Deandre Ayton’s Girlfriend, Katt Leya Pregnant; Rumors or Truth – There are rumors going on that Deandre Ayton’s girlfriend, Katt Leya, is pregnant, and he is going to be a father. However, official statements have yet to be made by both of them. If Katt and Deandre are actually together, Anissa Evans, his baby’s mother, is no longer with him.

Deandre Ayton is a talented professional basketball player recognized for his commanding presence on the court. He has emerged as a powerful force, notably as a center in the National Basketball Association (NBA). In 2018, he was named Pac-12 Player of the Year and a consensus All-American. Since entering the NBA, Ayton has slowly developed into a crucial player for the Suns, considerably contributing to their success. His skill set includes a polished offensive game, tough defense, and the ability to dominate the paint.

Deandre Ayton has the center of attention either for his game or for his personal life. Recently, there have been several rumors and speculations that the well-known basketball player is going to be a father. So who is he expecting a baby with, and is his girlfriend pregnant? Who is he dating and expecting a child? Let us find out.

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Rumors Suggest That Deandre Ayton’s Girlfriend, Katt Leya, Is Pregnant

There are several rumors that Deandre Ayton (@deandreayton) is going to be a father as Katt Leya (@vivalabadchick) is pregnant. Katt is a web-based model and content creator who goes by the online nickname Vivalabadchick. She gives live performances on numerous websites and provides online access to her images and videos. She grew up in New York and currently resides in Miami. She is also an aspiring musician and lyricist who creates music.

Deandre Ayton is thought to be expecting a baby with Katt Leya. celebsindepth.comDeandre Ayton is thought to be expecting a baby with Katt Leya.
Source: New York

When asked about Leya’s pregnancy, Deandre reacted and said that a source reached out and said that Leya is pregnant, but when told about it, Ayton vehemently denied that the child is his. However, Wags Unfiltered stated that the news of Leya’s pregnancy and whether Ayton is the father of the child have yet to be confirmed. DeAndre Ayton and Leya appeared to confirm the status of their relationship in a recent Snapchat video, with the NBA star shirtless and stroking his girlfriend.

Unsurprisingly, many noticed parallels between Ayton’s position and that of Zion Williamson, who is apparently connected with adult film star Moriah Mills. Mills alleges the New Orleans Pelicans All-Star got her pregnant, despite the fact that Williamson is expecting a girl with his current girlfriend. Although the drama is going on on the internet, Williamson has opted to remain silent on the matter, but he has the backing of his family and friends.

Leya responded to the internet outrage, writing, Wow, now my man can’t brush my hair! You guys are stressed out; let me live. Things became more serious when Wags Unfiltered revealed Leya’s purported pregnancy on Instagram, claiming that Ayton is pissed about it and denies being the father. According to the source, Leya conceived while on vacation, and Ayton was intoxicated during their sexual encounter. However, both Deandre Ayton and Katt Leya have yet to make an official statement.

Deandre Ayton’s Girlfriend; Katt Leya or Anissa Evans

Katt Leya and Deandre Ayton boldly confirmed their love in late August 2023. According to RadarOnline, Deandre released a Snapchat video in which she is shirtless and brushes her blonde hair. Katt, an adult film actreso shared a photo of them on a dinner date. If Katt and Deandre are actually together, Anissa Evans (@flxw.niss) is likely out of the picture.

Anissa Evans and Deandre Ayton were together when the player first entered the NBA, but it appears that the two parted ways early on. Anissa Evans, like Deandre, is a proud Bahamian who comes from, the baller’s hometown of Nassau. According to Essentially Sports, she has three siblings, and her parents’ names are Deandre and Melissa. Anissa finished high school in 2017 and went to Queen’s College.

Deandre Ayton is said to be dating Katt Leya. celebsindepth.comDeandre Ayton is said to be dating Katt Leya.
Source: Twitter

Their romance, which began in high school, has endured the test of time with the birth of their son in 2021. Despite not being married, Ayton and Evans have built a solid and private life together in Arizona. The two eventually had a child together. Anissa Evans, Deandre Ayton’s birth mama, has been an important part of his life since they were both raised in the Bahamas.

Their long partnership represented a new generation of athletes who value both their jobs and genuine relationships. As Ayton’s position grew in the Phoenix Suns’ upcoming season, Anissa Evans was thought to most likely remain a constant presence, supporting her partner both on and off the court. They even showed their love in their social media posts. Despite their parenting efforts, it appears that they were unable to make it work. And they are no longer there.