DeMarcus Family Rules Cast - Learn Details About the DeMarcus Family and Kids

Aug 15, 2020 @ 23:03 GMT-0500
DeMarcus Family Rules Cast - Learn Details About the DeMarcus Family and Kids

DeMarcus Family Rules is the new Netflix series coming to the streaming service. Taking a little step back from Netflix's recent programming, diving into a reality show featuring a country bassist and a former beauty queen. Jay DeMarcus, his wife and his two wonderful kids are the focus of the new series and here is everything you need to know about DeMarcus Family Rules.

DeMarcus Family Rules Cast - Deep Dive into the DeMarcus Clan

Netflix series DeMarcus Family Rules Cast is just that, a family with cameras following them around and recording their daily activities. Well, that is before you could move around outside, a family reality show today would look a whole lot different if you are parents of two kids who are not even ten years old.

DeMarcus Family Rules cast is led by musician Jay Demarcus along with his beauty queen wife Allison Alderson DeMarcus. But they are not the only ones fans have to look forward to as husband and wife couple will be supported by their two beautiful kids.

Who is Jay DeMarcus?

Jay DeMarcus is a musician and is leading the DeMarcus Family Rules cast on Netflix.Jay DeMarcus is a musician and is leading the DeMarcus Family Rules cast on Netflix.
Source: Jay DeMarcus Instagram

Jay DeMarcus was born Stanley Wayne DeMarcus Jr. on 26 April 1971 in Columbus, Ohio. Born to Christian parents, religion was something he had from a young age. His parents sent him to the Tree of Life Christian School, he graduated from the school and later pursued a career in music, specially Christian music.

While he was attending Lee College in Tennessee the musician started to play keyboard and Christian music. He co-founded the Christian group East to West and they signed a record deal only to later be dumped by their label for something Jay did outside of the studio.

Jay later started the band Rascal Flatts with his cousin Gary LeVox and they were successful for a while in the country music scene. Jay DeMarcus is really known for his time as the bassist of the country pop band Rascal Flatts. During their starting period the band reached big heights with all of their albums beings certified platinum or higher.

Jay still tours with the band and that is also a point of the show of how he and his wife manage the family and raise their kids. DeMarcus Family Rules is showing the life of Jay and also the woman who is holding his family together, his beautiful wife.

Who is Allison DeMarcus?

Allison DeMarcus is a former Miss Tennessee and TV personality.Allison DeMarcus is a former Miss Tennessee and TV personality.
Source: Allison DeMarcus Instagram

Allison DeMarcus was born Allison Leigh Alderson in Jakson, Tennessee. She grew up in Tennessee and also went to college there at Rhodes College, graduating with a degree in business administration. Allison is also a former Miss Tennessee Teen USA, Miss Tennessee and Miss Tennessee USA, all three crowns, something Jay mentions in the show.

Allison was not only winning beauty pageants but she was also racking up academic accomplishments. She won the Excellence in Finance award from the Wall Street Journal for being the topper of her class. But for her career choice, Allison took a different route, choosing to be in the spotlight instead.

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She started to host shows and award functions while also reporting for the Miss America Pageant. All the accolades and responsibilities and Allison still finds time to raise a family and work on various causes/organizations she is a part of.

How and When Did Jay DeMarcus meet and Marry Allison Alderson?

Jay DeMarcus and his band Rascal Flatts were recording a music video for their song These Days in 2002. The video featured up and coming model Allison and that was the first time Jay and Allison met. They knew there was something between them, leading the couple to start dating.

Jay DeMarcus and Allison Alderson met for the first time in 2002 and after about a year and half of dating the lovebirds got married. They were pronounced husband and wife in a ceremony held on 15 May 2004 and six years after their marriage, the couple welcomed their first child.

How Many Kids do Jay and Allison DeMarcus Have?

Six years after the couple got married, they announced the family was waiting on the arrival of a new family member. Jay and Allison DeMarcus became parents for the first time on 17 December 2010 when their daughter Madeline Leigh DeMarcus came into this world.

Less than two years later the couple welcomed another child, this time their son Dylan Jay DeMarcus who was born on 20 July 2012. Both of their kids are DeMarcus Family Rules cast members. Raising two children will be an important topic on the reality web series.

Jay DeMarcus also Has Another Biological Daughter Who was Given Up for Adoption

Jay DeMarcus recently opened up about his youth and how in his early 20s he got his then girlfriend Maggie pregnant. They were having sex with protection on but the condom broke and the first time they had sex, his gf got pregnant. Jay opened up on his book about how he could not be part of his daughter's life.

Jay DeMarcus' then-gf gave the baby up for adoption and Jay says he has never seen his daughter who is in her 20s. "I understand that sometimes life sends us reeling because of unexpected situations. But my heart in that moment, though scared, still desired to be in," Jay said.

But after years of dealing with the unhappiness of never having seen his daughter, he finds solace in the fact that she is with a family who loves her.

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