Demi Bagby’s Boyfriend in 2023: Relationship With Scott Mathison Explored!

Demi Bagby is open about her relationship, and she is now dating fitness guru boyfriend Scott Mathison as of 2023. She frequently works out in the gym with her partner, and their shared interest in fitness and the gym has served as a bridge in cementing their relationship.

Demi Bagby is one of the renowned personalities. She is an American fitness trainer, social media influencer, and Youtuber. Initially, she started her career as a cheerleader but caught up with a serious accident and her life completely, and took her life to a higher extent. Today, just at the age of 20s, Demi already has a name and fame along with a huge amount of money.

Having a toned muscle built-up body, Demi Bagby is always in controversy, and there are several people who never skip a single content of hers. From having a huge number of Instagram followers to having a huge number of Youtube subscribers, she has been receiving immense love from the public. But, what about her love life? Does Demi have a boyfriend? Is she dating anyone in 2023?

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Demi Bagby’s Boyfriend: Who is Demi Dating in 2023?

Demi Brooke Bagby or just Demi Bagby is a fitness enthusiast and bodybuilder. She was born on 10th January 2001 in San Diego, California, United States. She initially worked as a cheerleader but one time, she caught up with a severe accident, and surprisingly, that accident changed the direction of her career. During the recovery stage, Demi Bagby was bedridden and had very less chance that she would be able to walk again. During this phase, Demi Bagby (@demibagby) came to know about CrossFit and calisthenics and this fascinated her.

At that instant, Demi had made up her mind that if she ever recover back again, she would definitely give her best for the CrossFit Open. Fortunately, luck and fate, both were in her favor, and in 2015, she prepared herself for the CrossFit Open where she positioned herself 517th in the United States for 14 to 15-year-old girls. Since then, Demi has always been rising to prominence, and today, she even opened a Youtube channel where she often posts content based on fitness and CrossFit Open.

Being a popular personality always allows the person to get exposed to different personal questions, and there are many people who are curious to know if Demi is single or married or is in any kind of relationship. While it is no doubt that the beautiful fitness enthusiast has caught everyone’s eyes but who is the person, who actually ended up catching Demi Bagby’s eyes?

Demi Bagby has been open about her relationship, and as of 2023, she is in a relationship with fitness influencer, Scott Mathison. She often workout with her boyfriend together in the gym, and their common interest, fitness, and gym, have acted as a bridge in sewing their relationship firm. Neither she nor her boyfriend has divulged much about their relationship, but they often post their together moments on their respective Instagram accounts.

We do not have any information that reveals how Demi met Scott, and how they started dating but we can assume that they are probably one of the cutest couples, and have definitely set the bar high for all other people. So, if you had laid your eyes on the fitness trainer, Demi, then sorry to say but you have no chance.

How Much Does Demi Bagby Make? Net Worth 2023 Revealed!

Who doesn’t want a healthy lifestyle; with a fit body? Everyone does, right? Demi has been helping many people to achieve their desired bodies and has been a source of motivation as well.

Today, with her fitness journey, she has been able to pursue her career as a social media and fitness influencer, and therefore, makes a huge amount of money. As per some sources, it has been claimed that Demi is worth around $2-3 million.

Demi Bagby’s Accident!

The American fitness influencer and trainer, Demi Bagby is undoubtedly one of the best social media stars. Many people take her as their source of motivational inspiration, and even on Instagram, we can see that Bagby owns a huge number of followers, therefore receives immense love and support. With all this love and support, Demi’s life was paving a path filled with success and unfortunately, she met a severe accident.

The accident happened in 2014 when Demi was performing a cheerleading dance. Specifically, in her cheerleading squad, Demi took a wrong step which caused her back to break, and she was left paralyzed for almost three months. There was also a higher risk that she may lose her basic walking skills, which put her in extreme danger. However, god was in her favor, and Demi fully recovered herself, and today, she is fit and healthy.

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