Cora Jade’s Husband: Married to Bron Breakker or Aj Lee? – Cora Jade is not married, and she has not had a husband till now. However, she was romantically involved with fellow wrestlers Bron Breakker and Trey Baxter. Some people think that Bron and Cora are already married, while others claim that they are already separated. She is also linked to Aj Lee, but the rumors are fake.

Brianna Coda is an American professional wrestler who is currently signed to WWE, where she performs on the NXT brand under the ring name Cora Jade. Recently she has been in the news after she suffered an injury at an NXT Live Event in Dade City, Florida. She she okay now?

After Cora suffered an injury at an NXT Live event, she has been worried about her message. She was in a match against Lyra, and the fight was immediately interrupted after a powerbomb hit her, she had to be checked on by professionals before being assisted to the back by many officials. Nothing much about her condition is known as of now, but we hope she will be fine very soon.

After the news, people are curious to know who has been supporting Cora in her bad times. In this article, we will be talking about her love life, dating history, and when she got married. Who is Aj Lee? To learn more about her husband, read this article.

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Cora Jade Doesn’t Have a Husband as She Is Unmarried

Cora Jade (@corajadewwe) hasn’t had anyone introduce anyone as her husband till now. She is not married nor has any children, but she has been in many relationships. She was previously linked with Aj Lee and Trey Baxter. She is still said to be dating Bron Baxter, with whom she confided her relationship in 2022.

Lately, people have been thinking about Cora’s personal life after she seemed to unfollow her boyfriend, Bron Breakker. While people were guessing that Bron was about to be Jade’s husband by the end of 2024, the news of Jade unfollowing Bron shocked people. Is Cora married to someone else?

Cora Jade was in a relationship with Trey. celebsindepth.comCora Jade was in a relationship with Trey.
Source: Instagram

Cora and Bron started dating each other in early 2023, and before dating each other, they were very good friends. They were guessed to be dating each other since mid-2022, but there was no proof. Even when Cora was asked about her relationship, she denied it and said that they were good friends.

The Internet started confirming their relationship in January 2023 when Cora shared a picture of her and Bron through her Instagram. The first time Cora talked about her relationship was during an interview with WrestlingInc’s Senior News Editor, Nick Hausman. She did not mention if she saw Bron as her future husband, but she revealed how she started dating and stated,

We were just friends for a while here at the PC, just as friends and then we started dating sometime in the summer a few months ago, but he’s great. He obviously has family in wrestling … but him himself didn’t come from wrestling. He was in the NFL, so it’s cool to be able to see his progression as well, because I always joke with him all the time. 

Who Is Bron Breakker? Is Cora Jade Married to Him?

Continuing the interview, Cora Jade also praised Bron Breakker and said that he has been picking up things incredibly, and she feels like that’s the one thing he can do everything perfectly. Everything seemed to be perfect between Cora and her love life until people started noticing the picture. The pictures that Cora and Bron posted on their social media are not available now, and this is leading people to believe that they are separated.

Cora Jade is believed to be married to Bron Breakker. Cora Jade is believed to be married to Bron Breakker.
Source: Instagram

Bronson Rechsteiner is an American professional wrestler and former American football player who is currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the NXT brand under the ring name Bron Breakker. He was also voted Rookie of the Year for 2022 by readers of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Till now he has no children and he is not the husband of anyone.

Who Is Aj Lee? Did Cora Jade Ever Date Aj?

Before dating Bron, Cora Jade was in a relationship with Trey Baxter. They didn’t make many of the couple’s appearances together in public, and people had less information about their relationship. They met each other in NXT, and after knowing each other for more than a year, they started dating each other. There is no more information on why they broke up or how many months they were together.

Besides Bron and Trey, Cora is linked with one more person, Aj Lee. People are also guessing that Cora and Aj are a couple. Well, the rumors are fake, and Coda had just previously cited former professional wrestler AJ Lee as being her primary influence in pursuing her wrestling career.