Chef D’s BBL Surgery: What Has He Said About the Rumors?

Chef D (Dee), aka Devon Bussell, is trending on Tiktok due to rumors of BBL. However, he has not said anything about it. Maybe all of this is just too little and unimportant for him to be thinking too much about.

Chef D (Dee), actual name Devon Bussell, is a restaurateur, chef, and reality television personality. He is the cast member of Bad Boys Texas. The program follows a group of young men who live together and host a number of promotional events, frequently leading to verbal and physical fights. Two seasons of the show have been released; each is titled specifically after the location where it was shot. The chef worked for American fashion designer and television celebrity Dorit Kemsley as a member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

But he had trouble developing his profession and even experienced ups and downs. Chef D has already been involved in a lot of controversy and brawls. This time, he has caused controversy regarding his appearance. Many viewers of Tiktok have talked about him getting a BBL. So what’s the truth? Has he really had it? What has he said so far about the rumors? Let us get into detail.

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Chef D (Dee), Aka Devon Bussell, Seems to Have Undergone a BBL!

The Tiktok conspiracy theory that Chef D (@chefdeemonsterr) got BBL is circulating over the internet. The multi-talented cook operates his food truck, Monster Meals, and serves as the CEO of Supreme Event Productions and DeeVine Desserts, in addition to being a professional chef and restaurant owner. With his increasing popularity, rumors are common, and this time they are regarding his appearance. So are they true?

Chef D might have had BBL. celebsindepth.comChef D aka Devon Bussell might have had BBL.
Source: Instagram

It has been reported that Chef D (Dee), aka Devon Bussell, underwent a buttlift. But with his appearance continuously changing, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. His buttocks have gotten bigger than before, which has led everyone to believe that he underwent surgery to improve his derriere. The rich and famous frequently get BBLs, implants, and other treatments to enhance their posteriors.

After Chef D flaunted his body in an Instagram photo, rumors began to circulate that he had undergone this operation, and viewers of a video on Tiktok observed that he had BBL because he was wearing very tight jeans. Once you’ve recovered, your buttocks will be bigger, stick out more, and be symmetrical in shape.

In the parts of your body where fat was eliminated, you’ll see smoother body contours (shapes). A Brazilian buttlift, despite its name, is not a popular “lift” procedure. The volume and shape of your buttocks are improved by a Brazilian buttock lift, but sagging or excess skin is unaffected. If you have extra or loose skin on your buttocks, talk to your doctor about getting one done.

Brazilian buttock lifts, or BBLs, are frequently mistakenly thought to be exclusively for women. This is untrue, as male BBL surgery is actually highly popular among guys who want to improve the appearance of their buttocks. Male BBL surgery might be the solution for you if you’ve tried everything, including dieting and exercise, but still can’t manage to be in the shape you want. Our Orange County cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Hootan Daneshmand, routinely performs BBLs on both sexes at Silhouette Cosmetic Surgery Institute.

Chef D's BBL rumors have been circulating over Tiktok. Celebsindepth.comChef D’s BBL rumors have been circulating over Tiktok.
Source: Instagram

Additionally, keep in mind that with this kind of operation, you’re effectively obtaining complete body reshaping. It isn’t simply the buttocks that are being treated because liposuctioning fat from other parts of the body is necessary. Well, not all the pictures have shown proof of Chef D having a BBL. But some of the pictures and videos are enough to hype the rumors.

What Has Chef D Said About His BBL Rumors? Details Explored!

Chef D has also never disputed having BBL. Simply by being mute, he is not denying it. After BBL surgery, a man might anticipate keeping between 60 and 80 percent of the fat that was initially transferred to his buttocks. Over time, the body will reabsorb the remainder. The outcomes you notice right away after surgery and in the weeks that follow are temporary. Your butt will ultimately consolidate into its new size and form 90 days after surgery.

Chef D has not said anything about the rumors of getting BBL. celebsindepth.comChef D has not said anything about the rumors of getting BBL.
Source: Instagram

One of the Tiktok Videos made fun of his BBL, saying Chef Dee had his tights on with his BBL. Even Anthony Hernandez, his costar from Bad Boy Texas, commented on him for his BBL. Also his fans made fun of him. However, he has not said anything regarding it. Maybe all of this is just too little and unimportant for him to be thinking too much about.