Yesss. I can’t wait for everyone to feel like shit for treating him so badly. There is absolutely nothing wrong with him. He is truly the only genuine person.

Another one said;

I agree. It’s refreshing to see someone who has some neurodivergent traits. But at the same time, it’s a little sad to see how some people make him out he is weird or whatever. As a neurodivergent person myself yeah we’re weird and awkward I just hope people would understand it’s not a choice.

However, some fans still called Zach Goytowski's behavior weird due to his sitting on girls. When Irina called him on it, he did gaze a lot—maybe it's just the editing, but fans kept an eye out for his blinking from then on, and it took 30 minutes for it to happen on camera.

Due to Zach's autistic behavior, fans called him weird.Due to Zach's autistic behavior, fans called him weird.
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And he may be quite awkward. Some believe he simply has low self-esteem. It does not imply that he is a bad person. However, many people like to be around people who are more self-assured and capable of being self-revealing and confident, and they find truly insecure people who transmit that uneasiness unpleasant to be around. However, he seems to have found the love of his life, Bliss Poureetezadi (@blisspoureetezadi) on the show.

The hit Netflix series' fourth season began with Zack (Zach) navigating a love triangle. In the pods, he fell for both Bliss and Irina Solomonova (@irina_solo). The 31-year-old lawyer eventually chose to pursue his relationship with Irina and ended his relationship with Bliss. Irina and Zack called off their engagement after realizing their relationship was not working. In Episode Eight, he rekindled his passion for Bliss and proposed to her. The 33-year-old program manager described his decision to accept Zack's proposal in a recent interview. When they rejoined, she said there were sparks.

Love Is Blind featured Bliss and (Zach) Zack's wedding ceremony last after teasing it in the episode title. When their segment starts, Bliss arrives at the wedding venue, saying she is "very nervous but excited." Her friends and sister are listening as she recounts her and Zack's instant bond despite their brief breakup. Bliss says the initial separation made her doubt their relationship, but she is glad they made it to their wedding day.

Zach and Bliss are still together.Zach and Bliss are still together.
Source: Instagram

Despite everything, these two walk down the aisle and say "I do" in front of all their friends and family. It's quite adorable, and everyone seems to be rooting for these two! Yes! And the couple seemed to be doing well. It appears that the second time was the charm for this duo.

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