Is Micah Lussier’s Mom From Love Is Blind Sick? Patrisha Lussier’s Cancer Reddit Update!

It’s unknown if Micah Lussier’s mom, Patrisha Lussier, from Love Is Blind, is sick or not now. As per sources, she had cancer, and some Reddit users believe she has had a stroke. However, they never mentioned what was wrong except for the fact that her mother had cancer.

Love Is Blind’s fourth season aired on Netflix with a special live reunion show in which hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey meet up with the couples who made it out of the show’s dating-in-the-dark pod phase, including those who said “I do” to life with their new partner. But, as Shakespeare himself said, the path of genuine love seldom runs smoothly—and, let’s be honest, that’s doubly true when it comes to reality TV. So it should come as no surprise that life after Love is Blind proved difficult for some couples.

Micah Lussier, from Seattle, Washington, is one of the 30 contestants to compete on the Netflix dating show. The nonprofit marketing specialist is originally from Seattle, Washington, and is currently employed by Salesforce. According to her Netflix bio, her worst tendency is overthinking and romanticizing things.

Her parents appeared several times throughout Season 4, with the first occasion being when Paul met the family in Seattle. She and her mother’s chat about “making it” and health caused Reddit users to wonder if her mother is presently sick or could be sick. So is her mother sick? What has happened to her? Let us find out the truth.

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It’s Not Known if Micah Lussier’s Mom, Patrisha Lussier, From Love Is Blind, Is Sick or Not, but as per Reddit, She Had Cancer!

Micah Lussier‘s (@micah.lussier) mother, Patrisha, has been the center of attention recently, and fans and a Reddit user wonder if she is sick. Her parents appeared several times throughout Season 4, with the first occasion being when Paul Peden (@paulpeden) met the family in Seattle.

Micah and her mother’s recent talk about making it and health caused Reddit users to wonder if her mother is now or could be sick again (thinking cancer is in remission or something). Fans believe Micah is hurrying to marry and have a wedding because she wants to share that experience with her mother.

Micah Lussier's mom, Patrisha, had cancer.Micah Lussier’s mom, Patrisha, had cancer.
Source: Mixed Article

According to the Reddit debate, Micah’s mother has cancer or has had cancer, and we’re wondering if her mother had a stroke or suffered from head trauma. She mentioned previously that she had to explain everything to her, but the wedding gown moment proved something medical. It comes across as more than just perplexity. They never mentioned what was wrong, except the fact that her mother had cancer.

Micah’s mother has an amazing educational history in and of itself. The mother of the Love Is Blind celebrity created a name for herself in Shoreline after studying early childhood education extensively. She took over as director and owner of Kindergarten Readiness Preschool Education in 1993. Patrisha enjoys writing articles about child care, volunteering at hospitals and senior care facilities, cooking, and spending time with her daughter, Micah.

Micah Lussier with her dad.Micah Lussier with her dad.
Source: Instagram

While Micah’s father, Paul, shares a name with her ex-fiancé, their professions are vastly different. According to Paul’s Facebook page, he previously worked for the United States Postal Service. He also worked as a boiler engineer for the United States Navy in San Diego from 1986 until 1993.

While Micah was trying on bridal gowns for her wedding to Paul Peden, she and her mother, Patricia, enjoyed a tender moment. Mrs. Lussier supported her daughter’s participation as well as the novel idea of Love Is Blind, and she was pleased to see her daughter in a bridal gown. She and her mother sobbed after selecting her perfect “I do” gown. She and her mother express their joy at Patricia’s good health, which allows her to be present for her daughter’s major event. Lussier’s co-stars and friends were also moved by the touching occasion! Chelsea Griffin, Lussier’s co-star, couldn’t hold back her tears.

Micah Lussier's mom, Patrisha Lussier, was happy to see her in a wedding dress.Micah Lussier’s mom, Patrisha Lussier, was happy to see her in a wedding dress.
Source: Instagram

The romantic moment moved viewers as well. One of Lussier’s Instagram fans filmed the scene and shared their enthusiasm for it, which Lussier published on her Instagram story! finishing with a heart emoji, she said,

My mom and I always prayed that she would be able to see me marry and have children despite her health issues. Seeing myself in a wedding gown seemed like a dream come true. The moment was extremely emotional for us, and I am grateful for that.

Despite their initial interest in other individuals, Paul and Micah gradually built a bond and ended up walking down the aisle—but not without reservations. They are no longer together.

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