Cheryl Hickey’s Weight Loss: How Did She Lose Her Body Fat?

Jun 5, 2023 @ 0:59 GMT-0500
Cheryl Hickey’s Weight Loss: How Did She Lose Her Body Fat?

Cheryl Hickey struggled with weight loss after giving birth to her first child. She claimed that the first five pounds to shed were the most difficult thing ever. However, with determination and following the diet, she lost weight, and until now, she seems to be a fit and shaped person who has been an inspiration to many people.

Have you ever ruined your day because of other people's opinions? What were the challenges you have faced? Recently, Cheryl Hickey has stood up against the negative comments she faces regularly. What did she say? For what did she become criticized?

The host took her TikTok ID and posted a candid video that showed examples of things people have said to her when they met her in person. Many commented on her appearance, age, and work. Some were sweet to comment on her as an admirer, while others were rude to ask her about her retirement. However, she doesn't let any of the comments ruin her life, and she slams them back.

After the video went viral, many people wanted to know about Cheryl Hickey's changes. Has she lost some weight, or is it just camera and real-life differences? How much weight did she shed? In this article, we will be talking about her current life and her weight loss journey. To learn more, read this article.

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Cheryl Hickey Underwent a Weight Loss of 5 Pounds After Her First Pregnancy!

Cheryl Hickey (@cherylhickey) finds it very difficult to lose weight in the beginning, but as of now, it seems like she loves going to yoga and working out. Besides that, the host of ET Canada loves cooking and often enjoys her evening time cooking with her husband, Kevin Foley.

Cheryl Hickey the host of ET Canada, has undergone a weight loss transformation. Starting her work at the age of 17 at a local cable station, it helped her find her interest in becoming a reporter. She also used to be called the Mass media bug. Her breakthrough came in 1999 when she joined the Global Television Network.

Cheryl Hickey had struggled to lose weight after her pregnancy. celebsindepth.comCheryl Hickey had struggled to lose weight after her pregnancy.
Source: Instagram

When Cheryl Hickey posted a video of herself doing yoga on Instagram, many wondered how much weight she had lost. Before discussing her weight loss, let's talk about how she gained weight. It's not easy to be a mother of two; similarly, when she was pregnant with her first baby, her life changed emotionally and physically.

On October 15, 2009, Cheryl Hickey shared the news that she was expecting her baby. After having her first baby, her body changed, and many claimed that she might have started binge eating during her pregnancy. However, she appears to be fit and healthy again after a year. She has always been involved in workouts, yoga, dancing, and many other activities.

Before losing her weight, Cheryl Hickey took a long break where she underwent many procedures to treat a series of terrible post-pregnancy hernias and severe diastasis recti, which caused her to lose all sensation in her stomach. However, as of now, the mother of two seems perfectly fine and can perform any activity without fear.

Cheryl Hickey has been very open about her health with her fans, and when she interviewed Suzan Galluzzo, she talked about how difficult it was to lose the first five pounds after having her first child. During the conversation, she also claimed that she wasn't able to have her favorite drink, tequila, on her birthday. She stated how her trainer banded her to have a drink;

It was my birthday, and I'm like, tequila and you're like no. So there's comfort n knowing also where the line is.

How Did Cheryl Lose Weight? What Did She Do to Treat a Series of Terrible Post-pregnancy?

Talking about the diet Cheryl Hickey used to lose weight, she took protein-rich food for breakfast, which included two hard-boiled eggs. She also admitted to loving eating salad with a scoop of tuna for lunch on Instagram. She loved drinking a lot of water and green tea. In the morning, she also took her pills like multivitamins, vitamin D, omegas, probiotics, and B vitamins for stress management.

Cheryl Hickey follows a proper diet for weight loss. celebsindepth.comCheryl Hickey follows a proper diet for weight loss.
Source: Instagram

Besides that, Cheryl also loves cooking, and she often posts about her cooking skills on her Instagram account. Recently, she shared a video of her making a healthy lunch with olive oil, carrots, and veggies. She claimed the dish to be a hit in her family and received a lot of appreciation for the video. For now, she seems to be happy with her life, and she also spoke about her hobby of cooking and managing parenting and said;

I am a teacher because I love homework, I love the homework that comes home, it’s my favorite. I am a cook. I am a nurse. I am a therapist. I am a craft maker. I am a cleaner. I am a driver, And currently, I'm a mother who's holding on by a very thin thread and I want to know who wants to join my club.

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