Is Colleen Reed From Love Is Blind Ballerina? Reddit Users Discuss Her Ballet Dance!

As Reddit users wonder if Colleen Reed from Love Is Blind is a ballerina, yes, she is. Coollen is a ballet dancer who first fell in love with ballet when she was a young child and began training under the direction of Oleg Briansky and Mireille Briane before enrolling in Karen Knerr’s class at Pennsylvania Youth Ballet.

The dating reality series Love Is Blind on Netflix follows young men and women as they take part in an experiment. While filming the show, the cast members go on a number of dates in specially designed pods that only permit verbal communication. The engaged pair can start dating and making wedding plans when a marriage proposal is made and accepted.

On February 10, Netflix releases a cast reunion for Love Is Blind Season 3, just in time for viewers to get ready for a brand-new season of the wildly popular dating program. If Love Is Blind The hopeless romantics from After the Altar will catch up with them after they spent ten days getting to know one another in pods where they couldn’t see each other’s faces before finally meeting in person and deciding to get engaged.

On January 31, Netflix released the Love Is Blind: After the Altar Season 3 trailer, which brought up several significant issues about the romantic relationships of the show’s stars. What transpired between Raven and SK, who declared their relationship during the reunion before splitting up after the news? Cole and Zanab haven’t gotten in touch since their Netflix Clementine Throwdown aired in November. Does Cole regret how he handled Zanab? And why is Nancy spending time with her former fiance, Bartise, whom her mother compared to the feces emoji?

Above all the questions, Reddit users have a major question regarding Colleen Reed and wonder if Colleen from Love Is Blind is a ballerina. The third season of the show included fresh characters who did their best to make it through real life after making friends in the pods. One of these cast members, Colleen Reed, experienced numerous difficulties before finding the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Fans and Reddit users naturally want to learn as much as they can about the reality TV star being a ballerina, and we are here to share that curiosity.

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Colleen Reed From Love Is Blind Is a Ballerina; Here Are the Details About the Reddit Discussion Regarding Her Dance!

A fan favorite from season 3, Love is Blind, Colleen Reed (@jellybean.colleen) is a ballet dancer. Colleen tells the men that she is a ballerina and is supple and limber, which creates quite a bit of intrigue. When you become a fan favorite, you will be caught and discussed regarding every single detail of your life. A Reddit discussion was made regarding Colleen being a ballerina, with a statement;

Is Colleen a professional ballerina? Her feet look normal! I only noticed because they look like average feet. Most dancers I’ve met have very mangled/feet! Right?

Another user wrote;

I was really confused when she said people can’t get past her being a dancer and that’s why dating has been unsuccessful. Ballet isn’t her main career so she doesn’t even have to mention it when meeting a new person.

The reality TV actress first fell in love with ballet when she was a young child and began training under the direction of Oleg Briansky and Mireille Briane before enrolling in Karen Knerr‘s class at Pennsylvania Youth Ballet. Additionally, during the summers, Colleen danced with the Boston Ballet, Orlando Ballet, Carolina Ballet, and Nashville Ballet. She also performed with The Rock School in Philadelphia.

Colleen enrolled at the University of Oklahoma in 2014, graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations, and was a member of the Alpha Phi Society. She was simultaneously working on her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ballet Performance (also completed in 2018). Colleen took classes with Austin Hartel, Michael Bearden, and Mary Margaret Holt while she was an undergraduate. She also traveled to Barcelona, Spain, to perform at the gala for the Centre de Dansa de Catalunya. She also took part in Contemporary Dance Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Festival Ballet.

Colleen began working for Discover Oklahoma as a social media coordinator in June 2017; however, she departed the company the following month. She then joined Ballet Frontier in August 2018 as a social media account manager and worked there through September 2019. It’s interesting to note that Colleen danced professionally for the company where Chung-Lin Tseng was the director. She also started working as an administrative assistant at Dunham and Jones Law Office in August 2018 and is still there as of this writing.

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