Indian Matchmaking: Is Akshay Dhumal Gay? The Netflix Star Is Accused of Being Gay by Reddit Users!

Akshay Dhumal from the recently released Season 2 of Indian Matchmaking is not gay. Additionally, Reddit commenters claimed that the 38-year-old reality star had given a gay vibe; however, Akshay has neither admitted nor denied the rumors. It is safe to assume for the time being that Akshay Dhumal is not gay as he has dated only women in the past and there is no concrete proof that he is homosexual.

Netflix‘s addictive new reality dating series, Indian Matchmaking, has returned with eight episodes of season 2 and three returning singles in addition to many new ones which debuted on August 10, 2022. Akshay Dhumal, a Nashik native who is 38 years old, is one of the new singles this season and he was a fighter inside and out.

The show gives viewers a glimpse into the world of arranged marriages and Indian culture. Akshay goes to Sima Taparia, a renowned matchmaker in Mumbai, in search of a spouse and a place to settle down. This season, the Indian Matchmaking star’s motto was changed from compromise to patience, and she urged all singles to exercise patience in the search for their life match.

Akshay felt Taparia could assist him in achieving his happily ever after. The Indian Matchmaking celebrity has a list of requirements for his prospective spouse. Sima dissuades it, saying he won’t be able to find a woman who satisfies all the criteria.

Given that Akshay Dhumal has never dated a man in the past, there is no further conclusive evidence that he is gay and all the evidence points to the fact that he is straight. Therefore, it is safe to presume that he is not gay at this time. To learn more about his sexuality and relationship status, keep reading this article!

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Reddit: Is Akshay Dhumal Gay? The Indian Matchmaking Star Is Not Gay and He Was Nearly Married to Two Women!

There are allegations circulating that Akshay Dhumal from the recently released second season of Indian Matchmaking is gay. Redditors are writing that Akshaya and Pradhyuman Maloo (@pradhyum.m) are both gay, but the 38-years-old actor hasn’t confirmed or rejected the claims. But looking at past relationships of Akshay, he has not once dated guys so, it’s safe to assume that he is not gay.

The nearly 40-year-old Indian Matchmaking celebrity shared how being from Nashik, India, made it difficult for him to find love. When Akshay met Sima Taparia (@simatapariaofficial), a renowned matchmaker in Mumbai, she brought Akshay’s photo to the face reader she used to consult with all of her clients after their encounter.

Sima arranged for him to go on a date with Devika, a businesswoman like himself before they met the face reader. Fashion designer Devika uses handloom fabrics to minimize her carbon footprint. Although they got off to a good start, Akshay admitted that he felt more of a connection with a buddy than a love interest.

Sima responded that it would take time when Akshay said he didn’t have any chemistry with Devika on Indian Matchmaking. She suggested that they get together again, but he had no desire. She revealed the ominous omen that was circling him at that point.

Akshay understood right away that she was alluding to an earlier failed engagement that not many people were aware of. He discussed it with two of his close pals who he had brought over.

The Indian Matchmaking star revealed to them that he had met a girl while he was studying in the United States and that the two of them had developed a meaningful relationship. Even though she had a very well-paying career, she was ready to live in Nashik and marry him. However, her family was very dubious when things were revealed to their parents.

Reddit users claim that Akshay and Pradhyuman gave them gay vibes, which is how the accusations regarding Akashya’s sexual orientation spread.

Fans speculate that the reality star was gay because his friend has failed to find love and his friend has two marriages have already ended. The Netflix alum hasn’t confirmed or rejected the rumors, so all of it is simply fan speculation. It is reasonable to assume the 38-year-old is not gay at this time, but if Akshay Dhumal comments on the subject in the future, we’ll keep you informed.

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