The Big Bang Theory Star Kaley Cuoco Thanks Fans For Supporting The Flight Attendant

The Flight Attendant star Kaley Cuoco showers love and appreciation for her Big Bang fans.

Kaley Cuoco is entering uncharted territory for her new part in the HBO Max miniseries, The Flight Attendant. But many fans still see Kaley as the lovely and witty Penny from the long-running CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

Because she portrayed the character for 12 years, it’s entirely plausible fans would persist to identify her with the character, and Cuoco is fully aware of that.

That’s why she ended up taking some time to appreciate the fans of Big Bang as The Flight Attendant premiered on HBO Max.

Kaley Cuoco plays the role of Cassie Bowden on The Flight Attendant.

Kaley Cuoco plays the role of Cassie Bowden on The Flight Attendant.
Source: Indie Wire

The Flight Attendant debuted at HBO Max on Thanksgiving Day, but prior to the premiere, Kaley Cuoco posted another delightful clip on Instagram.

In it, she showered appreciation towards the viewers for their supportive feedback and gave a shout out to the entire cast and crew for working together to create the miniseries.

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Cuoco did not hesitate to appreciate the followers of The Big Bang Theory as well. She knows it’s usually difficult for them to see her as anything other than Penny, but she also cherishes those who have opted to support her most recent effort.

I appreciate you Big Bang Theory fans who maybe really loved Penny for so long and find it hard to turn that off and look at me in a different way and follow me down this path.

I know that can be really hard. I appreciate the people that took the chance, maybe even if you were unsure, you take this ‘flight’ with me and check out the new show.

While Cuoco was fond of playing Penny, she was happy to move on to a different type of role.

One of the stuff that attracted her to The Flight Attendant is how it encouraged her to portray a broad range of sentiments that she had never been able to express on the screen before.

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Having said this, The Big Bang Theory still has a special spot in Cuoco’s heart as she remains in contact with her co-stars.

Meanwhile, she is anything but nervous about any potential projects that do not live up to the expectations of TBBT fans, so she puts the whirlwind experience in a genre of her own.

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