Jim Jefferies’ Ex-wife: Why Did He Split With Kate Luyben? Meet His Current Partner, Tasie Lawrence!

Jim Jefferies is still married to his wife, Tasie Lawrence, and doesn’t have any ex-wives. They got married on September 29, 2020. However, he had an ex-girlfriend named Katherine Luyben, with whom he shares a baby, and they split up, but they were never married. The actual reason behind their separation is still unknown.

A comedy special called Jim Jefferies: High & Dry features the consistently outstanding Jim Jefferies. If you prefer stand-up comedy, you will adore this man who has been performing for years, who is from Australia, who was born in the United Kingdom, and who is now an American citizen. He offers us a wide range of international themes that we find to be very appealing.

Jim Jefferies, an actor, writer, and comedian, is back with a brand-new stand-up comedy called High n’ Dry. The comic muses over a variety of topics, including stoned koalas, his dad’s conflict over abstinence, deciding between his hair and his sexual desire, and more. On February 2, Netflix posted the teaser for this episode, which was directed by Scott Zabielski, to their official YouTube account.

He begins his special presentation by addressing a topic that many of us were discussing and that we were all silently feeling: we were tired of the facemask. Koalas and a myriad of other topics are covered by him in his humorous, anecdote-based style, which is always engaging and has become increasingly popular in streaming.

Due to his success in the United States, he has also entered the celebrity culture, which attracts a lot of attention to his personal life. He is an observational comedian, and his acts don’t offer any insight into romantic relationships. Since we are all aware of his love life and ex-girlfriends thanks to the media, people are now curious about his ex-wife. So who is his ex-wife, and was he married?

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Jim Jefferies Doesn’t Have Ex-wife He’s Still Married to His Wife, Tasie Lawrence, After Splitting up With Ex-girlfriend Katherine Luyben!

Tasie Lawrence (@tasiel), the wife of Jim Jefferies (@jimjefferies) is still married, is only his current partner, and doesn’t have any ex-wives. However, he had an ex-girlfriend named Katherine Luyben, who was well-known for her work in films such as Shanghai Noon, and Intolerable Cruelty, in which she played the character of Santa Fe Tart.

In terms of his ex-girlfriend Kate, Jim Jefferies dated Katherine Luyben in the past. In 2012, the couple gave birth to a baby they named Hank, but their relationship ended. Despite being in her fifth decade of life, Kate looks young and radiant. She is still best known as the mother of Jim Jefferies’ son and as his ex-girlfriend. In 1996, Luyben made her acting debut as Candy in The Sentinel, and the following year, she played Michelle in Moment of Truth: Into the Arms of Danger.

Despite his notoriety, Jim Jefferies prefers to maintain the highest level of secrecy in his love life. Lawrence was the one who first revealed the couple’s relationship. On May 3, 2019, she shared a picture of herself and Jefferies along with a message that featured a red heart to match her red outfit. They shared a red carpet moment at the Dolemite Is My Name Los Angeles premiere later that year.

The only person to occasionally post about their relationship on social media is his present wife, Tasie Lawrence. Speaking about his wife, who is a well-known personality, Lawrence entered the music business after being signed to Island Records as a vocalist and composer. In the rock band WoosWoos, she put her years of musical expertise to the test. When Lawrence, who is of English and Indian origin, chose to leave the band and pursue a different professional path, she didn’t go too far from the entertainment world.

Lawrence and Jefferies got married in September 2020. They were married in a covert ceremony, and the groom’s brother accidentally publicized pictures of it. This was in line with how personal their relationship was. Lawrence uploaded photos from the day she married him on September 29, 2020. She wore a plain gown with a ponytail and no jewelry, and the first and last shots were of the newlyweds sharing a kiss.

Less than a year after getting married, Lawrence and Jefferies decided to expand their union by having a child. In April 2021, Lawrence began sharing images of her growing baby bulge on Instagram. In July 2021, Lawrence hosted her baby shower. In September 2021, Lawrence shared the first pictures of her and Jefferies’ child, Charlie, in honor of their anniversary. She praised Jefferies for his first child’s parenting skills and expressed her confidence that he would be the best father to theirs.

Speaking about his ex-girlfriend, Kate Luyben, with whom he shares a baby, the comedian revealed that, like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, Jefferies and the mother of his child, Kate Luyben, found a wonderful method to co-parent with their new partners after moving on with new relationships. The ex-couple are still friends and on good terms.

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