Corey Mylchreest’s Girlfriend: His Wife, Relation With Maria Libri!

Corey Mylchreest has a girlfriend but has chosen to keep her identity hidden. He is not married and doesn’t have a wife. Although fans have linked him with Maria Libra, they are not dating. Fans even ship him with her onscreen partner, India Amarteifio, but they are just friends.

The first-ever Bridgerton spinoff introduces viewers to Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story‘s new ensemble as they play the younger incarnations of the beloved royals and nobles. The prequel cast Corey Mylchreest, a rising actor who made his television debut in another Netflix show, as the newly crowned King George III. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, the newest entry to the Bridgerton universe, examines the lives of one of history’s most fascinating monarchs. The 18th century is the period of Bridgerton’s predecessor. It centers on Queen Charlotte’s young marriage to King George III (Corey Mylchreest), providing insight into their passionate and contentious union.

Perhaps Corey Mylchreest’s portrayal of Adonis in The Sandman is what makes him most well-known. Fans will be intrigued to learn that the multi-talented actor has theatrical roots and is a Royal Academy of Dramatic Art graduate. Additionally, he wowed audiences as Romeo in an Alisdair Middleton-directed version of Romeo and Juliet. The actor eventually caught Netflix’s attention due to his natural skill, and they gave him the chance to play Young King George in the 2023 television series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

Fans are curious to learn more about the life of Corey, a fresh name in the entertainment world. With his latest appearance in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, the newest entry to the Bridgerton universe, fans have grabbed his attention, and now they are more interested in his personal life and relationship details. So who is his girlfriend in 2023? Does he have a wife? Let us get into detail.

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Corey Mylchreest Has Kept His Girlfriend’s Identity Private but Doesn’t Have a Wife; Although Fans Have Linked Him With Maria Libra, They Are Not Dating!

There is no doubt why fans wonder about Corey Mylchreest‘s (@coreymylchreest) girlfriend. The actor has a charming personality and many fans who crush on him. Whenever any celebrity makes an appearance on the show, their personal lives will always be highlighted, as has happened with him. Given Corey’s endearing entrance into Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story universe, many viewers have been curious about the actor’s marital status or whether he is now dating anyone.

Corey Mylchreest is not married and doesn’t have a wife. He wants to maintain his privacy and keep his personal affairs hidden, but we are delighted to announce that the actor is in a fulfilling relationship. He even mentioned his girlfriend in an interview while Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story was having its Los Angeles premiere.

Corey Mylchreest has kept his girlfriend's identity hidden.Corey Mylchreest has kept his girlfriend’s identity hidden.
Source: Instagram

He added that because he was unfamiliar with the show and its context, he and his girlfriend watched the entire season of Bridgerton together. However, readers should be aware that Corey Mylchreest prefers to conceal the identity of his girlfriend because she is not displayed on his social media profiles. The great actor is now putting a lot of effort into advancing his profession, and we wish him the best of luck in all of his future undertakings.

His on-screen connection with actress India Amarteifio (@india_amarteifio) has won him a lot of fans. If you extended the shipping for Queen Charlotte and King George to Corey Mylchreest and India Amarteifio in real life, you could feel a little letdown. Mylchreest is romantically involved with someone other than Amarteifio. The 25-year-old actor acknowledged in an Extra interview that he and his partner binge-watched Bridgerton after getting part of the youthful King George. There is no way that could be the 21-year-old actress because they jokingly claimed that they had never met before working together in a different interview with Extra.

Corey Mylchreest is not married and doesn't have a wife.Corey Mylchreest with his costar, India Amarteifio.
Source: Netflix Life

Amarteifio and Mylchreest like most actors who play lovers on-screen but friends off-screen, said they trusted each other and that the scenes were carefully planned, choreographed, and very mechanical. Although they are just friends and Corey Mylchreest has a girlfriend, fans ship them through their on-screen chemistry.

Little is known about his personal life, particularly his history of relationships. Corey Mylchreest has been successful in keeping his private affairs out of the spotlight, and it would seem that he prefers to keep his connections under wraps. No previous relationships have been mentioned in publications or rumors, and the actor hasn’t made any remarks about any ex-girlfriends. In addition, he doesn’t post any images or details about his personal life on social media.

Although fans have linked him with Maria Libri. There is no proof that the British actor and Maria Libri are dating right now. The actor has kept his girlfriend’s identity a secret from the public and hasn’t revealed any information about her. It is safe to presume that the two people are not currently involved in a romantic relationship.