Colin Kaepernick High School Girlfriend – Is Crystal a Real Person and Where is She in 2021?

Colin Kaepernick high school girlfriend is trending because of the new Netflix limited series Colin in Black & White. Exploring the relationship history of the former NFL player and current activist in 2021.

It was a preseason game in 2016 when a small spark was lit by then San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick. During the national anthem the player decided to sit on the bench instead of standing for the national anthem as is a set norm. Throughout the season then Colin started to take a knee to protest police brutality and advocate for racial justice. Soon other players started to follow his lead but by that time he was out of the league, for all intents and purposes blackballed by the NFL.

Trying time laid ahead for a man who brought about an almost fraught movement and turned into an internationally organized protest. But if you think it was in 2016 that Colin for the first time came up with the movement in a whim, that cannot be further from the truth. Given up adoption at 5 months of age, Colin who was born on 3 November 1987, was adopted by white parents and from a young age he understood he was different from the surrounding he grew up in.

Colin’s formative years is explored in the Netflix limited series Colin in Black & White and after 4th episode people have been wanting to know Colin Kaepernick high school girlfriend. So, here we will explore that query further and also look into the committed relationship the former 49er QB has with his current girlfriend Nessa Diab.

Colin Kaepernick High School Girlfriend – Who is Crystal from Colin in Black & White?

colin-kaepernick-high-school-girlfriend-crystal-2021Colin Kaepernick high school girlfriend is trending because of the 5th episode of Colin in Black & White where the player is seen dating a girl named Crystal.
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Colin never knew his birth father and he was with his biological mother for about 5 months. And soon after he was put up for adoption Rick and Teresa Kaepernick took infant Colin home. Growing up, the player said he found living with Rick, Tessa and his adopted family, difficult. It was not that his father and mother were bad people, it was just they were different from what he looked like.

It was a learning curve for all, and in one of the episodes of the new limited series Colin and his love life is detailed. The real Colin spoke about the idea of beauty we have in all things, we associate white with good and black with bad. The former 49ers QB however found his first love to be a black girl, something that was not looked at kindly by his friends and family.

Colin Kaepernick high school girlfriend is trending now because in the show Colin is shown going after his crush. In high school Colin Kaepernick dated a girl who went by the name Crystal. No last name is revealed in the series and we are not certain if her name is really Crystal. Considering the fact almost everything in the show is based in fact, Colin Kaepernick high school girlfriend is most likely the cheerleader of John H. Pitman High School.

The couple went out to one dance together and at the time Colin was not ready for all the cynicism when it comes to dating a black girl. And even today Colin has stayed true to dating beautiful black woman. Colin Kaepernick high school girlfriend may be out of the picture, but the player found true love in Nessa Diab and the couple has been together for over 6 years.

Colin Kaepernick is Dating His Girlfriend Nessa Diab for Over 6 Years!

Colin Kaepernick high school girlfriend may be a distant memory now because the former NFL QB is currently dating his girlfriend Nessa Diab. The couple first started gf rumors in 2015 when multiple media outlets found the two were spending some time together. Herself a radio personality and activist, Nessa and Colin were perfect for each other as they proceeded to confirm their relationship in 2016.

Since making their relationship official, the couple has started activism organization and travel all over the US to host sessions where youth were taught about their rights. The couple has been together for all this time, even as right wing media focused on them for their politics, the lovebirds have not allowed anyone to drive a wedge between them. That strength they preach and solidarity they practice must be the reason behind their 6 year plus relationship.

Colin Kaepernick Narrates His Netflix Limited Series Colin in Black & White

Ava DuVernay, herself an activist, has made masterpieces such as Selma, When They See Us, and the documentary movie 13th. So, it was of no surprise that Colin and Ava collaborated for a project currently streaming on Netflix. No one knew what type of show they were making except it would be based on the life of Colin. Well, instead of going the documentary route, the limited series on Netflix was a recreation of Colin’s teen years.

Getting actors to play real life people, Ava took on the formative years of Colin Kaepernick as the high school life of Kaepernick was chronicled in the show. From his star athlete turn in three sports to his life as a young black man living with white parents and living in areas where people who looked like him were few and far in between. Early love of Colin is also shown in the show, the reason for people searching Colin Kaepernick high school girlfriend in 2021.

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Colin in Black & White is currently streaming on Netflix. The cast of the Netflix show is led by Colin Kaepernick as the narrater, Jaden Michael as Colin Kaepernick, Mary-Louise Parker as Teresa Kaepernick, Nick Offerman as Rick Kaepernick, and Klarke Pipkin as Crystal (Colin Kaepernick high school girlfriend).

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