Why Are Love Is Blind Fans Finding Colleen Reed Annoying? What Did She Do?

Colleen Reed’s behavior in the show Love Is Blind was annoying for many fans. Colleen’s flirty conservation with Cole, calling her marriage a “surface level” marriage, and then being hostile fans disapproved, among other things, of how she informed the girls about it. Also, her behavior toward Matt Bolton was pretty annoying.

With its Love Is Blind series, Netflix has a surefire success on its hands. Love Is Blind: Japan and Love Is Blind: Brazil are two international spin-offs of the just-concluded third season of the show. In terms of reality television, Love Is Blind had an astounding amount of filming time. A new season immediately follows the conclusion of one.

We can’t help but support the candidates as they take part in one of the most bizarre social experiments ever created, even if Love is Blind is far more about entertainment than true love. Instead of going on traditional dates, cast members fast date with contestants of the opposite gender until they determine who they want to get engaged with. Couples cannot see each other in person until they have paired off. Although the show claims to seek to demonstrate whether love is truly blind, it is obvious that viewers are more interested in the drama that surrounds learning more about people outside of the pods than they are in the show’s stated goal of proving this.

Colleen Reed, one of these cast members, had a difficult time finding the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, but finally, she did find her partner. Her fans adored her throughout the entire show, but what made some of her fans think she was annoying? Here is all the information you require regarding what transpired with the cast after fans referred her irritating.

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Colleen’s Flirty Conservation and Behavior With Cole in the Show Love Is Blind Was Annoying for Many Fans!

Colleen Reed (@jellybean.colleen) was one of the fortunate couples who got engaged with Matt Bolton (@matt_bolton24), during episodes of Love is Blind and gained fans’ attention. However, Reed’s fans recently found her annoying. So what had happened?

One of the reasons was her flirting with Cole Barnett (@colebrennanbarnett); he constantly made it known that he preferred a wife with a slim build and believed her attractiveness as a dancer made her suitable for dating. He admitted that he was highly picky, having previously rejected two women, one due to her fondness for beer and the other because she was a nurse. Also, before Zanab shared her heartbreaking tale, Cole had no meaningful relationships with anyone. He and Colleen were having a good time and matching each other’s energy when, all of a sudden, he asked,

Where are you in your depth?

And Colleen being okay with all that conversation. She was criticized by Reddit users who found her annoying because she signed up for a show to get married and was like,

I don’t enjoy in-depth discussions… I’d like to keep things simple.

Then fans were shocked or perplexed when Cole broke things up because he didn’t want a flimsy marriage. The Cole situation annoyed the fans. How can you say you’re fine with a “surface level” marriage and then turn around and be hostile when someone says they can’t marry someone like that without basically calling yourself shallow? Fans disapproved of how she informed the girls about it and other things. After that, it was difficult to appreciate her since she came across as being false and obnoxious to her followers.

During their time on the show, Matt Bolton and Colleen got into a couple of contentious arguments. Their first major argument was over Matt’s perception that she had behaved inappropriately toward Cole Barnett, at a pool party. Matt overheard her and Cole discussing the physical characteristics of people they were normally drawn to in the real world. Later that evening, Matt snapped at her and warned her.

Fans even didn’t like her behavior toward her partner. Another disagreement was over her decision to delay returning home after her bachelorette celebration. Her body tenses, her breathing alters, and her heart rate increases. Throughout the entire episode, she is rigid and tense. As she attempts to explain, she barely grins and fumbles with her words. She even offers an apology for her passionate outburst.

While Matt and Colleen appear to be enjoying their marriage in After the Altar, there are a few sequences that appear to allude to some minor disputes the two may have had in the past. She reprimands Matt for taking a shot at Alexa’s party. A portion of their fun banter is depicted in the clip, but Raven speaks with the producers one-on-one about their friendship, saying they frequently argue with one another.

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