Stan Van Gundy’s Weight Loss: What Motivated Him to Lose Weight?

Stan van Gundy surprised his fans with his weight-loss journey in 2010. He lost more than 22 pounds at that time by following a strict routine of diet and exercise. Recently, in 2023, people thought that he had shed some weight following his wife’s death, but he has not mentioned anything regarding the rumors.

Stanley Van Gundy is an American former basketball coach who is a television commentator for the NBA on TNT and college basketball on CBS. He started getting involved in basketball and sports by being a guard at Alhambra High School in Martinez, California in the San Francisco Bay Area. Recently, he has been in the news after Stanley’s wife, Kimberly, died. What happened to her? At what age did she die?

At the age of 61, Stanley’s wife, Kimberly, died. Stanley and Kimberly got married for 35 years and have four children. She died in the Orlando area on August 16, but the reason behind her death has not been published yet. Fans and followers have sent their condolences regarding his wife’s death.

After the news flooded the internet, people started noticing Stan Van Gundy weight loss. Some even started asking for his new diet routine. In this article, we will hear about his personal life, diet, exercise, and weight-loss journey. To know how much weight he shed, read this article.

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Stan Van Gundy Surprised Fans With His Weight Loss Journey!

People are curious to know about Stan Van Gundy‘s(@realStanVG) recent weight loss, but he has not revealed anything regarding it. The last time people saw him in a crowd, he had a cracked voice and a thin appearance. However, in 2010, he had a massive weight loss with a regular diet and exercise.

Recently, people have started to be convinced regarding Stanley’s weight loss after losing his wife. Well, there was no information regarding his wife’s health, but people think that after his wife’s health started getting worse, he started to lose weight. People are curious to know about his new weight loss routine and diet.

Stan Van Gundy impressed his fans with his weight loss in 2010. celebsindepth.comStan Van Gundy impressed his fans with his weight loss in 2010.
Source: Business Insider

Stan Van Gundy recent weight loss is guessed to have been caused by stress. His recent weight loss has also made people worried, and some of his fans have been asking questions and concerting regarding his health. Although there are many rumors about his weight, he has not talked about his transformation or revealed any updates about his health.

Stan Alan Van Gundy’s Health: What Happened to Him?

Last time, when people saw Stanley Van Gundy, they said that he was very unhealthy and had a cracked voice. While some of the people were confused about his situation, some of them criticized him for his physical appearance. Some people even started critiquing him for his appearance and asked to have cough syrup for his voice too.

 Stan Van Gundy  with his weight loss in 2010 looked very lean and healthy. Stan Van Gundy  with his weight loss in 2010 looked very lean and healthy.
Source: Business Insider

He was asked to start his weight-loss journey from the very beginning. Being in the sports field is very tough; people judge you based on your physical appearance. Gundy has been criticized for his weight from the beginning of his career. No one likes to be bullied or criticized for their weight, and Gundy has also talked about being criticized many times and stated,

The criticism from the media never really bothered me. I’d correct it when I can, but that’s their job. If stuff wasn’t personal, then it really didn’t bother me.

Stan Van Gundy Had Undergone a Weight Loss of Around 22 Pounds!

Well, it’s not the first time Stan Van Gundy’s weight loss has been in the headlines news. In 2010 he admitted to losing some pounds during an interview and discussed about his weight loss. He lost around 22 pounds of weight in 2010 and at that time he even revealed that he didn’t fit in several of his pants because of the weight loss.

He has also stated that he goes for cardio for half an hour and sprints with the players. He started thinking about his weight loss joints after he feared putting his health at risk being the father of four. He also said he didn’t want to be a candidate for a stroke or diabetes which motivates him to do exercise.

SVG has dedicated himself to a strict exercise and diet program. in the Orlando Sentinel report, he stated that there’s one place he never thought he would be interviewing magic coach Stan Van Gundy: An exercise room, A dining room. But there was Van Gundy, huffing and puffing on an elliptical machine in the practice facility as the reporter spoke to him.

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