Does Charmaine Deserve All the Fan’s Hate in Virgin River Season 2?

Romance shows tend to bring out the worse in fans when the core couple’s journey is hindered by a third wheel. We’ve all been there, no one is coming between a good romance. The recent third wheel to get the brunt of fans’ hate all over the world is Charmaine in Virgin River season 2.

Netflix dropped the second season of Virgin River over the last weekend of November and after the binge-watching was done, most fans echoed the same sentiment, “Charmaine’s a b***h.” But does she deserve all the hate she is getting on social media?

While we were definitely annoyed with her character there is a case to be made for her. So, here we try to discern whether she deserves all the hate or if Charmaine is in the right. Also, spoiler warning for those who have not seen the second season, you have been warned.

A Case for Charmaine – She Does Not Deserve the Hate

mel-charmaine-relationship-struggle-fans-hateCharmaine and Mel’s contentious relationship was cause of much hate against Char in Virgin River season 2.
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There is a case to be made both for and against the behavior of Charmaine in Virgin River season 2. Here we try to make the case that what Charmaine did in the show was right.

Charmaine is a woman with feelings and loves a man who does not have the same feelings towards her. Jack and Charmaine were intimate with one another and it was only natural for her to fall for the handsome bar owner from Virgin River.

Then out of nowhere a city girl walks into town and whisks her man away, it is going to make anyone angry. Couple that with that the man you love gets you pregnant and still pines for the other woman. We can sympathize with the pain Charmaine is going through.

Charmaine is looking to start a family, compound that with the fact that she is expecting twins, she is going to need a lot of help. While Jack will help her out, there is no doubt about that, but she is looking to start a family, a house, a dog, a yard for kids to play in, and a husband who loves her.

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That husband in her dream is Jack and what she does to get Jack is completely understandable. Also, fans are pouring hate towards the character of Charmaine because she threatened to take the twins away from Virgin River, all the way to Portland.

Taking children away from a father who loves them and is willing to take care of them is never a good thing but people need to understand, Charmaine needs a family. Yes, Jack will take care of the kids, but in Virgin River, there is no one there for her but in Portland, she has family who is willing to help her.

While Charmaine‘s methods in getting Jack is a little irritating, we need to understand the uncertainties going on in her life. On one side she has the love of her life who doesn’t love her back and on the other side she has a loving family who will help her raise the twins, it is not really a difficult choice to make.

Case Against Charmaine – She Deserves All the Hate

After the first season ended with the heartbreaking finale where Charmaine is revealed to be pregnant, there were fans on the internet theorizing that Charmaine was faking the pregnancy. That level of distrust from fans was somewhat warranted considering the way Charmaine behaved throughout the series.

From the moment Mel walked into Jack’s bar Charmaine was throwing daggers from her eyes towards Mel. That did not help endure herself to fans of the show. Also, most of the town did not like Charmaine, you need to have earned that type of reputation over a longer period of time.

Then there is the obvious pining for Jack who does not love her. You cannot force someone to love you back no matter your own feelings. The hear wants what it wants but Jack made it clear time and again that there would be nothing between the two except for their two children.

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But using the children as a sword on Jack‘s neck is the wrong way of going about things. Jack has said he is going to help Charmaine and she knows he is an honorable man but still she tries to force a wedge between Jack and Mel.

Then there is the manipulation of the whole town and later leveraging the knowledge to make Jack stay the night. Those are the moments that resulted in fans calling Charmaine a “b***h.”

Well, we were certainly angry with Charmaine but we can also understand where she is coming from. While the hate towards her character may be warranted in some cases but all she wants is for Jack to love her back. And we know where we fall on the whole discussion.

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