The Great Heist Netflix Cast, El robo del siglo Release Date and Other Details

Aug 15, 2020 @ 2:27 GMT-0500
The Great Heist Netflix Cast, El robo del siglo Release Date and Other Details

There is no winning against Netflix, even a pandemic which shut down the whole world is not enough to bring the streaming service down. While others struggle to put together fresh content, Netflix is churning out new programming like its 2018. Next in line is The Great Heist Netflix series, also known as El robo del siglo.

An amalgamation of Narcos and Money Heist, the Colombian series, is based on a true story about a real heist, which happened in October of 1994. The Great Heist Netflix series follows a team of criminals and shows the planning, the heist, and the aftermath of the heist in the six-part series.

Even the show's trailer gives a massive Money Heist vibe as the mastermind of the plan stands over a model of the bank and explains what they are going to do. Then there is the Colombian connection, which brings its own sort of seedy characters in the play. So, here is everything you need to know about The Great Heist Netflix, aka El robo del siglo.

The Great Heist Netflix Cast - Who is in the Colombian Series El robo del siglo?

The Great Heist Netflix cast is an ensemble led by Andres Parra.The Great Heist Netflix cast is an ensemble led by Andres Parra.
Source: IMDb

The Greats Heist on Netflix features an ensemble cast of the South American actors. Since the limited series is about a heist committed by real people in real life, the show is trying to bring some flair of reality mixed with fiction, and a large ensemble cast is up for the task.

Just like Narcos exaggerated some things about Pablo Escobar, The Great Heist is a dramatic show about real people with some liberties taken for dramatic purposes. El robo del siglo cast is led by Andres Parra as Chayo, with Christian Tappan Marcela Benjumea, Juan Sebastian Calero, Waldo Urrego, Rodrigo Jerez, Katherine Velez, Paulo Castano, Pedro Suarez, Edgar Vittorino, Ramses Ramos and Juan Pablo Barragan, all appearing in various capacity.

The Great Heist Netflix - Plot Details of the Series

The Great Heist is based on a true story involving an unlikely team of thieves coming together to rob Colombia's Banco de la Republica. The heist was intended to be quick in and out job for the team, but they decide to prolong their stay after seeing the amount inside the vault.

The heist took place, and the team of robbers led by a crooked jeweler made out with over $30 million. The team prepared for the heist extensively, even making alliances with gang members and getting some police officers to aid their crime. The job took place in October of 1994, and the real heist is the basis for The Great Heist on Netflix.

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Since The Great Heist is a limited series with only six episodes, the show does not appear to be delving deep into the aftermath of the heist. Most of the thieves were arrested, and the leader of the crew was even assassinated after he was done serving ten years sentence. The real heist itself had great implications on the banking system in the Southern Latin countries.

The Great Heist Netflix Release Date

The Great Heist is currently available on Netflix. The streaming company released all six episodes of El robo del siglo on 14 August 2020. There is only one audio track for the show, as Netflix has been slow to get dubbing artists inside a booth. They are protecting the health of the people who work as dubbing artists. For now, you will just have to make do with the subtitles.

The Great Heist Netflix Critical Reception

With nothing much to do in terms of the going out, most of the people are dying for new content. The Great Heist Netflix series could not have come at a right time, and according to the critical reception of the show, it is totally worth it.

NME compared the show to Dog Day Afternoon, the iconic Al Pacino flick about a robbery gone awry. The Guardian was also lauding the show, rating it 4 out of 5 stars, calling it a "soapy, high-stakes delight about an unlikely band of Colombian bank robbers.

If you are done with streaming Jamie Foxx's new movie Project Power, it appears The Great Heist should be your next stream. It is going to be a new content filled weekend, have fun streaming.

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